made for each other 24 October 2020: Made for each other Saturday 24 October 2020 Written Update, Komolika scolding Ronit. She asks him to find Anurag’s exact location and call her. She leaves in her car. The man asks does your sister slap you for every matter. Ronit slaps him and goes. Anurag gets Prerna’s call. He says thanks for calling. She asks where are you. He says stay at home, I won’t say, I have come far. She says tell me where are you. He says listen to me, please. She says you think we will do as you say, you are very bad, just tell me. He says listen, what’s this sound, where are you, aren’t you at home, didn’t Veena not stop you. She says no, tell me where are you, if you don’t say then you won’t be able to see me ever. He says okay, stop crying, I m saying. He tells the location. They think of each other. She feels the pain.

He asks what happened. She says nothing, I m coming to you. He says I was thinking something and talking to myself. She says talk to me, we already lost a lot. He asks what do you mean. She recalls his words. She says I cheated once in some game in childhood, you said you won’t talk to me. He says sorry, I wish to bring time back and make everything right, if you do cheating today, I will still talk to you, I want to say something, I really like you. She says I know. He says I don’t think we can talk for more. She says there is no one to disturb. He says I feel something for you. She says no, tell me when we meet. He says no, its too late now. She says we will surely meet. They drive. He sees a van and drives away. Prerna shouts Anurag.

Mahesh and Veena tell Shekhar that Prerna has run to save Anurag. Suman says Prerna can do it and save him. Veena asks how will she save Anurag, his car brakes have failed. Shivani says calm down, they are always together, nothing will happen to Anurag, because Prerna is with him. Mohini hears this and goes in shock. She calls Anurag and says its on call waiting, maybe they are lying. Anurag calls Prerna and says there was network issue, I took a u turn to come to you soon. She says I was scared and thought I have lost you. He says strange, that two friends love each other a lot, I m coming, you didn’t answer me, can his happen, is this concern because of our dads’ friendship. She says we have made this relation.

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He says I married Sonalika to save her, its enough, I have to tell her what I feel for you, I have to tell you. She says no, we will talk later. He asks why are you stopping me. She says I can feel what you want to say. She thinks of their moments. Mohini says my Anu, they are saying his car brakes have failed. She cries. Nivedita asks what…. Mohini says he never did anything, I m bad so he is bearing punishment, nothing should happen to him, maybe they are lying, I will go and check. She rushes and collides with Viraj. He asks what happened. She asks did you see Anurag. He says he isn’t here. She says it means they are saying right, his car brakes have failed, Prerna was going to sit in it, why didn’t Prerna sit in it, why did Anurag sit in it. She goes.

He says how did Anurag get into that car. Prerna asks did you reach the cliff, the speed will get less. He says I know. She says I will try to stop your car by my car, it will stop by friction, you can jump down your car. He says I think this idea can work, when did you get interest in science when you liked love stories. She says I still like love stories. Komolika is also on the way. She says why didn’t Prerna sit in that car, Anurag should have not been there, I will kill her today. She calls Ronit and asks where are you, call me back and tell me about Anurag’s location. Veena asks Shekhar where is Prerna. Mohini sees Veena. She says Prerna has cast her bad luck on Anurag. Veena says Prerna has gone to save him. Viraj asks why did she go there. He thinks if anything happens to Anurag, then Sonalika won’t leave anyone.

Prerna saying Shekhar is calling, I will talk to him, I had locked mum at home, you drive to the cliff Anurag, I m coming there. She answers Shekhar’s call. Veena scolds her and says you are pregnant, I care for you and your child, how dare you do this. Prerna says sorry, I would have not locked you if you had let me go. Veena says leave the car and come home. Prerna says you didn’t ask about Anurag. He says you got mad for him, I m your mum and dad now, come home, leave that car, take a taxi and come. Prerna says maybe dad would have understood why I m doing this, I won’t come.

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Shekhar says swear and come home, and listen save Anurag and get him home, save your love, take care. She asks him to take care of Veena. Veena slaps Shekhar and says you don’t know this love will never get fulfilled. Shekhar says no, you are wrong here, I know you have all the right to decide for her life, but I m her brother, I also have a right to think about her, I can feel this, that Prerna and Anurag are made for each other, none can separate them. Veena says don’t be blind. Mahesh says yes, he is right, Viraj is a nice man but Prerna is made for Anurag. Shivani says Prerna loves Anurag. Veena slaps her and beats Mahesh. Shekhar asks what are you doing. Veena cries. They hug her.

Shivani says trust Lord, nothing will happen to them. Shekhar says nothing will happen to Prerna and Anurag, Lord doesn’t do wrong with lovers. Anurag says I will manage it, stay behind. Prerna drives ahead. Anurag sees her. She says I won’t leave you easily, nothing will happen, I promise. He says its risky, so much confidence. She says its trust, tell me, will you be with me. He says yes. Ronit gets Anurag’s location tracked. He calls Komolika and says my friend got the info. The guy says Anurag is going towards the cliff. Komolika says don’t disconnect the phone. She thinks did Anurag get mad, why is he going to the cliff. Prerna asks Anurag to come inside her car fast. Anurag says the seat belt jammed. She says we have less time, try. He says I m trying, the seat belt isn’t opening. She says hurry up, don’t give up, there is a cliff. He tries to cut the seat belt with a key.

He says Prerna, its not happening, you know you are the person with whom I wanted to spend the most of my time, maybe life would be longer, but in next birth. She says don’t talk about death, we will live together. He asks what are you doing. She says I will apply brakes and stop your car. He says don’t do this. She says I need you, you can save yourself by my car, at least live for me please. He says okay, I will live for you. She gets her car in front. His car hits her car. She gets dizzy. He recalls his accident. He asks her to open her eyes. She applies brakes. Her car reaches the cliff end and stops. He cuts the seat belt. He asks her to open her eyes, don’t move.

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Prerna thinks we can never unite. She says its okay. She thinks maybe I don’t live until you get your memory, I want to tell you how much I love you. He says live for me. She says look at me, I have to tell something. He says we will meet and talk, hold on. He gets down his car and goes to her. He gets some ropes from his car. He ties up to her car. Komolika comes there and sees them. She says I have seen Anurag’s car, I will call later Ronit. She thinks Prerna is here, I wish Prerna dies, Komolika you didn’t answer my call, you were talking to her, she was always imp to you, I hate Prerna, Anurag is my love. Anurag gets Prerna out of the car. Anurag sees her wearing his ring. He says I got saved because of you, you risked your life for me. Prerna faints. He says open your eyes.

Komolika thinks die Prerna. Anurag lifts her and takes her. He tries to take help. Komolika thinks Prerna has to die. Anurag takes lift. Komolika calls Viraj and asks why don’t you answer my calls. He asks are you my GF, how can you expect this. She asks how dare you. He says you don’t know me. She says just call Anurag. He asks is he alive. She says yes, of course, he is alive, sad part is Prerna is alive, he was saving her, I m sure she saved him, they wanted to be together, I have seen love for Prerna in his eyes, I want you to get engaged with Prerna. He says I had explained you, let them come home. She says Anurag took her to the hospital, show love and concern towards her, so that Anurag steps back. He says I will do that.

Doctor treats Prerna. He says she will get conscious, don’t worry. He goes. Prerna gets conscious. Anurag holds her. He says you should have not come. Prerna says I don’t like to come to hospitals, but I feel good now. He says you think its funny, I m asking something, you had fainted, I was so scared, you should have not come. Nurse says come, I will take you for stitches. Prerna says don’t get annoyed, what would you do being in my place, you would have done the same. She goes with the nurse. He thinks I would do this, how can two people do so much without any connection.


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