Made for each other 7 August 2020: On Made for each other Friday 7 August 2020 Written update, Komolika talking to Ronit. Prerna comes in. Ronit asks is there anyone. He says I will give you all the info, don’t say anything, just listen.

He tells her. Komolika signs Prerna to go. He says that is all I know. She disconnects the call. She says your memories will also burn, I will burn it. She drinks the coffee and gets her tongue burnt. She gets angry and goes out. She asks who kept the coffee in my room, I asked for cold coffee, who kept the hot coffee. A man laughs.

Komolika fires him. Ashish says just listen… She says who got the coffee, I want to slap that person. Ashish says go to cabin, I will get that person. She says 5 mins, get that person else you are fired too. Anurag comes and asks you here, when did you come. Komolika says yes, this got messed up, I got lunch for you. He says so sweet of you, I told my staff that I will have lunch with them, meeting cum lunch, if I knew the plan, I would have not told them. She says I will clean this. He says its okay, it happens, the photo frame fell down and broke, it was a mistake, I can also accuse you, but no, I know you aren’t so aggressive, we should have understanding. She says right.


Ashish comes. Anurag says come with me, I have a meeting with investors. Mohini scolds the servant. She asks how did Anurag get the pic, you didn’t wish to hide Prerna’s pic. Nivedita says you wanted to throw all those things out, maybe it got left, sorry. Mohini asks servant to search storeroom well. Nivedita asks can we keep Sindoor khela at home, I want to surprise my friend, she is newly wedded. Mohini says anything for you, fine. Nivedita thanks and says I love you. They hug. Mohini says I love you too. Komolika sees Anurag’s pic and says I get happiness when you are around, I will like it when you compliment me and love me, just love isn’t enough, I want to spend some us time, family at home and silly staff at office, there should be some place. Surbhi comes and says Anurag has sent me, he asked me to take care of you. Komolika asks what’s this number on box.

Surbhi says I have to keep it in the storeroom, it contains old files. Komolika thinks this is the place where no one will disturb me and Anurag. She says I have to go there, can you take me there. Surbhi takes her to storeroom. Komolika thinks darkness will be an advantage, Anurag, me and darkness. She asks her to take her to Anurag. Anurag asks Prerna can she gets info about land mafia. Prerna says we have info already, we have files in library. He asks do we have a library. Ashish says we store files there. Prerna goes to get files. She doesn’t see Komolika. Komolika comes to Anurag. He says so sorry, I was busy. Komolika says I was leaving, bye, I will miss you. She goes. Prerna comes there to look for file.

Komolika comes there and damages the lock. She thinks now this door won’t open until some keymaker opens it. She smiles. She calls Anurag. She says I didn’t wish to trouble you, I lost my way, I m in some odd storeroom, will you come and help me. He says I will just come, wait over there. Komolika enters the storeroom. Anurag asks Ashish about storeroom. Ashish guides him. Anurag thanks him. Komolika thinks this light can come between me and Anurag. Prerna says what was the need for Mala to tell me that there is Chudail here, she scared me, I m thinking a lot, there is nothing such. She takes the box. She checks files. Komolika switches off lights and laughs. Prerna gets scared and thinks did Mala say true. Files fall over Komolika. She thinks to clean the dust before Anurag comes. She goes. Anurag comes there. The door gets locked. He asks who is there. Prerna gets scared. She sees Anurag. She says come with me. He asks why are you shouting.

She says Chudail has switched off the lights, they get power from darkness. He says you are scaring me. She says lets go. He says you are murmuring as ghost can hear us talking and stop us, you really think ghosts exist. She says yes. He asks did you see them. She says no, I heard Chudail laughing. He asks really, was she here, there is someone behind you. She hugs him. He asks don’t you cut your nails. She turns and says there is no one. He asks really, I have seen it, I never thought I will be scared of ghosts. She says don’t worry, I m there. He says thanks, you got late in saying this, you scared me. They try to leave. The door gets stuck. She says its locked. He asks what, did the ghost lock us. She knocks and shouts. She asks him to shout. He shouts. Komolika says Anurag reached before me, no…. She knocks and says what shall I do now, maybe peon has the key. Prerna says anyone there, please open the door. Komolika gets shocked.


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