Made for each other 25th September 2020: On Made for each other friday update 25 September 2020 Written update, Prerna crying and telling Anurag about Shivani. She says I m not a good sister, she had hidden so much pain and I didn’t know about her, even today she wanted me to meet you and tell you…

He asks what. She cries. He asks what did you want to tell, did Shivani tell you someone’s name, related to this matter. Prerna says no, she wanted to see you happy. He says I know, she has always been there with me to support in Navin’s matter, she knew that I will be always there for you. He consoles her and wipes her tears. He hugs her.

Komolika comes home. She is on call. Mishka comes home. Komolika talks to her brother and asks when are you coming. He says I will get late. Mishka hugs her and sits to talk. Komolika says its three years that you went to London to study. Mishka says I like studies, you don’t like. Komolika says I like studying people’s lives, not books. Mishka says I have chosen Anurag as my life partner. She gets praising Anurag. Komolika smiles and says don’t praise him so much that I steal him from you, just kidding. Mishka says you are a mystery for me. Komolika says I love this about me, go and take Anurag, stay happy, I can do this for you. I want to know everything about that boy.

Khwab….plays…. Prerna says I didn’t depend on anyone, don’t know why I just cry when you are around, thanks for entering my life, for supporting me, you have always been there. He says I know what you think about me. She says no. She thinks you said you will understand even if I don’t say. He thinks what was it in her eyes. She thinks of Mishka and says there was some misunderstanding, which got clear, I had seen a dream and started believing it true. He says I don’t understand your words, I will try to understand, maybe you dreamt about marriage and then your dream broke, now you are feeling guilty for misunderstanding me, right, you said we just met to become friends, what does this mean. She says you understand everything. He says relax, stop crying.

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She says my heart broke, how can I stop crying. He asks why did you get a heartbreak, talk to me clearly, relax, okay tell me, who broke your heart. She tries to say. Doctor says Shivani got conscious, I told your family too, we will shift her to ward soon. Mishka says I met him after so long. Komolika asks did he propose you. Mishka says not really, he got surprised seeing me, his mom is a wonderful lady, she knew that I already love him. She tells everything.

Komolika says your relation fixed with Anurag, and he took you to room. Mishka says no, he is not such a guy, he had to talk to me. Komolika asks what did he say. Mishka happily tells whatever happened. Komolika asks who is this Prerna. Mishka says don’t know, Anurag is so humble, he left the party to help Prerna, it was some suicide case. Komolika asks who attempted the suicide, be cautious of Prerna, trust me, its not good for you, something is not right, Anurag didn’t propose you, I don’t want his mom to fix this alliance, I want Anurag to make this relation, you love him and want him in your life, you have to capture him totally. Mishka says I really want Anurag, teach me all your tricks, I love Anurag. Komolika says I will tell you everything, go and sleep now. Mishka asks where is Ronit. Komolika says he will be late, we will meet for breakfast. Mishka says I want sweets, Mishka means sweets, that’s why. She goes. Komolika says Prerna…. Anurag and Prerna meet Shivani. Prerna asks why did you do this. She begs her to tell the truth. Shivani reacts badly. Prerna angrily slaps her and hugs. Shivani says what will mum go through knowing I m pregnant. They get shocked.


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