Made for each other 27 October 2020: Made for each other Tuesday 27th October 2020 Written Update, Anurag finding various fake IDs of Viraj. Meanwhile, Prerna knows that Komolika is giving the wrong medicine to Anurag.

Viraj is fuming in anger while he gets a call from Anurag. Anurag asks him to stay away from Prerna and Viraj asks his fake father to keep Anurag in the house.

He also asks the servant to attack Anurag. However, Anurag fights everyone and even gets the servant injured. The fake parents get scared and reveal they are not his real parents.

Viraj tells Komolika about Anurag learning the truth. Komolika asks Viraj to reach his farmhouse and get married to Prerna. Further, she manipulates Prerna and sends her to the farmhouse.

Prerna finds Anupam in front of the house who offers his car. Later, Anurag reaches Sharma house and says Prerna can’t marry Viraj.

Veena wants to know why Anurag is trying to spoil Prerna’s life. Anurag wishes to talk to Prerna once but Veena reveals that Prerna is not at home.

Anurag thinks Veena is lying and decides to search for Prerna. Meanwhile, Viraj is planning to threaten Prerna to marry him and arranges a Pandit as well. Anurag shows the various fake IDs of Viraj to Veena.

Anurag consoling Veena and explaining that he wants to save Prerna. Anurag asks about Prerna and Mahesh says he has dropped Prerna at Basu Badi.

Anurag learns from Anupam that Prerna is going to Viraj’s farmhouse. Meanwhile, Prerna reaches Viraj’s farmhouse and receives a call from Anurag.

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Anurag asks her to not enter the farmhouse but she is trapped by his bodyguards. Viraj also points a gun at her and reveals he knows she loves Anurag.

He further reveals he knew everything from day one. Viraj says he might be someone from her past who wants to take revenge and says he will tell everything once they get married.

Prerna tries to escape while Anurag asks Viraj to leave her. Later, Prerna slaps Viraj for talking ill about Anurag. Anurag reaches the farmhouse and finds a trail of blood.

However, in the end there is just a color bottle to distract him. The guards come and use chloroform to make him unconscious.

Viraj takes Prerna to a cliff to get married while Prerna tries to escape. He then shoots the tire and gets Prerna out of the car. Anurag is brought by Viraj’s goons at the same time.

Prerna gets upset to see him in an unconscious condition and the goons tie a rope around his waist.


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