Made for each other 28 September 2020: On Made for each other monday update 28 September 2020 Written update, The Episode starts with Veena saying Shivani has told me what you are thinking, I wish you could think something else.

Anurag comes to office and meets Mr. Viraj Bharadwaj. Viraj says I have thought of some options for you, I know your publications is facing major crisis, I guarantee to solve this by my options. He explains his plans. Anurag asks can this happen, great. Prerna comes there. Lady says Anurag said none should disturb him, he is in a meeting with Viraj. Komolika comes. Prerna says baby went on his dad, he will also become a good football player, you can’t go in, Anurag is busy.

Komolika goes and sees Viraj going. She says Viraj is a banker right, he reminded me of Prerna, give me my phone, our phones got swapped, Viraj’s wife died, Viraj and Prerna deserve a good life, just talk to Viraj about her, they both can complete each other, you care for her right, who can be better than Viraj, he would be perfect for Prerna. Anurag says I will just come.


Nivedita looks on. She goes to Komolika. She asks why are you putting efforts for Prerna. Komolika says I want Prerna to get married and get busy in her family, so that she stays away from my husband, Prerna should stay happy, she may marry this banker or someone else. Nivedita says that’s impressive, you are doing nice, you hate Prerna, even then you think good for her, nice. Komolika says I m soft hearted. Nivedita says that’s why we all love you. Komolika says aw, I love you too. Nivedita goes. Komolika says Prerna weds Viraj.

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Prerna drops a glass. Viraj runs to care for her. Anurag looks on. Viraj says I don’t want you to get hurt, else it will hurt the baby, congrats for the baby. She thanks him. They talk. Anurag recalls Komolika’s words. He smiles seeing Prerna. They wave to each other. At home, Anurag thinks of Prerna. He thinks she has struggled a lot, I should understand her problems. He calls her. She answers. He disconnects and says I should have spoken to her. Shivani asks what’s happening. Prerna says maybe he felt awkward and disconnected, I feel he likes me again, I m already in his heart, he will love me again. Everyone is busy in Prerna’s house. Anurag comes there with dhol artists. He gets Shagun. He says I got an alliance for your daughter, aunty its my fate that I want to ask for Prerna’s hand and give a new start to her life. Everyone smiles.

Shivani goes to get Prerna. She says Anurag has come, maybe he is leaving Komolika, he said he wants your hand for marriage. Prerna smiles and thinks of his words. She says he had promised me. She goes to him. He says I have come to fulfill my promise, life is long, it becomes easy when someone is there with you, you trust me right. Prerna cries happily. He says I will take your life’s decision for your betterment, you said you will accept my decision, right, so I have come to ask for your hand, I want you to marry again. Everyone smiles. Anurag asks are you ready for this. Prerna nods. Anurag says I knew it, you won’t refuse, thanks, before it gets too late, Prerna I want you to marry this guy. Prerna and everyone gets shocked.

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