Made for each other 17 September 2020: oN Made for each other thursday 17th September 2020 Written update, The Episode starts with Prerna saying you stay fine to take care of me.

Anurag smiles and says come home tomorrow, there is a surprise for you. She asks what. He says its a surprise, we will talk later, sleep now. They see the moon. She says what surprise is he planning. Its morning, Prerna comes home. Servant asks her to sit, Anurag is in kitchen. Komolika looks on and thinks what’s happening. Anurag comes. He says I told you about the surprise, I mean its for your baby. Prerna asks what is it. He shows the laddoo. She says don’t tell me, you made these laddoos. He says so smart you are, yes, I have made it by my hands for your child. Komolika thinks Anurag is getting attracted to her because of the baby. Prerna tries the laddoo and says its my life’s tastiest laddoo. He says then you should have another one. Komolika drops a cup. They don’t see anyone. He says how did this happen.

Prerna says maybe, someone kept it on railing. He goes to call the servant. Prerna turns to see. She goes and sees Komolika in her room. She says I know you were jealous and trying to disturb us. Komolika says very soon, this love will disappear. Prerna says no, love is a beautiful feeling, Anurag is doing things for his child, he has instant connection. Komolika says I will break it soon. Prerna says you are wrong to think this, you aren’t tired of it, be ready to see us together. Komolika argues. Prerna leaves. Shivani says Komolika is completely losing it. Prerna says no, she said she will take Anurag far from me, I want to know what will she do. Shivani asks her to drink milk and sleep.

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Komolika thanks Mohini. Mohini says thank you, we are going to the farmhouse just because of you, Anurag is also coming. Prerna comes. Komolika says what are you thinking, Anurag had built a farmhouse on the land which he bought some time back, its near the temple where you got married to him, there was a cottage, if I m not wrong, you had spent time with him and got this love sign, we are going there. Prerna worries. Moloy asks are you okay. Prerna says yes, I m fine. She goes to Anurag. She doesn’t see him. Komolika comes and says you don’t know my next move, your plan is to use this baby against me, I did a lot to get rid of you, I couldn’t do it, I will go close to Anurag, I can’t conceive his child, then his love and concern will be for me and my child, I don’t love kids, but if I give him a child, he will be mine forever. Prerna asks will you use a baby to get him. Komolika says yes, when he knows he is going to become a father, he will go mad happily, I challenge you, when he knows about our child, he will forget your child. Prerna says its Anurag’s child. Prerna says I know you married him and bear his child, but will the world agree, you married Mr. Bajaj, everyone will think the child is of that old man Bajaj.

Prerna slaps her. Komolika says for the first time, I don’t get angry on getting this slap, I can see your fear, you are scared, I was also scared when you got saved, now I have the way, I will give a child to Anurag, what happened, you lost all the hope to get him, I don’t care, you will regret why you didn’t let me kill your child, why didn’t the child get father’s name, you like to challenge, I m going to have a suhaagraat with my husband, stop it if you can, I will give the good news to everyone that Basu heir is coming. Anurag comes and asks Prerna when did you come. He leaves with Komolika. Moloy says I will sit in Anupam’s car. Nivedita says its good for me and mum. Komolika thinks poor Prerna will be here thinking what to do. Prerna thinks what to do, she knows I can’t take risk and taking advantage of it.
Komolika counts. Prerna gets hurt and runs to Anurag. Komolika sits in the car. She thinks I can see fear clearly in Prerna’s eyes.

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