Made for each other 26th October 2020 Star life Written update

Made for each other 26th October 2020: Made for each other Monday 26th October 2020 Written Update, Ronit takes out his shirt as Shekhar was holding him but he escaped and he failed to see his face. The police come over there and Shekhar says that he wants the person to be caught who was behind his sister’s accident.

They hear some voice and shouts to open the door. The inspector asks the constables to open the door and they find the mechanic lying over there. The goon says that he knows about the person who wants to kill Prerna. Shekhar asks the name but he gets unconscious. Viraj recalls when Sonalika asked him to stop Nitara or else she would not leave him. Viraj says that he is his wife and Sonalika asks her to do as she wants. Viraj breaks the glass in his hand and his hand starts bleeding. Viraj bribes Veena’s care take to mix his medicine in her tea.

Ronit bribes a taxi driver in favor of his shirt. He informs Sonalika that the mechanic is caught by the police. Anurag returns home and Anupam is waiting over there. Anupam questions why he was following Viraj as he saw him from the terries? Anurag says that Viraj is not the one like he looks as he lied to him.

Anupam asks him to break the marriage as he will be happy and Prerna also. Anurag questions why Prerna will be happy? Anupam says that as he told that Viraj is not honest. Anurag calls Shivani and asks her to make him talk with Prerna. Shivani asks him to hold as Prerna Di is coming.

Shekhar question Shivani about Prerna? Prerna comes over there and Shekhar says that the mechanic who failed her car’s brake is caught by the police and soon he will reveal about the actual culprit. Anurag hears everything on the call and calls Moloy that he needs a favor from his commissioner friend.

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Shivani tells about Anurag’s call to Prerna but the call is disconnected. Prerna says that Sonalika was trying to harm her. Anurag reaches the police station and talks with the inspector that he would have received the commissioner’s call. The inspector allows him to meet the mechanic for five minutes.

Prerna asks Shekhar to calm down as Sonalika is trying to harm her because she hates her. Prerna says that she will handle her.

Anurag goes inside the mechanic’s jail and locks the jail from inside. He locks the door from the inside and denies the constable as sometimes doing wrong is also good. Anurag gives five seconds to the mechanic to reveal the name or else he will not leave him. Anurag starts beating him and slaps him to reveal.

The constable goes to call the inspector. Anurag holds the mechanic’s neck to reveal. The mechanic thinks that his wife might have sent her to make him killed. The mechanic says that he likes her and the person is having with Prerna but the inspector opens the jail with the master key and brings Anurag out.

Anurag thinks that the mechanic might be saying that his marriage is about to happen with Prerna.

Veena’s caretaker helps her to sit and Veena thanks her for coming. Veena says that she doesn’t feel well and won’t eat the medicine now. Viraj comes over there and informs everyone that he has to prepone his marriage as he has to leave for Dubai for a project soon.

Sonalika is worried as to what will she do if the mechanic reveals her name. She gets angry seeing Prerna coming inside the Basu Mansion.

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Sonalika says to Mohini and Nivedita that Prerna is pregnant so how can she save Anurag’s life? Sonalika says that they forget that Prerna has feelings for Anurag. Prerna says that she thinks she is upset because Basu’s are not upset with her.

Sonalika says to Mohini that she won’t bear Prerna coming in the house anymore. Sonalika asks Mohini to choose either her or Prerna. Sonalika says that Anurag’s life will always be in danger if Prerna stays around him. Prerna says that she has confusion as Anurag’s life is in danger because of her presence.

Sonalika says to Mohini that she can’t bear now and she has to choose either her or Prerna. Sonalika says that if she chose Prerna, then she will leave the house right now or else they should ask Prerna to leave. Moloy asks Prerna to come with him and Mohini says that she should go with Moloy.

Viraj calls Sonalika and he tells her that he is getting married to Prerna tomorrow. Anurag comes to Viraj’s house and rings the bell. He looks at a parcel on the door and takes it. A servant opens the door and Anurag says that Viraj has sent him to give the envelope to his parents.The servant says that his parents have gone out. Anurag asks the servant for a glass of water and some coffee as his head is paining. Anurag comes to Viraj’s room to check.

Moloy says to Prerna that he oppose her marriage with Viraj. Moloy says that everyone has their own logic but he can’t understand it. Moloy questions why did she agreed for it? Prerna says that she saw improvement in Anurag’s health as he got upset from her marriage news so she thought to make him recall everything like this.

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Sonalika was passing from their room and hears their conversation. Prerna says to Moloy that something has happened as Anurag stopped recalling things. Sonalika recalls when she mixed her medicine in Anurag’s water bottle so he takes it every night.

Anurag checks some files kept in Viraj’s room. He thinks to find some proof to understand Viraj.

The servant comes with the coffee and calls for Anurag. The servant goes upstairs seeing the light turned and Anurag comes out from the washroom making it an excuse. Anurag asks him to keep the coffee. The servant goes from there and Anurag thinks that he has doubts about him.

The servant calls Viraj and informs him that Anurag came to the house and he is searching for something in his room. Viraj questions where are the fake mom’s dad and asks him to make Anurag leave from the house.

Moloy says to Prerna that Anurag told him that he feels problematic after taking the medicines. Moloy goes from there for some time. Prerna gets doubt on Sonalika that she might have changed the medicines.

Viraj’s fake mom-dad returns but the lady are not ready so she goes to get ready. The servant informs his fake dad to go upstairs as Anurag is there. Anurag finds a suitcase from Viraj’s room. Viraj’s fake mom dad calls Anurag and goes upstairs.

Anurag hides in the washroom with the suitcase. He comes out and greets them. Anurag says that he is not well so he wants to use the washroom urgently. Prerna comes to Anurag’s room to find his medicines. Prerna gets the medicines and thinks to check it on the internet. Prerna gets shocked that the medicines are changed.

Anurag opens the tap water and unlocks the suitcase. Anurag finds his identity cards.

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