Made for each other 18th September 2020 star life: oN Made for each other Friday 18 September 2020 Written update, The Episode starts with Rajesh asking Prerna to work hard, work is worship.

Veena feeds her curd and asks her to go now. Rajesh says you didn’t talk to Mohini well, she is Moloy’s wife, remember this. Prerna says I didn’t say anything wrong. He says you call her Kaki maa, you just be careful when you talk to her. Prerna says fine, I will get late because of your advice now. She goes. They wish her all the best. She thinks if Shivani is saying true, does Anurag love me. Kyu haadsa…..plays…..She comes to Basu house and greets Moloy. She sees Anurag upstairs and smiles. She recalls their moments. Sid comes and goes to greet Anurag.

Sid says Prerna has come. Anurag turns to see her. Meri bechaniyon ko….plays… Anurag smiles. He says I have to study now. He goes. Moloy asks Prerna to get a file from his room. She goes. Anurag and Sid study. Anurag answers the questions. Sid asks what were you thinking all night, was it about Prerna, Navin’s chapter is closed, you can express feelings to her. Prerna comes there and hears them. Sid says you don’t need to stop yourself now. Anurag says nothing has changed. Sid says you are in love. Anurag says never, I m not in love with her, enough now, she is just my friend, like you are my friend, anyways Prerna is not my type, she is stupid type. Sid says you mean you want someone smart and sharp. Anurag says no, she isn’t sensible, she is so moody, she believes in love stories, I m practical, she is always late, I m always punctual, we are different, I respect her, she is my friend. Sid sees her and greets. She goes.

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Anurag says its her job’s first day, I will wish her and come. Sid says he left me to wish her and he says he doesn’t love her. He smiles. Prerna gets the file and thinks of Anurag’s words. He comes there and says congrats. She says you mean I shouldn’t get this job, I m not sensible, don’t lie. He says I was just kidding, don’t take it in wrong sense, but you are moody. She says you call me close friend, you were talking like this about me. He asks what’s your problem, you always keep topic incomplete. She says why are you wasting my time. He says I m talking to you sweetly, you are upset that I broke your marriage with Navin. She says seriously, leave it if you don’t know why I m upset. They argue. She goes. He says she is so ungrateful, I did a lot for her, why is she talking to me like this.

Moloy takes the file and asks Prerna to go home, come in the evening and manage the anniversary party arrangements. She sees Anurag and thinks I should have not spoken to Anurag like this, I should say sorry. Anurag turns away. Moloy says I will drop you on the way, come. She leaves. Anurag thinks she has no guilt or regret. Sid looks on and comes to Anurag. Sid teases him. Anurag asks him to just go, else their friendship will end. Sid goes. Shivani comes and sees Prerna tearing papers. Prerna says nothing is good here. Shivani says you came back early. Prerna says I have to go in anniversary party early. Shivani asks how was your experience working with Anurag or Moloy. Prerna says thank God Moloy is my boss, not Anurag.

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Shivani asks why did you fight with him. Prerna says he has fought with me, he is a complete jerk, he said this to Sid, he thinks I m not sensible, I m not his type, what’s his type, that Chandrika or Simona. Shivani smiles and says sit, this happens, sometimes our feelings get so strong that we don’t know why is this happening, sometimes we get scared of denial, we lie to ourselves about our feelings, do you understand what he feels for you, I have seen him, he risked his life to save you from Navin, what will you call this, isn’t this love, until you express, how would he know your feelings. Prerna asks what shall I do, shall I tell him that I love him. Shivani smiles and says you are saying this for the second time, you are caught, finally it has happened, you accepted this. She hugs Prerna. They smile.

Anurag calls Prerna. He says I can’t make you away from my mind, thanks for spoiling my mood. He ends call and says why did she talk to me so rudely, I was normal and didn’t tell her anything. Prerna says he sounded upset but I liked what he said. Shivani asks what did he say. Prerna says he said he is thinking about me, I don’t care whether he is happily thinking or in anger. Shivani says you got mad in love. They laugh and hug. Mohini comes and hugs Anurag. He asks what happened. She says nothing, I will scold the decorator, explain him, he didn’t finish the work. He says I will talk to him, don’t worry. She says I love you Anurag. He says love you too. She goes. He goes to talk to the man and asks how much time will this take. The man says it won’t get late. Anurag scolds the man. Anupam asks the man to go and do his work. He takes Anurag with him and asks what happened, how did you get impatient, did you fight with Prerna. Anurag looks at him.


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