Made for each other 22nd September 2020: On Made for each other Tuesday  22 September 2020 Written update, The Episode starts with Mishka hugging Anurag. He says its late, what shall I tell now.

She says I have thought a lot, I couldn’t marry that guy because of you. He says this had to happen. Mishka says I couldn’t marry him as I love you, you loved me a lot. Mohini hears them and smiles. Mishka says you have loved me a lot, when I broke up with you, you convinced yourself and pretended to be fine, I have realized that I was so wrong, I only love you. Anurag says listen… Mishka says I know its too fast for you, our old days were beautiful days of our lives, please don’t reject me just because of my one mistake. Nivedita asks Mohini to come. Mohini goes. Moloy asks Prerna to keep her phone on vibrate mode, and attend all the VIP guests personally. He goes. Prerna sees Anurag and Mishka. Anurag sees her and says Prerna….

Khwab dedo….plays… He greets her and says listen, I m sorry to see you rudely in the morning. He says this is my friend Prerna, and this is Mishka, my…Mishka says we are close friends, we were together in London. Prerna recalls Sid’s words. Moloy calls out Prerna. Prerna goes. Mishka says sweet girl. Mohini says Mishka is Anurag’s ex, Sid told us about his breakup, when we visited London, he was shattered and sad, Mishka has realized her mistake that Anurag loves her. Anupam asks what about Prerna. Mohini says there is nothing like that. She goes.

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Anurag says we will talk later, take the call, I m there if you need anything. Mishka says you will never change. Komolika says you came to India and didn’t call me. Mishka says sorry, I m with my ex-boyfriend, my future hubby, Anurag. Komolika says you and I are different, why do you have to be dependent on people, you make the world run after you, you don’t understand, my sister lives in 70s. Mishka says this is the big difference between you and me, you stay with mom and dad here, you don’t even care for them and sent me to London away from everyone. Komolika says it was your decision, I believe that one has to be smart than being a scholar. Mishka says I m in Kolkata now. Komolika says I m also in Kolkata. Mishka says whenever I get free, I will come and meet you. Komolika says I want to know about that guy, who is he. Mishka says Anurag, I will tell you everything when we meet.

Prerna slips. Anurag holds her. They have an eyelock. Pal ek pal….plays… She goes. He goes after her and says listen, I m sorry. Prerna says you act like you don’t understand anything. He asks what did you do. She says I left from home and I felt you…. He asks what happened to you, I m trying to be nice to you, don’t take this otherwise. Prerna says you are the Anurag Basu, you have a status. He asks what are you talking about, status? She says I m wrong, you can’t be wrong. He says you always leave the talks incomplete, what’s wrong with you. She says you have right to do everything, I m not Anurag Basu.

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He says you are right, I m Anurag Basu. He goes. Mohini sees Nivedita and goes after her. She says status matters to me, but family matters too, you married the guy of your choice, I respect you and Anupam too, I don’t want to call you for cake cutting, its your anniversary party, love you. Anupam looks on and says I love you Sasumaa. Mohini asks what. Anupam goes. Mishka says I m from Meerut, my dad is a politician, my mum is from Kolkata, my dad is Siddhant Chobey. Mohini says oh, we have met your sister Komolika, I also know you are in love with my son, I like you, you are the most prettiest girl I have seen for my son, God bless. Mishka thanks her and goes.

Shivani says Prerna didn’t call me, she can tell me if she confessed love to Anurag. Prerna sees the flowers fallen and picks. She keeps her phone. She arranges the flowers. Mohini asks her to attend guests. Prerna says I will go. Mohini sends her. A lady compliments Mohini and asks about Anupam’s business. Mohini says he is an investor. She lies about Anupam. Shivani calls Prerna. Mohini sees the call. The lady questions more. Mohini says sorry, your husband is staring at someone since long, go check it. The lady goes. Shivani calls again. Mohini says Shivani knows Prerna is on work, she is calling continuously. She answers call. Shivani asks Prerna did you tell Anurag that you love him, don’t wait, go and tell him that you love him, don’t take tension. Mohini gets shocked. Shivani says you and Anurag will look good together, go and tell him that you love him, he won’t refuse to you. Mohini gets angry and disconnects the call.

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