Made for each other 4th november 2020: Made for each other Wednesday update 4 November 2020, Anurag telling Nivedita about the land auction. He says if anyone else wins the land auction, then it will be a loss for them, since the opposite plot is already ours, we will make a mall on it, I called an architect for the designs, none will buy it except us.

Nivedita says you did a lot in advance. Komolika says none can plan better than Anurag. Anurag says I think some people can plan better than me, one of them is you…. you are good at planning and plotting. He goes to answer a call. Komolika goes to him. She says my attempt is always to explain people with love, I have to plan when people don’t understand my love, you got the maximum benefit by my plan, right. Anurag says you got much makeup today. She asks are you seeing me so closely, not bad. He says I m getting bad. She says go alone, be happy, but how long you run away from me, you will come back to me. He calls out Kaushik. Kaushil says I m ready. Mohini feeds curd and sugar to Anurag. Anurag and Kaushik leave.

Prerna asks Kuki to get ready. Kuki says I m finding my fav earring. Prerna says I have read this file. She gets Mr. Bajaj’s call. He asks how are you, feeling better? She says yes, I m going to execute my plan. He says I can postpone this auction if you want to rest. She says I don’t want to delay ruining someone, I learnt from you, we get profits by taking right decision on right time in the business, I won’t stop. He thinks why don’t you understand, how much I love you, I will always support you, I can’t tell you. Anurag says Mr. Shaumik, I want this land. Shaumik says I know, I m supporting you. Anurag says max. 20 crores will be the bid, we should get it for 25 crores. He thinks where is Kaushik, he is still parking the car. Kuki says I will park the car and come, I love driving, I will take you anywhere you want, go, all the best. She sees Kaushik and says thief….

Anurag collides with Prerna. He picks her phone. He says sorry, I will fix it. She thinks can you fix what’s broken, no, I will fix everything, you snatched everything from me, I will snatch your dreams now. Kaushik shouts thief and runs. Kuki catches him. He flirts. He says I don’t like hug without permission, I permit the girls, but you aren’t my type. She says stop you thief. He says you mean heart thief. She says no, real thief, you have stolen my earring. He says I don’t care for the earring, I m a businessman and very rich, I came for the bidding. She says I have also come for bidding. He laughs and goes. Anurag passes the phone and goes. Her manager comes to call her for budding. Kuki says return my earring else I will call the police. Kaushik shows the earring and says I m not scared of police, I found this in car and kept it safe. She says you think you have a right on it. He says no, did you get hurt on your head in childhood. She says shut up, my dad gave these earrings, its imp. He makes her wear it. She looks on. He says chemistry. She says no, second year business and management.

He calls her tubelight and goes. Nivedita comes to office and gets working. She checks the live auction. She says its very imp, don’t disturb me. Prerna comes for the auction and gets seated. Anurag looks on. The auction begins. Anurag bids for 15 crores and increases the amount. Prerna bids for 21 crores. Anurag says not bad, someone knows the value of this land. Shaumik says money will increase. Anurag says its okay. He bids for 22 crores. Prerna bids for 25 crores. Anurag bids for 30 crores. Manager says madam, the land cost is around 25-30 crores only. Prerna bids for 33 crores. Anurag thinks who is she, why is she interested in this land. Kuki and Kaushik argue. She thinks maybe earring really fell in his car. She says listen, sorry. He says apology rejected. Mohini prays. Komolika comes to her and holds her. She says this drama won’t work, we know he is so talented that none can get this project. Mohini says I know, but mum’s heart gets peace to pray.

Komolika says then pray to me and get peace, relax, I m just joking, what wrong did I say, pray. Door bell rings. Mohini asks servant to check the door. Komolika asks servant to get coffee and snacks. He goes. She asks Mohini to check the door. Mohini says of course and goes. Komolika’s friend comes and hugs Komolika. She asks for Anurag. Komolika says he is busy in his dream project. Anurag bids for 35 crores. Prerna bids 40 crores. Shaumik says this land won’t be profitable, its too expensive. Anurag says but we already bought the other land, it will be more loss. He bids 45 crores. Prerna thinks. Manager says don’t do this. She bids for 50 crores. Anurag thinks this woman wants to ruin my dream project.

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Nivedita scolding the manager. She calls Anurag and says he isn’t answering. Anurag bids for 55 crores. Prerna calls Mr. Bajaj and lets the manager talk. Mr. Bajaj says Prerna calls me when the bidding amount is high, let her have the land. The manager says its 55 cr, its double than actual rate. Mr. Bajaj says we can’t stop her. Prerna says thanks Mr. Bajaj. He smiles and says anything for you. Prerna bids for 60 crores. The man asks are you sure, sorry. Kaushik is stopped by the guard. He argues with Kuki. Mohini’s friend comes and asks what are you doing at the door. Mohini takes her in. Komolika says none can win the land auction except Anurag. She doesn’t like the coffee and gets angry on servant. She asks Mohini to make coffee for her. Mohini’s friend says why are you making coffee, don’t you think, she doesn’t value you as much as Prerna did. Mohini goes. Shaumik stops Anurag from bidding further. Prerna wins the auction. Mr. Bajaj sees the auction live. He says now Mr. Basu will know who is standing against him. Prerna asks manager to check formalities. She talks to the media.

Nivedita’s manager says we have lost. She asks what. He says my journalist friend went there ti cover the auction, he said some lady has bought the lady. She asks who. He says we don’t know the name yet. Anurag says congrats, I didn’t know anyone will be interested to buy it, I had planned something, its okay you broke the dreams, congrats, you got the land, when you make the house and try to sell, none will buy, because I have the other land, if I don’t make the mall, then no one will come to stay there, its a loss for you, you should have done your homework, congrats. He turns to go. She turns to him and says every deal which causes loss to you will be profitable to me. He gets shocked seeing her. They recall the past. He thinks no, I can’t feel weak, else she will understand what I feel for her, why is she here after 8 years. She asks did you get speechless. He asks how did you survive and come back. She says to make your life hell. He says this is your problem to get after me, why did you come here after 8 years, there is no use, no one wants you here, no one, you get that.

She says why do I feel that you got scared, what will happen of you. He says you are mistaken, Prerna, I m not scared, do I need to remind you that I pushed you out of my life. She says congrats for this jerk, you will get many such jerks, I will snatch everything from you. He says so sad, I m not getting tears for your sympathy. She says keep it with you. He says you go back if you want to be happy, its been 8 years. She says I have no advice for you, I won’t give you a chance to be happy. She goes.

He thinks I was right, I felt you are around, I promise you, I will send you back. She thinks I promise you and Komolika won’t be at peace. Komolika asks what. Nivedita says I don’t know, Shaumik said some woman has defeated us. Komolika says I will talk to Anurag. She asks the guests to leave. She asks who can that girl be, who defeated Anurag. Manager says none should expect Anurag to get defeated by someone, Mr. Bajaj had called. She says he is very caring, he would be in stress. Kuki and Kaushik run in to meet Prerna and Anurag. Prerna calls Kuki. Kuki says sorry, I got stuck because of a stupid guy, I m coming. Prerna says we won the land, wait for me. Kaushik and Kuki argue again. Kuki says Prerna has won the auction. Anurag and Prerna get inside the lift. Kaushik says you got after me, like Anurag is tolerating Prerna in the lift, did you notice, why do they come across, they are trying to crack the same deal, why. Kuki says its a small world. Anurag says even I don’t want to be with you. The lift gets stuck. They argue. She says you think I will be at loss, go and make the mall, how will people come, I won’t make the homes, my loss is of 60 crores, your loss is of 300 crores, whose loss is more. He calls for help.

Anurag calls Kaushik. Kaushik asks what, you got stuck in the lift. Anurag says yes, with the person who won the auction, she got much loss. Kaushik asks Kuki to come for Prerna. She doesn’t listen. She goes to help. Kuki calls Prerna and asks when are you coming. Prerna says I m stuck in the lift, call someone. Kuki says don’t worry, I m coming. The light goes off. Anurag and Prerna continue to fight. He says you will tell that you are scared of darkness. She says all fears ended, when a dear person cheated me, my fears got away.


Made for each other 5th november 2020: Made for each other Wednesday update 5 November 2020,  Kuki saying Prerna is also stuck in the lift. Kaushik says destiny wants them together. They argue. Anurag says some time more and we will be relieved. Komolika calls him. He says I m in lift, I will talk later. She asks are you with someone special, tell me. He says I will talk to you later, I love you baby, bye. He ends call. She gets Mr. Bajaj’s call. He asks are you fine, I got to know from Kuki that you are stuck in the lift. She says yes, it will open in some lift. He says try to remain calm. Kuki and Kaushik ask the lady to call lift mechanic. Anurag thinks I wish I had the way to fix everything without hurting you. He says how much time will they take. Prerna says I don’t know. He says I m not talking to you. The mechanic checks the wires. Kuki gets Prerna’s call and says lift can open any time now. The lights come.

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Prerna tries to open the door. Her hand gets stuck. She screams. She says don’t touch me. Anurag says I was helping you. She says you think I will take your help. He says fine, do it. He also tries to open the door. He thinks if I tell her the truth, will she trust me, things will be more complicated, I don’t want more complications. Kaushik and Kuki come. The door opens. Prerna leaves. Kuki asks are you okay. Kaushik asks are you okay. Prerna goes to her car. She presses horn. Kaushik says maybe I have parked the car wrong. Prerna signs thumbs down to Anurag. He goes to his car. Kuki thinks something is going on, maybe some business rivalry. Anurag drives his car. Prerna races ahead. She recalls Anurag’s words. Kuki asks are you okay, do you know him. Kaushik asks are you okay. Anurag says yes. Prerna recalls Anurag’s words. She says its worthless to know about him. Kaushik thanks Anurag and gets down the car. Anurag leaves. Prerna says don’t be stressed, have fun.

Anurag comes and asks where is Rakhi. Nivedita asks how did this happen. Mohini asks how is this possible, you prepared the project model, which girl has defeated you, I want to you. He thinks I can’t let Komolika know that its Prerna. He says it was bad, it will be worse if we keep thinking, its business, such things happen, lets forget it, I have arranged a big party tomorrow, Shaumik is our investor, I need to talk to him about the mall, I m tired now. Komolika says that land was ours, you can’t lose. Nivedita says but he said it happens in business.

Prerna recalls Anurag’s words. She sees Veena going somewhere. She goes to see. She gets Mr. Bajaj’s call. He asks how are you. She says I m fine. He says you sound distracted. She asks are you here. He says no, I m in London, we are staying together since 8 years. She says I just saw my mum. He says you can meet her, does she stay at the same place. Prerna says yes, I will meet her later, I m just thinking of Anurag, I will take revenge first and then meet her. He says I m proud of you.

Kuki sees Kaushik with a girl. He goes. The girl says he touched me and then pushed me. Kuki takes her to police. She says Kaushik was troubling this girl. The girl says yes. Inspector says you have to come to the police station, file the FIR, I will see him. He asks Kaushik to come with him to the police station. Kaushik asks why, what did I do, I m innocent. He sees Kuki and says she is taking revenge on me. The girl comes. Inspector says not her, that girl. Kaushik and Kuki argue. Kuki says you are devil, arrest him inspector, you can molest anyone. He asks what. She says you molested Naina. He asks Naina how could you complain about me, what did I do. He asks Kuki to shut up, who is she. She says Kuki Bajaj. Inspector says enough, did this guy molest you. Kuki says she is scared. Kaushik says tell the truth. Naina says no. He asks can I leave now.

Naina also goes. Kuki says I had seen it. Inspector scolds her. Kuki says sorry and leaves. She stops Naina and asks what did you go. Naina says I love Kaushik, everyone loves him, I wanted to get him, I pulled him and he pushed me to make me away. Kuki asks why did you agree. Naina says I thought he will be scared and agree to me. Kuki asks are you mad. Naina says I think I m. Kaushik comes and asks do you want to apologize. Kuki says no, I trusted Naina and its not wrong to trust someone. He says she did wrong, you troubled me, wait and watch what I do. Anurag thinks I wished to hug her, tell the truth and apologize, it will be lie for her, I wish to tell her that I m her thorn bird, I m killing myself, I m glad to see her hatred than seeing her in jail. Prerna thinks I m waiting for the moment when my actual revenge gets fulfilled, I want to see you falling down the same way, I lost my love, and you will lose your money.

Kaushik telling his brother about Kuki. Kuki says that guy is mad, he tried to flirt with me at the airport, he studies in the same college. Kaushik says she will meet me every day and torture me. Prerna says maybe you are wrong about him, who is he. Kuki thinks if I tell her that the guy is Anurag’s nephew, then she will be upset, there is something between them. Anurag says there is a party at 9, come before 9. Kuki says I will tell you when I get to know. Prerna says I have sorted the cupboard. Kuki hugs her. Anurag asks Kaushik to be on time. Kaushik says reminder done, good night.

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Mohini supervises the servants. Nivedita and Rakhi stop her. Rakhi asks Mohini to go to club and enjoy her life. Mohini says you know I like to decorate the house. Nivedita says its tough to refuse to Komolika. Rakhi says you used to head the house. Mohini says yes, now Komolika has everything, this house and business, my biggest asset is my children, I can’t deny the fact that I hate poor people and poverty, I don’t want my children and me to face this poverty. She goes. Rakhi says I will talk to Komolika, she can’t treat mum like this. Nivedita says you didn’t see how she treats people. Kuki’s car breaks down. Kaushik comes. They say you, not again…..She asks for lift. He says never. He drives off. She shouts you cheapster, idiot. Tanisha asks where are the special dishes. Mohini asks her to go to big kitchen. She compliments Rakhi.

She hugs Anurag. She asks did all the guests come. Nivedita says yes. Tapur says I feel this dress is tight. Mohini says go and change. Maasi says he is saying he won’t move until Kaushik comes. Komolika comes. Mohini compliments her. Rakhi says I want to talk to you. Komolika goes. Rakhi says you are bahu of this house, right. Komolika says yes, I m glad that my dream got completed. Rakhi says don’t you think you should be respectful towards mom. Komolika says you are here for few days, enjoy and then return home, don’t dare to interfere in my family matters, after your divorce, Basu company is fulfilling your money needs, now its all because of me. Rakhi is shocked. Komolika says go and ask Nivedita, you are getting this monthly money because of me. She warns Rakhi and goes. Tanish comes and says I m loving this Kolkata, everything is so good here, can’t we stay here forever like Kaushik. Rakhi says fine, we will talk about it, have fun.

Komolika comes to Anurag and asks how do I feel. Anurag says really cheap. She says I know you love me. He goes to Shaumik. Tapur talks to Anupam on call. Nivedita goes to see. He says Anupam, get out of here. She sees someone else. Tapur introduces her friend Anupam. Nivedita says sorry, please carry on, what am I doing, it was my life’s big mistake to marry Anupam, I get irritated when anyone takes his name. She sees Anurag and goes to him. Komolik comes. Shaumik says this project was going to give us 300 crores profits, some foreign investors are coming, they said they will invest but want the investment back with profits when the mall is ready. Komolika says done, I like this deal. Anurag says when madam has said this, then lets go ahead. She says it was not easy to get this, I had to make many people away so that they never come back. A car enters Basu mansion. The wind blows fast.

Komolika asks servant to close the window, maybe a storm is coming. Lights go off. Mohini says I feel some abshagun is going to happen. Prerna walks in, wearing a black saree. Kasauti…plays…. Prerna says your game is over now Komolika. Komolika turns and thinks I felt its her. Prerna goes to Mohini and recalls her words. Mohini turns to see. Prerna sees Anurag and recalls her fall into the river. Anurag smiles and turns to see. Komolika asks servant to switch on center light. Prerna stands under the light. Everyone is shocked seeing her. Mr. Bajaj comes. Shaumik says meet him, he is our foreign investor, Mr. Rishabh Bajaj and Mrs. Prerna Bajaj. Anurag recalls the past.

Shaumik says I know you are shocked to see Prerna, she has bought the auction land, you were planning Basu city on that land. The lights get on. Mr. Bajaj says remember I told you, we will meet again, how are you doing. Anurag signs good. Mr. Bajaj says good, Shaumik, we want to talk about the deal. They go. Nivedita says now I understood why Anurag lost the auction. Mohini says Prerna came in front of him and he forgot everything. Komolika takes Anurag and argues. He asks what’s the matter. She says Prerna and Mr. Bajaj won’t like it if I talk there. He says I m not interested if you want to vent out frustration. She asks shall I talk to the walls. He says its a good idea, carry on. She asks what feelings did you get on seeing her, did you feel bad, so sorry, you would have seen her yesterday, when you lost the auction, did you really lose it or just for her happiness, I promise you, she will suffer a lot in her life.



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