Made for each other 21 September 2020 Written update: Made for each other Monday update 21 September 2020, The Episode starts with Anurag apologizing to the decorator and hugging him. He goes to Anupam and says thanks.

Anupam hugs him. Anurag goes. Prerna comes to her balcony and gets thinking of Anurag. Pal ek pal….plays…. He smiles. She says you understand me well, then you would know what I feel for you, why did you argue with me, I started the fight, I hope he soon tells me that he loves me. Shivani asks what are you saying, if you both feel for each other, just turn this something into love, you propose him. Prerna asks are you mad, let him propose, he is a guy. Shivani say you are a modern girl, men and women are equal, you should go there and tell your feelings, just tell me if you love him or not. Prerna smiles. Shivani says tell him before Nivedita and Anupam’s anniversary cake cutting ceremony, I will tell you what to wear today.

Anupam says its our anniversary today, you are still busy, lets go somewhere. He says lets have a child this year, I know it won’t be good for your figure, its good for me. He jokes that she married a handsome hunk. She makes him out of room and asks him to wear something decent for the party. He says fine, I can make this contribution. Prerna says but why didn’t I understand when did this happen. She smiles thinking of Anurag and says I love you. Shivani gets a saree and says wear this and go, Anurag will get mad seeing you. Prerna wears the red saree. She smiles and leaves. Ajeeb dastaan….plays… She runs on the road. Kaka calls her out. She says I m very happy and fine today, I want to have a sweet betel today. He says an innocent looking guy came with you that night. She says yes. He says God is freezing people by getting rains in cold weather. She smiles when it rains. Anurag passes by in car and stops. He takes an umbrella and goes to her. Khoya hua….plays… She says I love this rain and weather. Prerna and Anurag get close. He says you are looking very happy. She says no, I mean yes, I have to talk to you, I was coming to you, I don’t know, I can’t tell you. He says why do I feel you close sometimes. She says I can’t suppress my feelings anymore, I m feeling something when you are around, its my fault. He asks what are you feeling. She says I m in love, its my fault, sorry I never had a clue. He holds her close.

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He asks what’s wrong in it, you are feeling what I want you to feel. She asks what are you saying. He says ask yourself, you will get the answer, anyone who sees me will clearly know that I m in love with you, I love you Prerna Sharma. She smiles and says I love you too. They hug. Dekho na….plays…. kaka calls her out. Her dream breaks. She sees the clear sky and looks around. He asks what happened, were you seeing any dream. She says I was living a dream, it will soon turn true. He says I wish your dream turns true soon. She thanks him. She reaches Basu family. She comes inside and sees guests in the party. She sees Anurag and says by heart, I love you Anurag. A girl hugs Anurag and says I love you Anurag, I missed you. He says Mishka, what a pleasant surprise, I m happy to see you. He says you were going to get married. She says yes, its complicated, I had to handle my feelings for you, I had feelings for you. Prerna looks at them. She goes to hold Anurag. Mishka says finally, I got clear about this. He says its not logical. She says I love you so much Anurag, I missed you. She hugs him. Prerna cries.


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