Made for each other 25 October 2020: Made for each other Sunday 25 October 2020 Written Update, Viraj calling Anurag and asking are you fine. Anurag says I m fine. Viraj says I got to know about the failed car brakes, I m driving since a long time and trying to help you, I m glad you are fine.

Anurag says Prerna is with me, we are at hospital, she is getting stitches. Viraj says I m coming. Anurag calls Shivani and tells everything. Veena is on the way with family. She says we have to make Anurag and Prerna away, if Prerna is fine, then she will get engaged with Viraj in front of Anurag. Anupam and Moloy get ready. They get shocked seeing the news of Anurag’s accident, he is admitted in hospital, his life is out of danger. Moloy asks what, we should go there.

Nivedita and Mohini are on the way. Nivedita calls him and asks for a petrol pump on that route. She says we are going to find Anu. Anupam says he is fine, he is safe, he is at city hospital. Nivedita says we are coming. Viraj hugs Anurag and says I know Prerna doesn’t care for herself when its about you, explain her to think about the coming child, you agree right. Anurag nods. Viraj says I love her a lot. He cries. Anurag thinks he is right, I will take Prerna to engagement venue. Nurse says Prerna got the stitches, she is fine, she is calling you. Anurag says thanks, Viraj you can come, Prerna doesn’t know you are here.

Viraj gets Komolika’s call and answers. She says I m reaching the hospital, don’t tell anything to Anurag and come out. Anurag thinks where is he going, did they shift Prerna to other ward. Viraj meets Komolika. She sees a some guys staring. Viraj sends them. She asks him to call Nitara and ask her to stay there. She threatens him. She says I hate her. He says don’t say anything, she is my wife, I love her. She says ask her not to call me and trouble, she should call you. She leaves. Anurag comes there and just sees her ring. The guys talk and say she is Viraj’s GF, she is more hot than his old GF. Anurag asks are you saying about Viraj. Viraj asks Anurag what are you doing here. Viraj says my mom had come, I had sent her. Anurag thinks. Viraj goes. The media comes. Anurag comes to Prerna. They smile. Viraj comes.

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The reporters tell about Anurag’s accident, he is fine now, he just went in. Viraj asks are you fine Prerna, I was crying. Anurag thinks strange, who tells such things, there is something fishy. Nurse gets the discharge papers. Viraj says I will pay the bills. Prerna says we aren’t engaged. Viraj says she is going to be fiancee. He thinks it will be difficult to convince her for marriage. Mohini, Komolika and family comes. Media questions them. Veena and Shivani ask about Prerna. The lady says they have already left from here. Moloy asks Anupam to call Anurag and ask about Prerna.

Mohini stares at Veena. Anurag takes care of Prerna. Viraj looks on. Anurag says dad and everyone reached the hospital, we came here, they will be coming. Everyone comes home. Veena says I m much upset. Prerna says I know and hugs her. Shekhar asks are you fine, Prerna, Anurag. Anurag sees Mohini crying. Komolika hugs him. He hugs Moloy and goes to hug Mohini. He consoles Mohini. He says I m here because of Prerna, it was her idea. He tells everything. Viraj gets a call and says yes mom, okay, I will ask, wait. He says aunty, mom is asking if we can go for engagement, guests are waiting. Veena says yes, come. Mohini sees Anurag. Prerna and Anurag think of each other’s words. Kasauti….plays…..

Prerna says wait a min, I don’t want to do this engagement, I can’t do this. Veena asks why. Prerna says my hand is hurt, I know Viraj won’t force me to wear ring in other hand. Viraj says I won’t. Prerna thanks him. Komolika gets angry and goes. She calls Ronit and asks where is that mechanic. Ronit asks why, is everything fine. Komolika says Prerna refused to get engaged, her finger is hurt, just kill the mechanic, Shekhar has seen him, police can reach us. Prerna comes. They argue. Prerna says I won’t tolerate if anything happens to Anurag. Komolika says he is just mine. Prerna says you don’t know love, people give life in love, they don’t take lives. Komolik says you would have died if you sat in that car, marry Viraj and get away, baby will get father’s name. Prerna says you can’t see it well, my life is beautiful, you tried to harm me, Anurag was there, you tried to harm Anurag, I was there, we are made for each other, he is mine and I m of him.

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Prerna saying you will go away from our lives. Komolika says you will be marrying Viraj, get ready to go away from Anurag. Prerna asks where were you when I refused to get engaged. She removes the dressing. She says I will show you the engagement ring which Anurag made me wear, I had tied this bandage to pretend in front of Viraj and not wear his ring, it means Anurag is mine and I m of him, none can harm us, it will be good that you start down counting, you will be going away from Basu house in three days, I promise.

Shekhar asks Tushar to drive to the betel vendor, they will try to find that man. Ronit comes to the mechanic’s house with a knife in hand. Mechanic opens the door and points gun. Ronit gets scared and keeps the knife back. He says its me, your friend, will you do this. Mechanic asks him to come in. Viraj asks why do I feel that you want to bid me bye and don’t want me to come back. Anurag says yes, I don’t want. Komolika calls Viraj. He disconnects. Viraj asks what’s the matter, you look upset. Anurag says yes, I m upset, you really love Prerna, right.

Viraj asks are you taking my test. He gets call again. Anurag says answer it, it maybe imp. Viraj says its not imp, I love Prerna a lot. Anurag says you told about your Mami coming. Anurag says I told about my mom. Anurag says you said Mami. Viraj says its just stress, its late, I will go. He gets a call and says its from home, I will talk on the way. He leaves.

Anurag thinks Viraj didn’t correct me, I was right, something is wrong. Ronit and mechanic drink. Mechanic asks did Prerna die. Ronit attacks him. They fight. Mechanic gets the knife from his pocket. Viraj says Anurag is upto something. Komolika calls again. He answers and says something went wrong, Anurg has a doubt on me. She says I m coming to your house to talk to you. He leaves. Anurag follows.

Shekhar asks the man to give mechanic’s address. The man says forgive me, don’t drag me in this matter. Shekhar says my sister is pregnant, her baby’s life was at risk, I want to find out who did this, I promise I won’t involve your name in this matter, give me his address. Mechanic says you think I m a kid and won’t know it, sit here. He picks the gun and throws the knife. He says I know Sonalika can send anyone to kill me. Ronit kicks him and gets the gun. Mechanic tries to run away. Shekhar knocks the door. Ronit thinks if they see me, they will know Sonalika is Komolika, she will kill me. Mechanic thinks I can’t go out. Ronit hides. Shekhar and Tushar enter the house. They see the mess. Shekhar shows someone hiding. Anurag is on the way. He thinks there is something, I can’t sit like this, its related to Prerna and unborn baby also, what is Viraj thinking.

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Viraj says I thought it will be easy so I agreed to marry a pregnant woman, I lied about my wife, Prerna is still with Anurag, even when her mum is forcing her to marry me, I didn’t give a chance to Prerna to step back. He sees Anurag following. Anurag thinks the route is weird, where is Viraj going. He sees Viraj’s car and thinks where is no one, house, or hotel, where did he go. Viraj comes and asks what’s up, were you following me. Anurag says yes, I was following.

Viraj asks can I ask why. Anurag thinks he will be alert. He says maybe this watch is yours. Viraj says no, it maybe yours. Anurag asks why would I ask you. Viraj says you lost your memory and don’t remember it, you have to be careful, maybe you offer your thing and someone keeps it, watch is beautiful, if I had no watch, I would have taken it, its late, you can’t follow me now, I m going other way. Anurag leaves.

Komolika recalls Prerna’s words. Viraj comes home. She says I was waiting, why did you get late. He says Anurag was following me. She asks what. He says he doubts me. She says no, he is just assuring himself, we have to change our plans. Viraj asks what do you mean… She says your marriage will happen in 2 days, Prerna challenged me that she will throw me out of Anurag’s life in 3 days, you will marry her and take her away, meet Veena and tell that you want to marry Prerna. He says okay, but about the mechanic. She says I take care of everyone, even him. Shekhar goes to see Ronit. Ronit hides his face and jumps out of the window. Shekhar asks him to stop. He catches Ronit and asks who are you. He asks Tushar to see his face.


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