Made For Each other Friday Update 22 November 2019 Starlife

Made For Each other Friday Update 22 November 2019 Starlife

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Made For Each other Friday Update 22 November on Starlife, Komolika taunting Prerna on her madness. She says you are playing holi alone, everyone is downstairs, who smeared colors on you. Prerna says its not self holi, you will be shocked to know who has applied me colors. Anurag worries and thinks don’t do this.

Prerna says Anurag is my husband. Komolika asks why did he come with me on honeymoon. Prerna asks what were you doing in lockup, why did Anurag fill sindoor in my maang, Anurag is my husband. Komolika says then he should be with you here, he is always with me, where is he.

Prerna says you will be surprised as he is here, you can check behind the curtain. Komolika says I know he can’t be here. She checks and says there is no one. Prerna says you can check under the bed. Komolika says I don’t need to bend down and check. She calls Anurag. His phone rings. He worries. Komolika sees him. The lady asks Mohini about Prerna’s mum. Nivedita says yes, that’s Prerna’s mum. Mohini says Anurag hates Prerna, but its nature of Sharmas, Rajesh used to stick to Moloy and take favors and now Prerna is after Anurag. Anupam looks on. He goes to greet Veena and Shivani. He says Prerna will be happy to see you, she was right here, I will bring her.

Shivani says I will come along. Nivedita sees them. Anupam says maybe they are in Anurag’s room. Nivedita calls him out. Anupam asks Shivani to go. Anurag starts acting. Prerna asks what happened, Komolika did you see my husband, I proved to you that I was telling the truth. Komolika asks what are you doing here. He comes out and says I was just, listen to me baby, actually…. this is our bed, our room, she said some sound was coming, so I was repairing the bed, I have smeared her the colors. Komolika says you have no explanation. He says I have the reason, listen to me. She goes. He asks what was the need to do this, I hate you. He rushes after Komolika.

Prerna says I hate you more than you hate me. He asks Komolika to listen, he loves her. She says don’t give me excuse that you were fixing the bed. He says let me explain, I saw you going and followed you, I thought to give you a surprise by throwing sindoor, I couldn’t fill sindoor in your maang, I thought to play holi together, this was the plan, I thought Prerna will see this and know who is my real wife, its you, but look what happened, Prerna got angry when colors fell on her and then she threw colors on me, I was coming out and then saw you coming, I got hidden so that you don’t think anything else, Prerna immediately told you where I m hiding to create misunderstanding between us, I won’t let that happen, because I love you, I won’t lose your trust. She nods. Prerna looks on.

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Komolika sees her and recalls her words. She says I will be back. She goes and gets sindoor. She says you want to earn my trust, you have to fill sindoor in my maang. He thinks if I don’t do this, Komolika and Prerna will know I m lying, my plan will flop. He says ya. Komolika says my wedding will get complete, I will win the challenge, after Prerna signs the documents, her relation will end. Shivani sees this. Anurag takes the sindoor in his hand and is about to fill sindoor in her maang.

Shivani throws a water balloon. Komolika shouts on Shivani. Shivani says sorry, I was throwing it on Anurag, don’t mind, its holi. Komolika says my hair is drenched, stupid. Anurag sees Prerna. He goes to Shivani and thanks her. She says happy holi. He thinks thanks Shivani, I would be in trouble if you weren’t here.

Prerna hugs Shivani and goes with her. Anupam comes to call Anurag. Prerna hugs Veena. Mohini applies tilak to Anurag and wishes him happy holi. He also applies holi colors to him. Anupam says we should go for the holi rituals, the couple’s rasam. Anurag says I don’t want to go. Mohini says no one is forcing you. Anurag says I mean, Anupam is right, why should we create a scene, its Komolika’s first holi, I don’t want her mood to get spoiled because of these people. Komolika is angry. She takes papers to get Prerna’s sign. Mishka comes and applies her colors.

Komolika says I just cleaned up the colors. Mishka checks the papers. She says its written that Prerna accepts that she isn’t Anurag’s wife, its wrong. Komolika says I want Prerna to sign the papers and leave Anurag, she is proud of the marriage, she will leave Anurag, a special drink will make her do this, you don’t tell this to anyone. Veena says its fine if Anurag doesn’t come. Shivani says this rasam is for couples. Anurag sits with Prerna. Veena does the rasam and blesses them. Anurag says I have some work, sorry. He leaves.

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Anupam saying I love you to Nivedita. She asks what do you want, I don’t want to play that water holi. He says fine, we will play dry holi. He applies colors to her and asks her to play water holi with him. She applies him colors and says happy holi. She goes and smiles. He says she gave me a smile, wow. Anurag thinks I m seeing Prerna happy after a long time, I want to celebrate holi properly with you, you got colors in my life, this is the first holi when we are together, maybe its last one, I want to live with you. Prerna thinks he is coming to her. He goes to Anupam and runs back to her. Balam pichkari…plays… Anurag and Prerna play holi with water guns, when Anupam bends down. Veena smiles. Mohini gets angry.

Prerna says I will see you if you do this again. Anurag says fine, and smiles. Mohini asks Anurag to play holi with Anupam. She asks him to do anything with Komolika. She goes. Anupam says I have come in between so that you and Prerna play holi. Komolika stays angry on Prerna and takes the papers.

She makes the special thandai for Prerna. Ronit hugs Shivani and says I want to be with you and play holi. Shivani gets away. He says run, I will come to you. He follows her. He says I have a right to play holi with you. She says stay away. He says I m just playing holi.

She says you don’t deserve it. He applies colors to her. She cries. Anurag comes and stops him. He asks do you mean what does no mean, no means no. Ronit says its holi and no means yes today, don’t mind it, its holi. Anurag says no matter what day it is, its wrong to come near a girl without her permission, understood? Stay away from Shivani, else I will forget our relation. Ronit says you got serious, I was just having fun, Shivani can never understand me, Mishka called me, I will go and talk to her.

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He goes. Anurag helps Shivani. He thinks Prerna shouldn’t know this. He says I need a favor from you, I helped you, don’t tell Prerna about this. She asks why. He says Ronit is Komolika’s brother, she is my wife, I don’t want this matter to come out. He goes. Komolika asks everyone to have thandai. She sends the waiter to Prerna. Mishka looks on. Komolika says if Prerna picks the silver glass, it will happen as I planned. Veena tells Prerna about Suman’s mum Sumitra. Shivani takes thandai from Prerna.

Prerna says I don’t share my things, get another one for you. She drinks it. Komolika smiles and comes to them. Anurag thinks to drink from Prerna’s glass. He goes and takes Prerna’s glass. Mishka and Anupam see this and smile. Mishka says Anurag, you saved your and Prerna’s relation unknowingly, she won’t lose control and sign the papers now. Anurag smiles and drinks the thandai. Anupam teases him. Komolika comes back with Ronit.

Shivani gets scared. Veena comforts her. Shivani goes. Ronit argues with Mishka. He says we didn’t get anything by being good, grow up. Mishka thinks Ronit has joined Komolika and wants to ruin Prerna and Shivani’s lives. Ronit follows Shivani. He thinks I won’t spare you. Veena comes there and leaves with Shivani. He says its not easy to escape from me, I have always got what I wanted, I will get you as well. Nivedita plays holi with Mishka. Komolika looks on. Komolika says Prerna wasn’t affected by special thandai, it seems like nothing happened to her. Mishka asks how would I know, Ronit had come, he has gone after Shivani. Komolika says let him go, you are useless. Prerna looks for the thandai glass. Komolika asks are you finding this. Prerna says yes, you did something with my glass, how did it fill up, it was half empty. Komolika says I got all the glasses refilled, I m looking after the guests. Prerna says so you are playing the waiter’s role today. She drinks thandai. Komolika thinks you can think anything, this drink will ruin your life and burn your dreams.

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