Made for each other 28 October 2020: The Episode starts with Prerna shouting Anurag. Viraj says agree for the marriage, I will give Anurag’s life as a wedding gift, else I will kill him, it will be big punishment for you. He goes to cut the rope. Prerna cries and shouts stop, I m ready to marry, leave Anurag. Viraj goes to mandap. He asks goon to record the marriage. The marriage rituals begin. Pandit asks them to exchange garlands. Viraj wears it himself and also puts garlands in Prerna’s neck. Komolika gets the video and smiles. She says Prerna and Anurag will be away once this marriage happens, it will be good to watch it live. Prerna cries seeing Anurag. Pandit sees Anurag. Viraj asks him to do his work. He says it will be good if marriage happens before rope breaks. The wind blows.

Mata chunri flies to Anurag and falls on his face. Prerna smiles and sees Viraj. Anurag gets conscious. The chunri flies away. Anurag sees the goons. He sees Prerna and shouts Prerna… She shouts leave Anurag. He sees the rope tied up. Jai Maa durga….plays… Anurag beats the goons. Viraj says pandit ji, this marriage won’t stop. Pandit says sorry, I can’t get this marriage done. He runs away. Anurag takes the knife and cuts the rope. Viraj removes the garlands. He goes to Anurag. They fight. Viraj hits on his head. Anurag holds his head.

Prerna looks on. Anurag falls weak and fights. He recalls Prerna. Prerna takes the knife and threatens Viraj. Viraj says I didn’t want Anurag to die, but there is no way now. He takes out the gun. Prerna hits him. Viraj asks her to move. He shoots. The bullet gets shot at her stomach. Viraj falls down the cliff and shouts no…. Prerna falls in Anurag’s arms. She says take me to the hospital. Anurag lifts her and takes her to the car. He sees the car locked. He walks on the road. She says I need to say something. He says get fine fast and then talk, look at me. He sees a couple at panipuri stall. He recalls Prerna and himself. He gets the flashes. He gets a taxi and takes her to the hospital. He says nothing will happen to you. Prerna gets treated. He recalls Prerna.

Nurse says bullet has injured the skin surface, don’t worry, she will be fine, she is in labor pain now. The bullet is removed. Prerna cries in pain. Doctor asks are you sure, you want a normal delivery. Prerna says yes. She screams. Anurag gets flashes of them. The visions clear and he sees Prerna’s face. Baby cries. Doctor comes and says congrats Mr. Anurag, you have become a father, its a daughter.

Anurag coming to take the baby. He says she went on Prerna. He recalls Prerna’s words. He sees Prerna sleeping. Sapna jahaan….plays…. The baby holds his finger, stops crying and smiles. He smiles and kisses on Prerna’s forever. Prerna wakes up. She says Anurag… He says look, we have become parents, Mrs. Prerna Anurag Basu. She cries. He nods. He says our daughter, yes I remember that we will have a daughter. She takes the baby in her arms. Komolika comes to the cliff and sees the goons fallen unconscious. She says what has happened here. She calls Viraj. His phone rings. She gets shocked seeing him fallen down. Mohini asks Nivedita about Sonalika. She calls Komolika and says reach the hospital fast, Anurag told about some accident. Komolika says okay, I m reaching. She thinks what has happened.

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Anurag says we have kept your name already, we didn’t ask Nivedita, your name is Sneha. Prerna laughs. Mohini, Komolika and everyone come to hospital. Nivedita says Anurag spoke to me, he is fine. Anupam asks for Anurag. The nurse says maternity room, Prerna delivered a baby, Anurag is with her. Moloy and Anupam smile. Mohini, Nivedita and Komolika get shocked. They go to Anurag. Moloy takes the baby and smiles. Mohini sees Prerna and baby. She asks Anurag are you fine. Anurag says yes, Prerna, shall I tell everyone. Prerna says yes, tell them. Anurag says I remember everything. Moloy says you mean, your memory…. Anurag says yes, I remember everything. He hugs Moloy and Mohini. They smile. Nivedita hugs him and says I m so happy. Anurag asks baby to see his family. Nurse asks shall I take the girl, she is weak, we have to keep her in incubator, its normal procedure, we will hand over the baby when everything is fine. Anurag says everything will be fine. Nurse takes the baby. Anurag says I didn’t inform Veena, I will just come.

He calls Veena and says I have become Papa. Everyone hears him and smiles. Anurag says your daughter, my wife, delivered a baby. Shivani asks do you remember everything. Anurag says yes, I remember everything, you are so naughty Shivani. Shekhar asks in which hospital are you. Anurag says city hospital’s new branch, you all come soon, a little Pari has come home. They all smile. Komolika hears him. Anurag goes to see baby. Moloy asks Prerna to sleep and not think of anything. Mohini, Anupam and Nivedita leave. Prerna stops Moloy and thanks him. She says you always supported me, I know you will always be there for me. Moloy says always, I assure you, Anurag will be proved a better father.

Anurag sees the baby. He says I love your mum a lot, I remember everything, you are cute Pari, our love gift. Moloy says I want you to come home with my granddaughter as my Bahu, I can see you coming. Komolika looks on. He asks will you come. Prerna nods. Komolika says what about me, everything will be spoiled. Anurag says when I took you in arms, I recalled everything, that I love your mum, I love you cutie pie, bye. He sees Komolika there and thinks to talk to her. He goes on a call. Komolika thinks he didn’t come to talk to me. She sees her surgeon and turns away. She thinks I have to kill Prerna, so that she doesn’t tell Anurag that I m Komolika, I won’t let this game end.

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Prerna cries and says I m responsible for all this. Anurag asks what are you saying, our baby will get fine. She says listen to me, I was madly in love with you, I was saving you from Komolika. He asks what did you say. She says Komolika’s doctor would have sent you some pics, she did your accident. He asks what are you trying to say. She says Sonalika is Komolika. He gets shocked. She says she got the plastic surgery done, she changed her face, she did the accident, she wanted to kill our baby. He says Sonalika… She asks him to check the phone. He gets shocked seeing the video of Komolika’s new face. He sees pics and reports. He says how dare she… Sonalika….

Anurag coming to Sonalika and slapping her. Everyone is shocked. Mohini asks what did you do, she is your wife. He says no, she isn’t my wife. He asks Sonalika to tell truth. Komolika says Prerna filled your ears. He says don’t take Prerna’s name. He pushes her. Anupam gets Prerna there. Mohini says she is my Bahu, don’t forget, will you behave this way with a woman. Anurag says she isn’t your Bahu, you don’t know her. Mohini asks Prerna what did she tell him. Komolika says Prerna is lying. Anurag says she doesn’t lie. She says enough, I m your wife. He says you aren’t my wife, I never gave you any sindoor, Komolika. Everyone gets shocked.

Prerna says Anurag got fine, he remembers everything, I also told him everything, how you tried to kill me and harm our baby, how Mohini fell down the stairs because of you. Nivedita says she is Sonalika, not Komolika. Prerna says she is Komolika, she has come with a changed face, her face got spoiled after she fell into the river, she got plastic surgery done, she got a new face and came into our house. Moloy shouts get out. Komolika asks what happened to you all, who is Komolika, Anurag is my husband, Prerna is doing this to throw me out of the house.

Prerna says don’t do any acting. Anurag says the doctor who did the facial surgery is here, he has given me all info, he gave me all pics, videos and documents. He shows the video. They get shocked seeing the video. Mohini says Komolika….. Komolika says you always tried to snatch Anurag, he was my love since the day I first saw him, you didn’t let me get him, I thought my face will change and fate too, but no, you got me to the same place again. She sees a nurse going. She picks a surgical knife and goes to stab Prerna. Anurag holds her hand. He says I guess you didn’t accept Prerna and my marriage. He pushes her and says you want to see who has the right on real sindoor. He gets sindoor and fills Prerna’s maang. He says this is my name sindoor. Komolika says this can’t happen. Anurag says you have always been a black stain on my life, stay away from my daughter’s life, get out. Komolika shouts no….

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Her imagination ends. Komolika says I won’t let this happen, I can’t lose Anurag, I will snatch Prerna’s baby and instead asks for Anurag, I will ask her to return my Anurag if she wants the baby. Nivedita talks to Mohini. Mohini says Anurag is clean hearted, he doesn’t understand politics. Anurag comes and says you are worried for your granddaughter. Mohini says that’s not my granddaughter, not your daughter, Prerna married Bajaj, you couldn’t marry her, that’s Bajaj’s daughter. Anurag shouts Maa, I love you, I know you love me a lot, you told this today, don’t bring this in your mind, before my memory got erased, Prerna told me that she is pregnant. She says she is lying. Anurag says how can you get stone hearted, Prerna married Bajaj to save my life, you are still staining her, you are my mum, I just want you to respect her, I will forget whatever you told, I will forget our relation, I won’t be able to give you a mum’s right. He says sorry and goes.

Komolika comes to the baby and talks to her. She says listen to my plan now, I will steal you and then tell your mum that you are with me, if she wants you, then she will say she hates him and he should stay with his wife, Sonalika. She says Anurag is mine, I can do anything to get him. She takes the baby. Anurag says I love you Prerna Sharma, since the day I realized what love is, my memories got erased, even then I love you. Prerna says I love you more. He says I love you more. They hug and smile.

Mohini says I want to go home, my son is fine, he got his memory back, Prerna and her daughter are fine. Moloy asks Nivedita to talk to her mom, she is wrong. Veena and family come. Veena says congrats. Moloy says I have become Dada, don’t cry, come. Anurag and Prerna meet the family. Anurag asks where is the baby, we want to meet her. The doctor says the baby has pneumonia, she needs blood, she needs O negative blood, its rare, we can’t take Prerna’s blood, she is weak. Anurag says don’t waste time, I will come to give blood. Doctor says we have to get tests done. Anurag goes. Komolika is leaving with the baby. Nurse asks where are you taking her. Komolika says we are just going for a walk. Nurse takes the baby from her. She says you can’t take the baby when she is in danger, her reports are bad, she needs blood, we have to keep her in incubator. Komolika smiles.


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