Love will never lie Update tuesday 5 may 2020 Joy prime: On Love will never lie 5 may 2020, Mauli come home and watch Kunal leaving with his luggage. Dida was speaking on phone that no one will blame him, one must not leave home; there are misunderstandings in everyone house.

tuesday update On Love will never lie 5 may 2020: Mamma confirmed on phone about a flight to London, and cries that Kunal must have left for London. The flight will take off in two hours. Mauli hurries to airport and takes information about flights going to London. One desk says the flight is about to take off within ten minutes. She requests a guard but wasn’t allowed into the flight. She sits on a bench nearby recalling every good memory with Kunal. She looks ahead to find Dida and Mamma there in the airport. Mauli cries placing her head in Dida’s lap that Kunal left them forever. Mamma asks her to come home. Mauli wasn’t ready to accept there is any home without Kunal. Mamma insists on her to go home. Mauli says she had to tell so much to Kunal, about the baby as well. Dida says Kunal must be at home, she can tell him now. Mamma says Kunal didn’t go anywhere, it was a lie. He took the suitcase having some clothes for charity. Mauli asks why they lied to her? Dida says they wanted her to understand the importance of Kunal in her life. Mauli questions if they made her suffer so much only for this? Mamma qualifies it was timely, Mauli loves Kunal dearly then why she doesn’t stop him. Mauli agrees she loves Kunal but the question is, if Kunal loves her as well? If he also feels himself incomplete without her? Dida urges Mauli to question Kunal about it. Mamma says not all days are same, may be Kunal is also hiding something from her?
Kunal says he is alive without her, but its like forgetting the way back home. Its like breathing but incomplete. He wonders if he holds the right, but wish to say that he still loves her. He thoroughly feels her absence and wants another chance. Can she forgive him for one last time? Can they begin a new life? Kunal taped all this.
Mauli was confused how she must tell Kunal about the baby without knowing Kunal’s wish. She doesn’t want her child become a source to bring Kunal back. Dida says this child is an angel, who came to untie the knot between her and Kunal.
Kunal removes the tape from the camera, writes “Sorry, Please watch this” and was about to place the tape in an envelope. He hears Pramilla cry outside after having burnt her hand. Kunal leaves the tape on the bed, and takes Pramilla to hospital.
Mauli returns home with Mamma and Dida and walks to Kunal’s room. No one was in the room. She finds the tape and camera lying on the bed and plays it in the camera. She cries emotionally and smiles watching the tape; considering it a message for herself. She thinks Kunal is also upset and wants to return to her life. She cries in excitement now, removes the tape and place it back on the bed.
Nandini watch the video as well.
Mauli gets ready as Kunal in the video said, if she accepted his apology she must come to meet hi on a bridge in his favorite red saree. She was draped in the red saree with sindoor and jewellry. She was happy that Kunal wish to return to her.
There, Nandini stood with Kunal’s favorite saree.
Mauli hugs a cushion on her bed and was happy that Kunal is returning. She missed him dearly. She was thankful to God.

In a perfect date setting, Kunal was waiting for Nandini and was sure she will come. Mauli comes to hug him from behind with a wide smile. Kunal’s smile vanishes as he watch Mauli instead of Nandini.
At home, Nandini sat with the red saree recalling Mauli’s demand for Kunal. She thinks she can’t break her promise from Mauli. Kunal must return to Mauli, she is sorry about it.
Mauli says she has come, how she couldn’t be here after that beautiful recording. His words worked magic, her ego, her anger and everything vanished. After all he apologized for his mistake. Kunal looks away from Mauli. Mauli says she is ready to give them and their relation another chance. They won’t fail this time, leaving no chance for any mistake. They must turn their marriage as perfect as it was in its initial days. Kunal has even begun with such a beautiful place. She cries and hugs Kunal assuring she needs nothing but him. Kunal regrets all this. Mauli vows to continue making their lives happy. Kunal says Mauli! Mauli says they can learn from their mistakes. Kunal says that video wasn’t for her, but for Nandini. He left that tape on the bed mistakenly. He is so sorry to hurt her again. He isn’t sure if she would ever be able to forgive him or Nandini, but they never meant to hurt her. Nandini was the one to prepare for all the arrangements of her birthday and loves her dearly. The moments he spent with Mauli were beautiful but Mauli was only a step in his life, not the goal. Mauli grabs the cloth on the flower ridden table. The lantern fell over and burns the cloth. She takes control of herself and runs away barefooted, almost losing her balance on the way.
Nandini packs her clothes thinking about Kunal’s video while holding the red saree. She holds Kunal’s photo and thinks she got enough love from Kunal that she can spend her life alone. If she continue to stay here, Kunal won’t stop but visiting her. She won’t be able to fulfil her promise to Mauli then.
Mauli reaches Nandini’s apartments. Nandini had left by the elevator while Mauli climbed the stairs. She rings the bell but no one answers. She calls Nandini from outside and cries there at the doorway. She throws the name plate she gifted to Nandini and leaves the apartment door.
Mauli asks the apartment guard about Nanidni, the resident of 902. The guard replies he didn’t see her. Nandini stood on the road to hire an auto, she thinks she fulfilled the promise of a friend. She wish Mauli remembers her in her good books. A van stops by Nandini and pulls her inside forcefully, clutching her mouth.



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