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NOTE: the same series with different titles is shown on 2 channels here in Africa. And one channel which is Glow tv is far ahead of The other channel which is Joy Prime. Due to the pictures we used in posting u guys might get confused. Please this update is for those watching Love will never lie on JOY PRIME.

Love will never lie 18 January 2021 update: Kunal asks Mauli to thank Pari. Pari was hopeful to meet Mauli tomorrow again and asks what soup she will cook tomorrow. Pari hugs Mauli. She hugs her back and tells her to have her medicines and take rest. Kunal apologizes Mauli as Pari doesn’t realize what she wants. Mauli says it’s her mistake, she shouldn’t have come here. She lied to Mishti, and is leaving with a false hope for Pari as well. Mishti never wants her to… Kunal says it’s alright, he can never thank her enough for taking care of Pari. They must keep distant for the sake of their kids. They decide they shouldn’t meet again.
Mamma insists on Mishti to have dinner. Mishti sat upset. Mauli opens the door. Mishti runs to her. Mauli smiles and rubs her hand over Mishti’s head. Mishti questions where she
had been. Mauli says Mamma is coming from clinic, but Mishti demanded an answer from Mauli. Mauli says she went to a patient for home visit. Mishti asks whose house? Mauli was irritated and replies she went to meet Pari. She apologizes Mishti as Mishti doesn’t want her to meet Pari; but Pari was severely ill and had high fever. She says if Mishti gets angry with her, her mama will get really upset. She tries to convince Mishti that there is everyone at home for Mishti, but Pari fell all alone. She holds her ears to Mishti who hugs Mauli with a smile. She says she isn’t angry with Mauli because she didn’t lie, but she should no more go to meet Pari again. Mauli holds Mishti’s hand in promise and kiss her daughter’s cheek.
There, Kunal tries to feed Pari who disliked the food and turned her face away. She pours the food on her dress. Pari tells Kunal that Aasha doesn’t know how to cook at all, Mauli aunty’s soup was tasty and she knew how to feed it as well. She tells Kunal she will eat with Mauli aunty will come tomorrow, and they will also play Ludo. Kunal was angry and tells Pari to call Mauli here, he can leave the house; if Mauli was so important for her. Pari requests Kunal not to be angry, and not to leave; I love you and can’t live without you. She holds her ears and promises she won’t discuss about Mauli aunty anymore. Kunal takes Pari’s promise. Pari says Kunal is most important for her. Kunal hugs his daughter thinking even she is also important for her buddy. He thinks apologetically that Mauli won’t be able to take care of her.
Mauli sat with Mishti then lay with her to sleep. She recalls her close moment with Kunal as soon as she shuts her eyes, then jerks the thoughts off her mind. She recalls Kunal’s complements for Ishaan and their vow to keep a distance amongst themselves for the sake of their kids.
Mauli comes to Kunal’s house looking for Pari and gets into the room. Kunal was changing his shirt. Mauli turns around but Kunal holds her hand from behind. He says I really missed you, Mauli; holding her face in his hands. She replies, Me too… but hug each other. They were close together expressing their love for each other. Mauli murmurs ‘No Janan’ as Kunal moves closer to kiss her. It was morning, Ishaan rubbed hair of smiling Mauli and asks if she called him as Jaanan. Mauli sits up at once. Ishaan asks what he was doing to her in her dream that she called him Jaana. Mauli was nervous and says Mishti might wake up. Mishti jumps into Ishaan’s lap and asks why he came so early? Ishaan says soon he will be living with them, so Mishti must get used to it.
Mauli was in the kitchen, nervously working around. She wonders why he still affects her, this isn’t right. She got a cut on her finger and thinks she can’t let this happen. Mamma notices Mauli’s irritation. She gets a call from hospital that there was an earth quake in Gujrat, and Mauli needs to leave. Ishaan says Mauli must urgently leave and go for packing, he goes to book her air tickets. In the room, everything lay messed up. Dida comes to Mauli’s room and asks if she wants to turn her face away from here. She can recognize her worry from the time she returned from Kunal’s house. Dida says it seems Mauli hasn’t been able to forget Kunal. Mauli denies her claim. Dida says it’s good if Mauli claims so. Mauli turns to packing again, Dida prays for Mauli as she is lying to herself.
Pari stood in front of the temple corner in her house with Nandini’s photo. She says she will not discuss about Mauli anymore as per her wish to Buddy. She prays to God for fulfilment of her wishes that Mauli becomes her mama.
On the medical camp site, there was chaos everywhere around. Mauli stops by a woman on the stretcher in labor. She comes to the lady and tries to calm her down. She calls for the medical staff while assisting the lady. After the baby was born, Mauli sends the staff to make arrangements for shifting the child to tents. Mauli was tensed at once and calls for help from some child specialist. Someone taps at her back, both were shocked to see each other.

Kunal hurries with the child. Mauli consoles the lady. Kunal returns with the baby and says their child is out of danger, handing him to the father. Kunal forwards his hand to shake Mauli’s, as they have finally saved the child. Mauli doesn’t hold back his hand and instead leaves with her suitcase. Kunal follows Mauli and asks if everything is fine. Mauli reminds Kunal that they decided they won’t anymore speak to each other. Kunal says this earthquake came at such a time, and there are less doctors and more patients. Mauli wasn’t in a mood to talk and instead walks on.
Ishaan was busy with a client when a call interrupts. It was his mother scolding him for always being busy. Ishaan says he is really busy with preparations of wedding. His mother says he didn’t take their
consent and didn’t listen to any of them at all. Ishaan says he missed them a lot, and wish he and Papa had come to his engagement. A lady taps at his shoulder and says here she is. Ishaan tightly hugs his mother, cheerful of the surprise. She was excited to meet his daughter in law, though his Papa isn’t happy with his decision; she anyway took the flight to come to him. Ishaan orders two coffees and sits with his mother. His mother asks to meet Mauli first and was impatient. Ishaan tells his mother that Mauli isn’t in Mumbai right now.
Mauli carries her bag through the crowd and slips, her belongings falling off her hands. Kunal comes to help her and says his tent is just besides hers. Mauli was angry at him and asks why he even came here? Kunal reminds Mauli this is a relief camp and they are doctors, by why Mauli behaves so oddly. Mauli grabs her belongings and tells him to go away, she can manage her own work.
Ishaan’s mother was upset that Mauli isn’t in Mumbai anymore. Ishaan says Mauli is a doctor, and there was an earth quake in Gujrat. He convinced her to go and save lives, though she didn’t want to go. Ishaan’s mama observes that Mauli holds her work important than marriage. Ishaan says they can meet Mauli’s family and Mishti if not Mauli.
Mamma calls Kunal and asks about Pari. Kunal tells Mamma he came to Gujrat for relief camp. Mamma asks if the same camp as Mauli went. There, Mauli tells Ishaan on phone that Kunal is also here. Ishaan tells her not to be hyper at all, she and Kunal are both doctors. Kunal shares with Mamma that Mauli’s behavior is really strange. Dida was suspicious as she stood behind Radhika. Ishaan was with his mother in the car and after the call he asks his mother why Mauli is so hyper because of Kunal. His mother was clueless who Kunal is? Ishaan says Kunal is Mauli’s ex-husband and both are at the relief camp. He says they are both professionals, doctors; he assures his mother that their job is the only commonality between them right now.
Dida was unhappy that Mauli is being forced on a way Mauli doesn’t want to go on.
At night, a man was shouting at Mauli that his wife is allergic to this pain killer. Kunal comes to handle that the allergy through this medicine is really mild, it might vanish by morning. Dr. Mauli is a competent doctor and he must trust her. After the matter was resolved, Mauli tells Kunal she can handle her problems and doesn’t need his assistance.
In the tent, Kunal wonders what happened to Mauli that she behaves weird since morning. All of a sudden, he hears Mauli’s screams for help. He goes to her tent, Mauli was terrified and tightly hugs Kunal who stood hands up and still.


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