Made for each other 30 September 2020: On Made for each other wednesday update 30 September 2020 Written update, The Episode starts with Prerna crying. Shivani comes to ask her. Prerna shouts I did this for mum, I also worry for mum, I love Veena, didn’t you see what was happening to her, do I have an option, Komolika planned this.

Shivani says Komolika did this to make you out of Anurag’s life. Prerna says Viraj will refuse for marriage. Shivani says he is ready for marriage. Prerna says he will do what I say, I will tell my decision to Viraj, I will tell him everything, Veena can compel me, not Viraj.

Its morning, Veena asks Anurag to come, they are waiting. Suman says everything is ready. Anurag gets Viraj, his family and Komolika along. Veena welcome them. Anurag says he is Viraj, and they are his parents. He introduces Veena. Veena says I will get Prerna. Prerna thinks to talk to Viraj in private and stop all this. Veena comes and says I have seen the guy, we did something good that such a nice guy came to our door, come fast, where is the saree which I got for you, wear this, you will look very pretty in this. She says a mum’s heart knows everything, you will be happy, just a mum knows child’s betterment and happiness, get ready and come. Prerna says I will come.

Anurag says Sonalika told me about Viraj, we are here because of her. Veena thanks her. Komolika recalls apologizing to Veena. She thinks I was helpless that day and today I made Veena bow down to me. Komolika says Anurag is so happy that his friend is settling, Prerna’s happiness is his happiness. She thinks to meet Prerna. She asks can I use washroom. Veena says yes. Komolika says I will use Prerna’s washroom and meet her too. Veena stops Shivani. Shivani thinks what is Komolika planning. Veena says Prerna is pregnant.

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Viraj’s mum says I know, I don’t want to know anything else. Komolika comes to Prerna and says nice saree, you don’t need to thank me for this. Prerna argues. Komolika says my plan was to defame you in Anurag’s eyes, that he thinks you are characterless, I thought why to do this when the work can happen in a good way, I made him realize that people can say anything, I trust him, then I told him that he should get you married, Viraj is very high than your standard, I would have got you married to poor guy, I just want you to go away from our lives, I m happy, you loved Anurag and married him, you have his child, he wants you to get remarried, just think. She says baby, your dad is getting your mum married, you will get a new dad. She goes.

Veena asks Suman to get Prerna. Prerna comes. Anurag smiles seeing her. Prerna greets everyone. Komolika thinks Prerna spoke big things about seven births love, today Anurag is compelling her to marry someone else. Viraj’s mum says Prerna is very beautiful, right Viraj? Veena says we are not rich people, but Prerna is our pride, we will do her bidaai well. She gets tensed. Viraj holds her hand and says your hand is getting cold, no need to be nervous, you are giving us a daughter, what more do we want, we are lucky to get a child that will complete our family, I m a simple man who knows family’s value, I love kids, Anurag would have told you about my wife and unborn child’s accident. Veena says yes.

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Anurag says two broken souls are going to unite, what can be better than this, there are very few people who think like Viraj, I will ask you, if you like Viraj. Veena nods. Anurag asks did you like Prerna. Viraj’s parents say yes. Anurag asks Viraj. Viraj says I like her. Anurag asks Prerna did she like Viraj. Veena signs her. Anurag says of course you would like him, so you are calm. Prerna says I want to clear few things with Viraj. Viraj says of course. Komolika asks Veena to not Prerna discuss the past, you would have explained her to forget everything, right. Veena coughs. Everyone worries. Viraj asks Prerna to say whatever she wants to say. Prerna says I hope you understand me, we are strangers, I don’t know if its right to say this, you look sensible. He asks her to sit. She says I wanted to tell you that I still love my husband a lot.


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