Made for each other 1 november 2020: Made for each other Sunday update 1 November 2020, Kaushik saying Anurag didn’t give me time to get ready. Anurag says you always complain. Kaushik says I will complain to Diya about you. He calls out Diya. Anurag says she is sleeping, relax.

Mohini says okay, can I say something, your mum is coming. Nivedita asks when is Rakhi coming. Mohini says today, Anurag get her from the airport to the pandal directly, the arrangements are done. Anurag sees Komolika smiling and says of course, she wants to show how capable she is, what’s her place in the house, we are getting late. He leaves. Komolika asks what happiness he gets by fighting. Mohini says he expresses love this way, relax.

Anurag sees a couple marrying in temple and recalls Prerna. Prerna is in the flight. He thinks I can never give sindoor rights to Komolika. She thinks I m coming to complete our incomplete story. He thinks our story is still incomplete. Anurag says its better to be early than late. Kaushik goes. He thinks I don’t understand him, why does he find reasons to stay away from home, no one tells us. Kuki asks did we reach Kolkata. Prerna thinks I want to see Anurag and confront him, so that I give him what he deserves, punishment, my revenge. Kaushik says we have time to go ad eat something. Anurag asks him to go. Kaushik flirts with an air hostess. She smiles and says I will meet you in staff room in 15 mins. He plays the mouth organ. Kuki says I will just come. Prerna thinks this city has given me dreams and the people here changed the dreams into worst memories, this city cheated me.

Anurag and Prerna feel each other. Tere jaane ka….plays…. She passes by. He turns to see. Kaushik comes to him. Anurag says hold on. Kaushik goes. Anurag goes to check outside. He doesn’t see Prerna. Kuki looks for Prerna. The air hostess asks Kuki did she like the airport. Kuki says I lost my bags. The lady asks her to come with her. Anurag welcomes Rakhi and hugs her. She asks how is my son, does he trouble you. Anurag says he troubles sometimes, but I handle it, he doesn’t value time, he is learning, he is my fav. She says this is not my bag. He asks are you serious, you didn’t check. He gets shocked seeing Prerna written on the tag. He says Prerna. Rakhi says sorry, maybe its there. He asks whose bag is it, its fine, I will go and check. Kaushik hugs Kuki and says I love you. She says leave me, I know guys like you. They argue. Prerna checks the bag tag. The lady says your bag is there, Prerna is there, your bag got exchanged with her. Anurag sees Prerna and goes to see her face.

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He gets a call and says yes, Komolika say. Prerna hears his voice and gets angry. She recalls his cheat. Anurag says of course. Komolika says you are getting Rakhi to pandal. She argues with him. She thinks I don’t understand when he praises me and when he traps me in words. Anurag looks at Prerna. Kuki returns the coat to the lady. The lady says there is a good news, he has your luggage. Kuki goes to Anurag and says this is our bag. He says sorry, this is my bag. He tries to see Prerna’s face. Prerna thinks you won’t be able to face me, like I wasn’t ready to face your cheat 8 years ago. Kuki asks Prerna to come, they got the bag. Anurag goes. Kaushik hugs Rakhi. Anurag gets the bag and thinks I felt Prerna is here, around me, no…. how can she be here, she has gone away.

Komolika asking for Mohini. She talks to Tapur. She sees Mohini with Nivedita. She asks did you sisters not patch up. Tapur says no. Komolika says your thoughts don’t match some times. Tapur says not some times, but always. Mohini talks to the guests. They praise Komolika. Komolika smiles. She sees Veena and goes to her. She greets a lady. Suman and Veena look at her. The lady asks why did you keep such classless stall here. Komolika insults Veena. She thinks I m Basu’s Bahu, I m Mrs. Komolika Anurag Basu, I wish Prerna’s soul gets peace. The man says I have checked Kuki’s certificates, Mr. Bajaj had paid a big donation, Kuki is a bright student and would get the admission on her merits.

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Prerna sees a procession going. Kuki asks will you need her for formalities. He says no, just submit the form. Kuki asks Prerna to go for darshan and come. Prerna asks her not to make any mistake and just go. Anurag gets Rakhi to the pandal. Rakhi hugs everyone and says Nisha will come tomorrow. Rakhi says I will have darshan first and then have prasad. Komolika holds Anurag’s hand. He says its okay, no need to do drama. Komolika says we are husband and wife, we can hold hands. He says yes, we know what we are, we aren’t husband and wife. She says we are, we have a daughter. He says I know Diya, how can I forget, I love her, that was the big mistake of my life when I got much drunk…. She says and we united. He says that was my mistake, come.

He goes to pray. Prerna comes in the pandal. Anurag feels her. He cries and recalls her. He thinks Prerna didn’t kill Viraj intentionally, she did that to save me. He cries. Komolika thinks I was helpless to do that with Viraj for th sake of Anurag, its eight years, it feels like it happened yesterday, when I reached the cliff…. FB shows Komolika getting a phone. She sees the video recording. She thinks I should see what happened here, this time Prerna will get trapped in murder case, she can’t prove that she killed Viraj in self defense, since fight is happening between Anurag and Viraj. She says thanks Viraj, you helped me a lot. FB ends. Komolika thinks fate was on my side, I wanted Prerna to get away, Anurag’s memory came back, I tried to get his sympathy as Sonalika, but Prerna challenged me, I called Anurag at farmhouse and he had come.

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FB shows Anurag coming to meet Sonalika at the farmhouse. He says I can explain, I know why you called me to talk, I was worried, I was with Prerna. She asks really. He says I know I could have spoken to you, you would have understood it, sorry Sonalika, I just love Prerna, I love her, I just want her, in fact, I know this will hurt you, but we got married when I had filled sindoor in Prerna’s maang. She asks why did you think that none can love you more than Prerna, why. He says its not the matter, who loves me more, matter is, what I want, I love Prerna, sorry, but I just love her. She cries.

He says our love is unconditional, I can do anything for her love. She asks can you go to any limit, right. He says yes, try me. She says then you can kill Prerna to save her. He shouts Sonalika. She says don’t shout, I thought you will love me, I did a lot to get your love, answer me.

He says look, I m sorry, I know you can’t understand me now, I came to tell you something else, we will talk later, I m leaving. She says love, love, love, you understand love, no, if you understood, then you would have understood that none could have loved you more than Komolika, why did she die, when you gave a hand to save her. He recalls Komolika. She says she chose to die, why, because she couldn’t see you with any other girl, she had loved you a lot, what did she want, your love, which you never gave her, she died and then defeated death and came back as Sonalika, I m Komolika. He gets shocked. She gets the papers and throws at him. She says this has my life’s moments captured. He checks the medical history. She says it has everything about my surgeries.


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