Made for each other 1 October 2020: On Made for each other thursday update 1 October 2020 Written update, Prerna saying I couldn’t forget my husband. Viraj says Anurag was right, two incomplete people will complete themselves, I couldn’t forget my wife, I understand, I promise we will love the baby a lot, Anurag will also love the baby, he is much attached to the baby.

She says I wanted to say about Anurag. Maid comes and asks for Veena’s inhaler, she isn’t fine. Prerna and Viraj rush. Veena takes the inhaler. She says I m fine. Viraj says I will call my friend, he is a good doctor, he will come for check up. Veena says thanks Anurag for getting for Viraj. Anurag asks Prerna are you going to love me now for bringing a good guy for you. Komolika says ask them as well. Viraj’s mum asks him if he likes Prerna. He says yes. Veena says Prerna is shy. She asks Prerna to say. Prerna says yes. Everyone smiles.

Komolika congrats Prerna. She hugs Prerna and says your chapter is over, finally, good bye. Viraj’s mum says I will call pandit and get good mahurat for functions. Veena says sure. Viraj and others leave. Mohini says I wish they don’t reject Prerna, her engagement should happen before Moloy comes, Prerna is pregnant, she may get rejected. Nivedita says don’t worry. Anurag and Komolika come home. He says Viraj and Prerna’s marriage is fixed. Mohini says I m so happy. She hugs him. She says we shall keep the rasam, invite Sharma for the tilak rasam, since you have joined this rasam.

Shivani comes to Prerna and asks did you talk to Viraj. Prerna says I couldn’t. Shivani goes. Komolika comes and says I came to tell you about your tilak rasam tomorrow. She taunts Prerna. Prerna says tilak won’t happen. Komolika says it will happen. Shivani comes to call Prerna. She says Anurag has come to meet you. Prerna says I knew he will come, he is my husband, she will realize his mistake. Komolika says you are mistaken, Anurag came to inform you about tilak, he was parking the car, I came to share my happiness with you.

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Anurag says I hope you aren’t upset with me. Veena says no way. Prerna comes. Veena says Anurag did tilak preparations. Prerna says it seems like I have troubled him a lot and he wants to make me away. Veena asks what are you saying. She asks Shekhar and Suman if this is true. They say no. She stops Shivani. Ajurag says you have become a hitler, I want to become a part of this, I would like to keep this function in basu mansion. Komolika says Prerna, I got this saree for you, Mohini has sent it, wear it tomorrow. She says we shall leave now, and Prerna you sleep well, think about the future.

Prerna thinks of Anurag leaving her hand. She wakes up. Shivani asks what did you dream. Anurag dreams the same thing, Prerna going away. He shouts don’t go and wakes up. Komolika asks are you okay. He says I have seen her. She asks who. Prerna says Anurag is leaving me. He says I thought I m losing someone dear. Komolika thinks maybe he has seen Prerna. She asks him to have water and sleep. She thinks his conscious mind will also realize this soon, I will get good sleep. Its morning, Komolika says I also want to help my husband in this good work. Anurag smiles and asks Mohini where is Moloy. Mohini asks Nivedita to call Moloy and ask. Anurag says I should be happy for Prerna, why this strange feeling. Nivedita says dad will come on time, I just spoke to him. She goes and signs Mohini. Moloy comes home.

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He hugs Anurag. He asks what’s this function. Anurag asks are you joking, where is Anupam. Nivedita says sorry, I booked wrong ticket for Anupam, he will come soon. She asks Anurag to come with her. Anurag asks Moloy to do all rasam of a father since Rajesh isn’t alive, you know Viraj, the banker, Prerna and Viraj are marrying, its their tilak today. He goes. Moloy thinks there is no confusion, they kept Anupam away, he would have informed me. He goes to Mohini and says you know what’s Prerna for me. She says I m not involved, Anurag took Viraj’s alliance, Rajesh’s family is happy, they agreed, I m not a villain, it will be good if you accept this. Anurag asks Komolika to handle this, he will go and change. He sees Viraj and his parents. He welcomes them. Prerna and her family comes. Prerna stumbles on stairs. Anurag forwards hand. Viraj holds her.


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