Made for each other 24 July 2020: On Made for each other friday update 24 July 2020, Komolika viewing Mohini from far. She feels sorry for Mohini. Nivedita sees her at the entryway and calls her in.

Komolika wipes Mohini’s tears and asks her not to cry. Mohini cries and embraces her. She figures I will consistently make you cry and wipe your tears with my delicate hands, I like doing this, fun is back in my life, I wish I could state that I m Komolika, don’t bother, that day will likewise come. She says Anurag isn’t in his room, right, I have seen Tapur’s pic there, if its all the same to you, really you are unfamiliar to me, I feel ungainly, I will be progressively agreeable in the event that I remain in Anurag’s room, after all he is my significant other. Mohini says you are correct, sorry, you can go to your room. Komolika thinks Nivedita I remembered anything, this time you won’t have the option to overlook anything. Prerna

sees Anurag and cries reviewing their minutes. Naina… .plays…


She holds his hand and says you let me know, that we will take all choices together, yet Anurag… possibly this isn’t right for you, yet its ideal for me, I can’t remind you anything, if that occurs, your life will be in chance, I m going to break the guarantee I made to you, if any mischief transpires, I won’t have the option to live, I m so upset for breaking the guarantee. She cries. She says I needed you to embrace me once, and take my name with affection, yet nothing is conceivable, I m sorry. Her saree gets held my his hand. She cries and liberates it. She embraces him. She says don’t debilitate me please. She leaves.

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She comes to Moloy and Mohini. They see her. She says I didn’t wish to leave Anurag and go, I realize he will remember everything, I realize I would prefer not to make any damage him, on the off chance that he sees me, his psyche and heart will begin figuring, I don’t need him to confront any hazard, that is the reason I m prepared to go out. Anupam comes. Prerna cries a ton. She solicits him to take care from her Anurag. He gestures. She goes. Komolika goes to her room and thinks, stunning, I m back in my old room. Nivedita requests that her come in. Komolika expresses profound gratitude for making me arrive at this room. Nivedita says Sonalika… . Komolika doesn’t tune in. Nivedita calls her once more. Komolika says sorry, I m strained about Anurag’s wellbeing. Nivedita says I m appreciative to you for bringing Anurag back. She embraces Komolika. Komolika reviews her words. She blows up and thinks you picked Prerna, you will get rebuffed. She says no compelling reason to express gratitude toward me. Nivedita goes. Komolika sees Anurag and Prerna’s pic. She says Mr. Bajaj can overcome anything, even he lost before your affection, please you folks are excessively exhausting, I m back to make this story zesty and fascinating.

She reviews Prerna and says I got anything I desired, its my destiny, so I have returned this room, I shouldn’t giggle for long, Anurag I m coming to you. She goes first floor and slams into Prerna. She says we didn’t present ourselves well, I m Sonalika, do you work here. Prerna says my father used to work for Basus. Komolika says so he was a worker. Prerna says he is no more. Komolika says sorry. Prerna goes upstairs. Komolika thinks this game is enjoyable. Prerna gets her sacks and leaves. Komolika thinks Prerna is out of this house, just I will manage here. Prerna strolls out and about. She considers Anurag and cries. Mohini grins and says I can see everything getting fine presently, request that every one of the workers toss everything contacted by Prerna. Nivedita says you don’t stress, I will deal with it. She goes. Mohini says Lord consistently makes the best decision, Sonalika has come in Anurag’s life, I like that young lady. Komolika sees Prerna and says its simple in the event that I speed my vehicle and thump down Prerna, for what reason will I consider it once more. She drives the vehicle and accelerates.

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