Made for each other 29 September 2020: On Made for each other Tuesday update 29 September 2020 Written update, The Episode starts with Anurag saying I want you to marry Viraj, you met him in office, his name is Viraj Bharadwaj, I have seen you both together, he is a nice guy.

Prerna cries and asks how can this happen. He says let me explain, the guy and his family are really good, Prerna was dizzy, Viraj took care of her, he made sure that Prerna doesn’t go near the broken glass, small thing also shows a person’s character, I found out that Viraj’s family is also finding a girl for Viraj, I went to meet them. FB shows Anurag meeting Viraj and his family. Viraj says I will handle your case and promise to get you out of the problem. Anurag says no, actually I got Prerna’s proposal for you, I know about you ex wife and unborn child you lost, but Prerna is also pregnant, I think a child should get father and mother’s love equally, my wife was saying you were thinking to adopt a child, if you could accept Prerna… Viraj’s dad asks can we meet the girl’s family.

Anurag says no, once you agree, you can meet them. He shows Prerna’s pic. Viraj’s mum says she is very beautiful. Anurag says I have a request, I have attachment with Prerna’s child, let me meet the child after marriage. Viraj says I m not ready for the marriage. Anurag says I understand, but see her once. Viraj says I met her in office. Anurag says you were concerned as she is pregnant, she needs support, would you like to hold her hand. Viraj’s mum nods. Viraj says yes. Anurag thanks him. FB ends. Anurag says Viraj agreed for the marriage, he is a banker, he is helping us also, in short, he is the best guy for Prerna, please marry him Prerna. Prerna goes crying and thinks of his words.

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Veena says Anurag isn’t wrong, he found a nice guy for you, I think this relation is right, the guy is really good. Prerna says you know the father of my child, the one who doesn’t remember anything. Veena says yes, maybe he won’t remember it anytime, calm down and come with me, say yes for it. Prerna says no, I don’t want to marry, I remember everything. They argue. Prerna says I promised to stay with Anurag for seven births. Veena says Anurag kept his promise to secure your happiness, he got the right proposal. She gets hyper. Shekhar and Shivani console her. Anurag says sorry, maybe I should have not come with dhol artists, she would be shocked. Suman says no, come and sit. Anurag says you don’t want to tell me, maybe I know Prerna’s husband, maybe he is my friend, I m sure you won’t say anything to me. Mahesh says no, why will we hide. Anurag says then tell me where is her husband, what’s his name, I know you won’t say. Suman says no. Anurag says I did this for her happiness, but she ran away, its okay, I can handle this. Suman says I will go and get Prerna.

Prerna gets the inhaler. She asks Veena to take medicine. Veena refuses. Prerna insists a lot. Veena says I m dying every moment. Prerna says calm down, I m ready for the marriage. Veena takes the inhaler. Prerna says I m ready, don’t do this. She goes downstairs to Anurag and gives her nod. He says trust me, this decision will be proved right, you will stay happy and even your cutie pie will be happy. Veena smiles. He says I will get Viraj and also Sonalika, after all Sonalika suggest this, this is her idea. Prerna gets shocked.

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Komolika says Viraj agreed for marriage. Mohini asks what’s the need to do this. Nivedita says if Prerna gets a family, then she will be away from us. Komolika says I gave this idea to Anurag and he agreed, I really like Prerna. Anurag comes. Mohini praises Komolika. He says you are talking about Viraj and Prerna. He asks Komolika to come with him, they will talk to Prerna’s family. Komolika thinks I got a right to write Prerna’s fate.


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