Made for each other 2 november 2020: Made for each other Monday update 2 November 2020, Komolika asking for Mohini. She talks to Tapur. She sees Mohini with Nivedita. She asks did you sisters not patch up. Tapur says no. Komolika says your thoughts don’t match some times. Tapur says not some times, but always. Mohini talks to the guests. They praise Komolika. Komolika smiles. She sees Veena and goes to her. She greets a lady. Suman and Veena look at her. The lady asks why did you keep such classless stall here. Komolika insults Veena. She thinks I m Basu’s Bahu, I m Mrs. Komolika Anurag Basu, I wish Prerna’s soul gets peace. The man says I have checked Kuki’s certificates, Mr. Bajaj had paid a big donation, Kuki is a bright student and would get the admission on her merits.

Prerna sees a procession going. Kuki asks will you need her for formalities. He says no, just submit the form. Kuki asks Prerna to go for darshan and come. Prerna asks her not to make any mistake and just go. Anurag gets Rakhi to the pandal. Rakhi hugs everyone and says Nisha will come tomorrow. Rakhi says I will have darshan first and then have prasad. Komolika holds Anurag’s hand. He says its okay, no need to do drama. Komolika says we are husband and wife, we can hold hands. He says yes, we know what we are, we aren’t husband and wife. She says we are, we have a daughter. He says I know Diya, how can I forget, I love her, that was the big mistake of my life when I got much drunk…. She says and we united. He says that was my mistake, come.

He goes to pray. Prerna comes in the pandal. Anurag feels her. He cries and recalls her. He thinks Prerna didn’t kill Viraj intentionally, she did that to save me. He cries. Komolika thinks I was helpless to do that with Viraj for th sake of Anurag, its eight years, it feels like it happened yesterday, when I reached the cliff…. FB shows Komolika getting a phone. She sees the video recording. She thinks I should see what happened here, this time Prerna will get trapped in murder case, she can’t prove that she killed Viraj in self defense, since fight is happening between Anurag and Viraj. She says thanks Viraj, you helped me a lot. FB ends. Komolika thinks fate was on my side, I wanted Prerna to get away, Anurag’s memory came back, I tried to get his sympathy as Sonalika, but Prerna challenged me, I called Anurag at farmhouse and he had come.

FB shows Anurag coming to meet Sonalika at the farmhouse. He says I can explain, I know why you called me to talk, I was worried, I was with Prerna. She asks really. He says I know I could have spoken to you, you would have understood it, sorry Sonalika, I just love Prerna, I love her, I just want her, in fact, I know this will hurt you, but we got married when I had filled sindoor in Prerna’s maang. She asks why did you think that none can love you more than Prerna, why. He says its not the matter, who loves me more, matter is, what I want, I love Prerna, sorry, but I just love her. She cries.

He says our love is unconditional, I can do anything for her love. She asks can you go to any limit, right. He says yes, try me. She says then you can kill Prerna to save her. He shouts Sonalika. She says don’t shout, I thought you will love me, I did a lot to get your love, answer me.

He says look, I m sorry, I know you can’t understand me now, I came to tell you something else, we will talk later, I m leaving. She says love, love, love, you understand love, no, if you understood, then you would have understood that none could have loved you more than Komolika, why did she die, when you gave a hand to save her. He recalls Komolika. She says she chose to die, why, because she couldn’t see you with any other girl, she had loved you a lot, what did she want, your love, which you never gave her, she died and then defeated death and came back as Sonalika, I m Komolika. He gets shocked. She gets the papers and throws at him. She says this has my life’s moments captured. He checks the medical history. She says it has everything about my surgeries.

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Anurag being shocked seeing the papers. Komolika asks are you sure now, how much I love you. He says you have lost it, you are mad, stay away. She says the day you leave me, will be the last day of Prerna’s life. FB ends. He thinks I wish it didn’t happen, but it was Komolika’s day, she showed me the video. FB shows Komolika showing the video. She says I have got all the cctv footage of that area so that Prerna doesn’t get saved. Anurag gets shocked. She says you love Prerna a lot, if you don’t oust her from your life, then everyone will know that Viraj didn’t die by falling down, but by Prerna’s push. She says break her heart, you always broke my heart. She says tell me, if you can’t do this, I promise, I will end her name from this world. He holds her neck. She says don’t you dare, my aide also has this footage, he will give this footage to the police if he doesn’t talk to me, just imagine, Prerna will go towards the mandap and police will come to arrest, you can never save her, you have two options now, first become mine and make me Komolika Anurag Basu, or lose Prerna forever, choice is yours, if you want to listen to me, if you tell Prerna that you love me, then she won’t believe it, she will never leave you, you have to think something different so that she never comes back in our life. FB ends.

He thinks she went, but she is still in my heart, whatever I did was to save her, I became a bad man in her eyes, so that she hates me, I broke her trust and lost her, I had to give her a big shock, Prerna was my life, I took her to the bridge and made her believe that I want to kill her, I didn’t just kill her, but also her love, belief, so that she is sure that Anurag is dead, how would I let Prerna die, I had the divers ready, I know she didn’t die that day, she is alive, she will be happy, I maintained distance from Prerna’s family, since I don’t want Komolika to harm them, she is a devil, my love fell weak in front of her evil, I feel Prerna exists, its enough for me, I just loved Prerna.

Prerna says give me strength. She goes to pray. Anurag prays in the pandal. Prerna comes there and stands to do the puja. Her chunri flies over Anurag. He turns to see her. She covers her face. He holds the diya stand and does aarti with her. He turns away because of the smoke. She goes and turns to see. He thinks why do I always find Prerna here. Kaushik tells his friend about Kuki. He collides with Mohini. She asks for Komolika. Komolika says prasad should be made in desi ghee. Mohini says just do as she tells. She asks Komolika to do aarti with Anurag. Komolika goes. Prerna sees her coming and pushes her. Komolika asks are you blind. Prerna thinks I was blind before, but not now, I will not leave anyone who cheated me, but I will start with Anurag. She leaves. Komolika thinks I would have not left you, I have to go to Anurag. She goes to Anurag and says sorry, I got busy in work, shall we do aarti now. He says its okay, puja and all aren’t for you, you just do the drama, relax. He taunts her and goes.

Maasi asks is everything fine. Komolika says of course, he was complimenting me in a different way, husband and wife’s cute nok jhok, someone is calling you, go. She thinks I know why you are doing this. He thinks I m away from Prerna’s family, you will get that Anurag who always remind you are wrong. Komolika thinks I have dreamt to get you, you are with me, this satisfies my ego, I have you, if I m burning, you have to burn too. Anurag hears Veena and Suman talking. Veena says no shawl is sold, we didn’t earn anything.


Made for each other 3 november 2020: Made for each other Tuesday update 3 November 2020, Anurag asking Veena if she has 25 shawls available, he has to gift to his friends. Veena says all shawls got sold. He keeps money and picks the shawl. He leaves. Veena shouts I don’t want this charity and goes after her. Suman stops her and says think of him just as a customer. Veena angrily gives money to a beggar. Suman cries and asks what are you doing. Veena says Anurag didn’t tell us about Prerna since 8 years, I remember her face when she left with Anurag with a smile, she believed that he loved her, I will never forget this. Suman consoles her. She sees Prerna coming and says Prerna… Veena turns and gets surprised.

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Charkha mera….plays…. Prerna runs to hug Veena. She hugs them. She says sorry, I was helpless to go away, I will tell everything. Veena says I thought Anurag did something to you, I was wrong. Prerna says you thought well, Anurag tried to kill me, he thinks I m dead, but I m alive. Veena is shocked.

Kuki likes the college. She thinks to call Mr. Bajaj. She gets Mr. Bajaj’s call. He asks for Prerna. She says Prerna went to pandal. He says oh yes, for Durga puja. She says thanks, my admission is done. He says be with Prerna, don’t leave her alone. She goes to see Prerna. Mohini smiles seeing a girl. Nivedita asks Rakhi to ask Tapur what did she go. She says she went to speak Anupam, what was the need. Tapur says she is my jiju. Nivedita says he isn’t your jiju now, we are divorced. She goes. Tapur says I m sorry. Rakhi says you know their divorce happened on bitter note. Mohini gets surprise. Tanisha says I have come by taking a flight today. She hugs Anurag. He goes to attend a call. He says Komolika, I m going home with Kaushik. Anurag says lunch is ready at home, shall we leave, its strange, we had the darshan, weather is getting spoiled. The diya stand falls. The fire catches up. Anurag shouts. He helps the people. Prerna asks Suman and Veena to take the stuff and leave. Prerna goes and sees Anurag trying to blow off the fire.

She thinks you never believed Maa Durga and made our marriage a joke, you are still showing your fake belief, so you are trying to save the idol, you don’t value a woman, why are you doing this. A pillar falls over his head. She shouts Anurag. He falls down. Mr. Bajaj sees Prerna’s pic. He says I got your file, I will keep this where you keep your imp things. He opens the drawer and sees Anurag’s pic. He thinks I should have not let Prerna go and meet Anuag, maybe her love takes her towards Anurag again, Prerna you have to face this alone and ask for your answers, you will get all answers there. He gets a call and says ya, I know, its a big takeover, I m coming.

Prerna shouts for help. Anurag sees her and closes eyes. She tries to help. She recalls their moments. She shouts get up Anurag, I have waited for this day since 8 years, there is a fire of hatred in my heart, I longed for my child, whom you killed, I didn’t forget anything, I will not forget it, I will take revenge on you, get up, you can’t die like this, I have the right to take revenge, you were the reason for my life, and now you have become my motive, I used to love you and now I hate you, the scores will be settled, this will begin tomorrow. She gets up to go. Something hits on her head. She falls in Anurag’s lap. Kasauti….plays….

Tanisha panicking seeing the fire. Rakhi calms her. Nivedita asks Tapur to take Tanisha home. Mohini asks for Anurag. Komolika says Anurag said that he is going home with Kaushik. Mohini says no, my heart says that he is here. She goes to see. Kuki comes there and says get away. Guard says you can’t go there. Kuki says my mum is there. She thinks if anything happens to Prerna, what will I answer dad, no, Prerna I m coming, I have to go, I need a car. Kaushik flirts with the girls. Kuki asks them to get out of the car. He asks what do you want. Kuki says I need this car. The girls fight for him. Kuki gets in the car and says listen to me, there is fire in the pandal, Prerna, my mum is unconscious, please take the car.

Kaushik drives to the pandal and says see the fire, I m not taking the car ahead, our lives will be in risk. Kuki asks what, my mum is inside, get out of the car, I will drive. He says we can’t risk life for someone. He also sits back and says I can’t leave you alone. She drives. They get inside. She screams. They argue. They see Anurag and Prerna. They take them out. She sees them in the backseat. She says I feel I know him. Kaushik asks really, lets do one thing, we will take them to hospital. She says thanks, we will arrange a doctor. She asks him to stop the car. He asks why, there is no hospital here. She calls him dumb and shows his car. They argue.

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She says my dad will arrange the best doctor, we will manage. She takes Prerna in her car. Kaushik asks Komolika to call a doctor, they are coming home. Mr. Bajaj asks how did this happen. Kuki says don’t know, I just got her in the car, she isn’t conscious. He says its okay, go home. She says so sorry. He says she will be fine, don’t worry. He ends call. Kuki says its fine, dad has called a doctor. He thinks why is it tough to stay without her. At home, Prerna gets conscious. Kuki asks are you okay, say something, are you dizzy. Prerna asks how is he. Kuki asks who, he will be fine, his nephew took him, I didn’t see any bruises on him. Prerna thinks just I will give him wounds. Anurag wakes up and says Prerna. He recalls seeing Prerna in the pandal. Mohini asks Prerna…..

Anurag says I have seen her. She asks where. He says pandal. She says don’t say this, Komolika won’t feel good. Kuki says I feel I know that handsome man, familiar, don’t know why. Prerna says open my laptop. Kuki says not now, have some food. Prerna says that land auction is pending, get the laptop. Kuki insists her to have food. Anurag says Prerna saved my life. Mohini says no, Kaushik saved you, I will just come.

Komolika asks nurse to say again. Nurse says he said he has seen Prerna, who is Prerna. Komolika says a dream which will never complete, you may leave now. Komolika goes to Mohini. She asks what was Anurag saying. Mohini says maybe he saw a dream. Komolika says there is much difference between dream and reality, I m Anurag’s wife, right. Mohini says of course, you aren’t annoyed, right. Komolika asks why.

She says I m the reality of Anurag’s life. She goes and scold the servant. Mohini thinks is Anurag saying true, no, Prerna…. Prerna and Kuki have the soup. Kuki asks why is the auction imp to you. Prerna says because its imp for someone else. She thinks I know Anurag dreamt to have a city plan on this land, he doesn’t know my plan, he broke my house and dreams, I will not let your dream succeed. Anurag says it was Prerna, I know it. Kaushik comes and hugs him. He asks what’s in your pocket. Kaushik gets Kuki’s earring. Anurag asks whose earring is it. Kaushik says a girl’s earring. Anurag asks your GF.

Kaushik says no, she can’t be my GF, I can be her BF, I can’t handle her attitude. Prerna sees Kuki’s earring missing. Kuki says I think that cheapster has stolen my earring. Prerna says if you meet him next time, take the earring back. Anurag asks Kaushik to go out. Kaushik says devil and angel can’t sleep in same room. Anurag says okay, you can sleep here. Kaushik says I can’t refuse to you. Anurag says I will ask Komolika to stay in guest room. Kaushik says I will go, many people insulted me, this is too much. Anurag thinks it was Prerna, I feel she has come back. Prerna says very soon, we will face each other Anurag.

Its morning, Nivedita says I m going to office, Komolika is suffocating us, everything is named after Komolika. Mohini says no, she has given half powers to Anurag and you. Nivedita says its nothing, this is just to hear it, we are working under her, I love working, but I don’t like that she wants to dominate us. Komolika comes and asks what’s happening, so what’s up, what are you talking about me. Nivedita says I was praising you. Komolika says carry on. She thinks you were backbiting about me, hardly matters, you all all are in my hands.

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