Made For Each other Friday Update 29th November 2019 Starlife

Made For Each other Friday Update 29 November 2019 Starlife

Anurag saying I have promised Prerna that just she is his wife and will have all rights on me. Prerna asks inspector to arrest Komolika. Anurag says I don’t want Prerna to get arrested. Nivedita and Anupam argue.

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Made For Each other Friday Update 29th November 2019 Starlife

Mohini asks Anupam to go to his room. Komolika takes Anurag with him. Suman says I will get Shivani. Kaki says we heard she is very pretty, we want to see her. Veena says if you are agreeing for the marriage, we don’t want to hurry, my husband passed away recently. Shivani comes with Suman. The guy Aryan smiles seeing her. Shivani greets everyone. Suman asks Aryan and Shivani to go and have a talk. Aryan’s mum says we have no problem. Veena holds Shivani’s hand. She says Shivani is precious to us, we have nothing else to give you, we will try to make it up. Aryan says its a big thing that you are giving your daughter. Shivani and Aryan go for a talk. Komolika says you just said Prerna is your wife, then who am I, its enough, she has snatched my husband, she has to go to jail, if anyone tries to take her side, that person should be ready to bear the consequences. She says enough, you can’t trap me with your sweet talks, I will not spare Prerna, do whatever you want to, but I will not forgive Prerna.

He says enough, I did so much for you, I try to love you, you just suspect me, you just keep taunting me, the truth is something else, this shows that you pretend to love me, a person who truly loves someone understands, Prerna tells the world that she loves me, I refuse to her love for you, you still think I m supporting her, that’s not the case, I was saving our engagement ring in the mall, not Prerna, its fine if you don’t believe me, leave me, but I will not leave Prerna, just wait and watch, what I do. He goes back to Prerna. He thinks of Komolika’s words. Inspector says I think Komolika is lying, you have to come to police station and give statement, we will leave Prerna. Anurag asks why will I give a written statement in her favor, I just said that she is my wife and none can take her away, its true, I did promise her that she has rights on me, we all have played games with dolls in childhood, they take vows also, Prerna takes it as a truth. He lies that that marriage in the temple was a play, Prerna knew it was an act, now she is putting pressure on me. Prerna says we got married.

Anurag says no one else tells about this marriage, truth is Prerna is playing with our family. Mohini says yes, she is blackmailing us for money and power, Anurag and Komolika have married in front of entire Kolkata. Nivedita says Prerna is here for the money, she is putting up an act. Prerna thinks Anurag have cheated and shattered me once again, I will never forgive you. She gets arrested. She says I hate you Anurag, I hate myself for falling in love with you, I won’t spare you.

Shivani says my family was happy when a proposal came for me, mum is everything for me since dad left. She says I had an affair with a guy, I was quite serious about him, I will respect your decision. He asks do you still love that guy. She says no, those things don’t matter to me now, a human makes many mistakes in life, that was the biggest mistake of my life. She says its good that it was a mistake, falling in love isn’t a crime, that is past, not a character certificate, do you wish to marry me, sorry, you will start liking me, I can guarantee this, give me your consent so that I can tell everyone. She says you are a good person. He says I will go and tell them that we accept this alliance. She smiles. Nivedita says Prerna is finally gone. Mohini says Komolika fought and won, I m glad. Komolika says I don’t want to take the credit, it goes to Anurag, I want to apologize to him. Mohini says go to him and reconcile. Komolika goes.

Ronit comes to meet Shivani. He scolds her for agreeing to marry someone else. He says you will always be of me, you will get married only to me. She asks him to leave. He says don’t anger me, if I lose my temper, I will not leave you. She says I regret to fall in love with a person like you. He cries and asks why do you hate me, its okay, nothing can stop me from loving you. She hits him and runs out. He gets a gun.

Komolika apologizes to Anurag. She says I believe you. He says I can’t believe that you don’t believe my love. Anupam goes to him. Aryan says Shivani, I told my decision to them, do you want to marry me. Shivani gets scared seeing Ronit. She says I accept this proposal. Everyone hugs and smiles. Ronit greets everyone. He gets threatening Aryan. He asks Aryan to stay away from Shivani. He says she is mine. Shekhar says put the gun down. Ronit asks Aryan and his parents to leave. Aryan’s mum gets angry. Ronit says look Shivani, Aryan is leaving. He scolds Kaki and asks her not to try to get an alliance for Shivani again. Veena slaps Ronit.

Ronit says Shivani is mine, she will only be married to me, whether you all like it or not. He leaves. Anurag thinks of Prerna and cries.

Prerna taken to the lockup. Anurag is on the way. She recalls his words. He thinks she is my love, my life and wife, I didn’t think this will get so complicated. He recalls Komolika’s words that Prerna will bear third degree tortures. He says no, I have to stop the tortures on Prerna. Veena comes to Shivani and asks why are you crying. Shivani says I loved a wrong man, Ronit threatened us. Veena says you realized your mistake and I have forgiven you, I m not afraid of him, I m with you, I will always protect you, he won’t be able to harm you. Nivedita says we are celebrating tonight. Mohini says look at the time, how can we invite all the guests. Komolika says just call them, don’t forget to invite your friends, they said Prerna is Anurag’s wife, I want to prove that I m his wife, my real Grahpravesh will happen today. She recalls her friend’s words and says everyone should know I m your bahu, Anurag’s wife, all the doubts and rumors will end.

Mohini says fine, go and get ready, we will handle the arrangements. Komolika thinks today I will get Anurag and that room, which Prerna had claimed, I will decorate the room for suhaagraat. Veena says we will promise, we will get rid of Ronit, we will go to Aryan’s house and talk to them.

Shivani gets Anupam’s call. Anupam says Prerna got arrested. Veena asks what happened. Shivani says Prerna has been arrested by police. Anupam says Shivani has heard it right, Prerna has been arrested. Veena shouts to Shekhar. Anupam sees Komolika doing arrangements. She asks Anupam to come in. She says you came to meet Anurag, you like to support Prerna. He says no, I m on your side. She gets taunting him. He says you would know whom I consider Anurag’s wife, the truth is always the truth. She asks him to get out. He leaves. She calms down.

Anurag comes to meet Prerna. He apologizes. She asks what are you planning now, I don’t even want to see your face, you are my big mistake, everything was a lie. She gets scolding him and asks him to think of Veena, her mum would die seeing her in jail. Anurag says I m really sorry for hurting you. Prerna says see where I have ended up for falling in love with you, you have turned my true love into hatred, why, is being in love a sin, I just got hatred, you cheated me, what did I do wrong, you always said you will support me and abandoned me, why did I feel that you will never leave me, why did I trust you more than myself, you broke my trust and heart, my confidence and everything, I can’t trust anyone.

Tere bin….plays…. He wipes her tears. He says I admit that I have hurt you, I made fun of you and your love, I never hated you, I don’t hate you, I was helpless, whatever I did, I had no choice. She says get out, I don’t want to listen. He says you listen to me once. She says leave me. He says listen to me, I love you very much, this is the truth, you told me about a kind of love, about thorn birds, I ended up with that love, I m ready to do anything and sacrifice everything for your sake, you don’t know my love, truth is I have only loved you. Prerna says no, stop cooking more stories. He says I will tell you about this drama, why I married Komolika. Inspector asks what are you doing here. Anurag says I have come here to meet her, she is my wife. Inspector says you said your marriage wasn’t real. Anurag says I lied, truth is we are married, Prerna is my wife. He gets the pandit and says he witnessed the marriage, he blessed us, we love each other, Komolika came in between, make arrangements to leave Prerna.

Inspector nods and asks pandit is this true. Pandit says yes. Inspector takes him along. Prerna asks who are you, you always break my heart and then you make me trust you.

He says I m your old Anurag, I m here, I will tell the truth, I was helpless, it was all a lie, I m sorry, I will announce to your family and media that you are my wife. She asks really. He says you have shed a lot of tears. He hugs Prerna and says I will tell you everything, it was all a lie. Komolika comes there and claps.

She asks how dare you ditch me, none can cheat me, you can’t be with someone else. Anurag says its enough, you won’t do anything with Prerna. Komolika says I m your wife, enough. He says no, Prerna is my wife. She asks him did he forget their deal. She says I knew it and I played the safe game, your families will watch now, I will even get Moloy thrown out of the hospital. He says you won’t do anything. She says you know the doctors and nurses are my people, if I call them to give deadly injection to Moloy, he will die, I can do anything, you will never be able to prove that your dad is murdered, how long can you save Prerna, I guarantee that she will be dead. He says enough, I swear I will kill you.

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