Made for each other 2 October 2020: On Made for each other Friday update 2 October 2020 Written update, Komolika saying Prerna, Viraj actually wants to hold your hand while caring for you. Veena smiles. Moloy looks on.

Komolika asks Prerna to take some rest. She asks do you remember this guest room, you forced me to stay here, you will be out of Anurag’s life. Prerna says he will not be away from me. Komolika says last night, when Anurag and I were sleeping next to each other, he saw a dream, he saw a girl going away from him, I know you were that girl, it means his sub conscious mind is accepting that you are going away from him.

Prerna says I have also seen a similar dream, when I asked pandit ji its meaning, he said when you see such dream, then that person’s heart and soul are connected with mine, Anurag’s heart and soul are connected with mine, he will remember everything, I will get my love, he will break this marriage, your game will end, your dream will never fulfill. Komolika goes and thinks will Prerna and Anurag unite, she is saying truth, if Anurag feels for Prerna then…. no, I can’t let this happen, where is he.

Anurag sees Prerna at the window. She sees the moon and cries. He comes and says I was taking tilak plate, are you happy. She asks are you happy. He says we don’t have right answers now. She says it doesn’t matter, happiness will be there when my husband remembers something. Anurag says I also don’t remember anything, I feel your husband was my friend, you aren’t showing his pic. She says so you got a new groom for me. He says no, new family. She says family is made, not brought this way. He says I always lose to you in talks. She says I win and lose. He asks what did you lose. Chahat ke safar me….plays…. He asks her to tie the black thread. Sindoor goes in her maang. She recalls Anurag. He says this mangalsutra….

She says I will wear this until marriage happens. He says I love the way you are committed, you love someone so much. Musafir mai hoon….plays…..She holds his hand. They have an eyelock. He leaves. Komolika thinks did Prerna call him. She asks him to get ready, she will give puja plate to pandit. She sends the plate by the servant. She says I have to stop Anurag some how. She pours some oil on the shirt and says Anurag can’t go in tilak now, I have to confirm that his memory isn’t coming back. Mohini and Veena argue. Mohini says my son knows winning hearts.

Veena says yes, that’s why Prerna loves him madly. Mohini asks will you do Mahesh’s marriage with any pregnant lady, thank Lord that this marriage is happening. Veena says I m happy to do tilak to Viraj, I will not spoil my heart. She stumbles. Viraj picks her slipper and says I m your son in law, but also son, I will get your blessing, wear the slipper. Veena and Shivani smile. Shivani thinks to tell Prerna. Komolika thinks Anurag will not doubt me if I enter in the room later. Anurag sees the shirt. She comes and asks what happened. He asks what will I wear now in tilak rasam. She says everyone is there from Prerna’s family. He says I can’t leave Prerna alone. She asks him to see the chunri, how is it. He recalls. She thinks did I do any mistake by showing this, will his memory come back.



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