Made for each other 23rd September 2020: On Made for each other wednesday update 23 September 2020 Written update, The Episode starts with Anurag looking for Prerna. Shivani says maybe Prerna has gone to tell her feelings to Anurag.

She gets a call and ask the guy not to call her again, there is nothing between them. She disconnects the call and cries. Prerna does her work. Anurag says I want to know what’s on her mind. Prerna says its fine, its like home, I can do this work. Moloy introduces her to a friend. She goes. Anurag comes to Prerna. Mohini sees them together. Anurag takes Prerna with her. Mishka says when we used to throw parties in London. Anurag used to help the staff, he is sweet. Nivedita says Prerna is our servant. Mohini says no, she is Moloy’s secretary, Anurag calls her his friend. Anurag asks Prerna to come to talk to him.

She asks him to leave her hand. He asks why are you avoiding me. She asks him to move on. He asks what’s wrong with you, you are behaving with me rudely, you have argued with me, I apologize to you for talking to you rudely, what happened to you, what’s this attitude, did you do right to fight with me. She says I don’t want to answer you.

Kasauti…plays… He asks why are you crying, is there something that’s bothering you, tell me, maybe I can help, you are my friend, how can I…. She says enough, stop calling me your friend, this irritates me, I don’t want to be your friend, you want everything as per your convenience, you expect me to forget everything. He says I m really sorry, but you started. She says you stop it now, Navin and I aren’t getting married now, I want to do a job and earn money, why do you keep troubling me, do you want me to thank you all day, do you want a medal that you have helped me once, tell me. He says no…. I don’t want any trophy or a medal, I just helped you. She cries.

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He says I didn’t do that for appreciation, I m your friend, I was doing my duty. She asks what do you want, shall I give myself to you for this. He asks what…Prerna what are you saying, I can’t even imagine this, don’t talk to me if you don’t want, thanks for being so ungrateful. He goes. She thinks what’s happening to me, I love him and I m jealous, I have never been so jealous before, what did I so, I m so sorry Anurag. She thinks of him and cries. Mohini thanks everyone for coming in the party. Nivedita says mom will call us for couple dance, leave the drink. Mohini calls them. She asks Anurag to come. She says I love my kids a lot, my love is much different, I live for their happiness, I always understand them, its a great day today, I have to make an announcement, its about my son Anurag, the girl who loves Anurag madly, even he loves her a lot, I would like Mishka to come here. Mishka goes to them. Mohini says you are perfect match for Anurag, I m glad they are in love and will always be. Everyone claps. Prerna cries. Mohini says I will talk to you later Anurag.

She asks them to dance. Prerna goes away and cries. Komolika asks driver is he driving for the first time. Driver says no, I m driving since five years. She asks him to stop the car. He says this area isn’t safe. She gets into driver’s seat and says I make my own rules, I love speed, you come walking slowly, I m leaving. Anurag and Mishka dance on Hasi bangaye….. Prerna looks on. Anupam comes to Moloy and asks do you feel the same, Anurag looks confused about this relation. Moloy says yes, you are right. Anupam asks why isn’t Anurag saying anything. Moloy says maybe Mohini spoke to him, I have to talk to Mohini, what’s happening. Prerna thinks of Anurag and leaves. She walks on the road. She comes in front of Komolika’s car. Komolika applies brakes and asks what, are you mad. Prerna says I don’t know. She cries. Komolika asks heartbreak, isn’t it? What did he tell you, that he loves you a lot, he can’t live without you or he will never leave you, and he went with someone else, aw, this is what I don’t like about you girls, why do you go close to someone that he gives you pain, he breaks your heart and you cry for him all life, learn from me, instead of falling in love, learn to play with feelings. She says why am I telling you all this, you aren’t my sister, do whatever you want to do, enjoy, happy time, don’t come in front of my car next time, I won’t apply brakes. Prerna goes crying and says Anurag never said it, but I heard it.


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