Made for each other 20th October 2020 Written update

Made for each other 20 October 2020: Made for each other Tuesday 20 October 2020 Written Update, Ronit saying Anurag can catch me any time. Anurag shouts stop. Komolika worries seeing Viraj. She makes an excuse.

Viraj says Anurag went after kidnappers, Veena’s BP dropped, I came to take medicines. She says I will send the medicines. She asks him not to take stress, everything will be fine. He goes. Shivani asks did you do this Komolika, tell the truth. Anurag thinks to stop the tempo. Ronit says Anurag is going ahead to stop me, I can’t take a u turn, else police will catch me. Anurag stops the car. The tempo stops. Komolika thinks I can’t confess this to Shivani, I should act innocent. Shivani says ask your men to leave Prerna. Komolika scolds her.

She says why would I get Prerna kidnapped, knowing she is going away with Viraj, use your brains, I don’t want Anurag to get affected, since it would affect me, maybe Viraj did this to spend time with her, for her love. Shivani asks is your nonsense done, you think Viraj is like you. Komolika shouts on her. Shivani goes. Komolika thinks Anurag will try his best, but he won’t get Prerna. Anurag throws the keys and asks driver why was he racing. Driver asks why did you throw keys. Ronit is in another car. He recalls talking to Jagga and asking him to get his car. Goons shift Prerna to Jagga’s car. Ronit asks goons to keep Anurag engaged in talk, they will take away Prerna. FB ends. Ronit signs his goon. He leaves. Anurag scolds the goon for Prerna’s kidnapping. Goon asks him to check the goods himself. Anurag doesn’t get Prerna and thinks where is she then. The goon asks him to make his car away. Anurag drives off. He comes to police station and reports Prerna’s kidnapping. He shows her pic. Inspector asks do you doubt someone.

Anurag says I can’t say, when we were in the party, Shivani came running and said about Prerna’s kidnapping, I followed the tempo. He tells the number. He says I stopped the tempo and she wasn’t inside. Inspector says the tempo was in front of your eyes. Anurag says I went ahead to overtake it. Inspector says it means they shifted Prerna to other car, don’t worry, we will find out. Anurag thinks I got distracted and couldn’t save her. Ronit says we have to reach before she gets conscious, she will start shouting. Prerna hears him and thinks there won’t be any help if I shout, I have to leave clues on the way. She leaves part of her jewellery on the way.

She hopes Anurag sees it. She thinks I know Anurag will come. Moloy calls commissioner. He says I m in trouble, I need your help, my daughter got kidnapped, Rajesh’s daughter, please help me find her, Anurag has gone to file the FIR. Commissioner says don’t worry, I will appoint a special team. Moloy says thanks. He says he is preparing special team to find Prerna, I will send her pic. Mohini says all the guests left, I think Veena and her family should also go, they ruined our function, what wrong am I saying, goons would have kidnapped Prerna from any place, commissioner will look into the case, now Veena go home with your bad luck. Viraj asks how can you say this about Prerna. Moloy says she is such a thankless lady. Veena says Moloy is right. Nivedita says mum isn’t wrong, you spoil our happiness. Veena taunts. Moloy shouts on Mohini.

He says we don’t know where is Prerna, shameless both of you, think about Anurag, he would be in tension, impossible woman. Mohini and Nivedita get angry. Veena cries for Prerna. Komolika acts sweet and wipes her tears. She thinks I have to act, else they will doubt me, they will try to know who am I. Ronit and goons reach the place. Ronit says I will be back soon. He goes. Prerna thinks where did they get me. She acts sleepy.

Anurag is on the way. He says I have to find Prerna. Prerna asks goons to leave her. Jagga says I will not kill you, the one who paid us will kill you. Prerna says there is a new life within me, you will still hand me over to them, don’t harm my baby. Jagga asks other goons not to hurt her. She says leave me. Anurag comes home. He says I filed FIR, sorry, I lost track of the truck, did anyone get ransom call. Veena says no, I m worried for Prerna, she is pregnant. Anurag says relax, I promise, I will get Prerna and her child safely home, I will find them, I will come back when Prerna is with me. Viraj says I will also come along. Shekhar says we will also come. Komolika thinks it seems Anurag will reach Prerna, what about me.

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