Love will never lie Friday update 9th October 2020 Joy prime: Nandini was worried watching her purse in Raaj’s hand and asks how his key can be in her bag. Raaj wasn’t ready to leave her bag. She at once find the keys behind the cushions and takes a breathe of relief.

Mauli came home with her maid and hurried her home to begin the work. A neighbor Sweety stops Mauli and asks if she and Kunal went to Goa together. Mauli says it was a medical conference. Sweety asks why they didn’t return together, and relate their case to a television drama where the wife was a busy business woman so the husband finds his interest in another woman. Dida comes to take Sweety’s interest to her own husband who was busy with a vegetable vendor lady for past ten minutes. Sweety hurries downstairs.
Kunal comes there questioning why Mauli entertains Sweety.
Mauli says it’s alright, they are their neighbors. Kunal says Mauli’s mother would soon be here and would scold her if her household isn’t perfect and the food isn’t set on table. Mauli sets to work saying everything would be ready.
Nandini was happy to find out that she is pregnant and heads to tell Raaj about the news. She decides to tell Raaj when he is in a good mood, she is sure he will agree to it.
Kunal was swinging Dida on wheel chair. She sends him to get wine for her. Mauli and
Mamma were waiting for her mother, Mauli looks from the window and says they are here.
She opens the door for her parents. Dida asks for Mayank, her Mama says she is downstairs for parking. Papa asks Kunal why he appear slim. Kunal says he has been dieting to eat the lunch well today. Mama asks Kunal about the job, Mauli doesn’t let Kunal tell them about his job and says he is opening his own clinic. Mama was happy to hear and asks Mauli what she has thought then. Kunal says Mauli is a great doctor, every hospital is behind her these days. Mauli silently warns Kunal if Mama knows about his job loss she would ruin the lunch, Kunal asks if she thinks Mama won’t find anything else to do that.
Mayank comes upstairs and cheerfully greets Kunal. Kunal gifts his shades to Mayank. Mayank asks which film they watched on Saturday. Kunal says she has taken a new job on Saturday, so no films on Saturdays now. Mama complains that a woman must look after her household first.
Mauli was in her room when Mama comes there. She asks if Mauli doesn’t listen to her about a child. Mauli asks why Maa doesn’t understand she can’t do it, once they need to set Kunal’s clinic then they will plan. Maa calls her selfish and asks Mauli to question her own self if it’s because Mauli wants to make a career for herself. She complains that Mauli hasn’t done anything for her brother as well. Papa comes there and says Mauli has taken loan for him twice as well. Maa says her son is trying to set up business; they sacrificed everything to get Mauli an expensive medical studies but she proved herself to be selfish. She leaves the room while Mauli cries.
In the hall, Kunal finds Mauli upset. Mauli lies that she is fine. Kunal says Mauli can lie to herself but not him. Mauli changes the topic and takes Dida for food. Kunal brings the guitar to sing for his wife. They all dance together. Kunal and Mauli eat from the same plate. Mauli breaks into tears which Kunal wipes.
At night, Kunal asks Mauli if she knows when he is hurt the most? She takes the chocolate box from his hand and says when she stops him from eating sweet and lay with him. He says it’s when he sees tears in her eyes. Mauli asks if he is angry with her Saturday’s job. He asks if she is happy. She says more than just happy. He says he is also happy then. He goes to get green tea for them. Mauli throws a chocolate for him as a treat.
Raaj comes to the room where Nandini had prepared wine for him. He was happy and calls her sensible by mistake. Nandini sense that his mood seems to be good right now. Raaj calls her closer and tries to be intimate with her which she doesn’t like and pushes him back. Raaj pushes her out of the room.
Kunal was looking for car’s insurance papers. Mauli gives him the keys of the drawer to check in wardrobe. The photo of Mauli and Nandini fell on the floor. Mauli had left to check for Dida’s BP. Kunal was shocked as he recognizes Anamika as Nandini (Mrs Rajdeep Thakur). He thinks Mauli would feel so bad that her friend is in trouble. He must share this with Mauli as soon as possible.
Mauli was instructing the maid list about grocery. Kunal comes out of the room and looked upset. He shows Mauli the photo of Mauli and Nandini. Mauli snatches the photo off Kunal’s hand stuffing it into the handbag and leaves the apartment. She says she requested him to let it be a secret, but he count contain his curiosity in front of her privacy. She wasn’t ready to listen. Kunal follows her in the car. Mauli insists he shouldn’t have seen the photo, but still now he doesn’t know anything about it so let it be and move on. She doesn’t need a clarification. Kunal says he wants to say she isn’t a stranger for him. Mauli asks if knows her? Kunal tells Mauli it’s the same girl he saved on Goa highway.
Nandini brings green tea for Raaj. He asks what happened. She tells
him she is pregnant. He straightens up. Nandini requests him to keep the baby, she will take care of her figure. Raaj asks why she didn’t even bring the sweet with her. Nandini was happy if she can keep the child? Raaj says she surely can, she is the mother. Raaj calls Mr. Ahuja to get the divorce papers ready. Nandini apologizes Raaj at once as she has no one other than him. He says she may go with her child to beg on streets. She soon realizes it was only a day dream. Raaj asks her to hurry up and bring the tea on. He was already irritated and tells her to speak up if she has to say anything.
Mauli was now upset and tells Kunal she knew Rajdeep was not the right person and would ruin Nandini’s life. She was tensed. Kunal asks if she knows Rajdeep. Mauli says she knows him very well, she recalls the day Nandini introduced her to Rajdeep at his house. He had sent Nandini to bring the tea while he tried to get close to Mauli. He had felt uncomfortable with him with the man while he tried to flirt with her. And even held her by her belly. Mauli slapped him on his face, calling him cheap. Kunal asks why she didn’t stop Nandini and let Nandini marry such a cheap man. Mauli explains she tried her best to stop Nandini and told her about Rajdeep’s reality. Rajdeep blamed that Mauli was jealous of Nandini’s happiness and was jealous of all the money, her status and freedom she will have after marriage with him. He swear to his mother. Mauli convinced Nandini that he had been lying but Nandini was torn between Rajdeep’s convincing expressions of love. She withdrew her hand from Mauli’s grip and didn’t move from her place. Mauli left while Rajdeep hugged Nandini.
There, Nandini had been thinking the same. She wish she hadn’t lost Mauli. She wish Mauli was here in her life and could tell her how to bring this new life into the world, how to handle Rajdeep and her marriage. She has ruined everything.
Mauli tells Kunal she is worried about Nandini. A person like Rajdeep must surely have ruined Nandini’s life. Kunal says he even threw Rajdeep’s card in a dustbin as well. He tries to take the contact from the hotel but they weren’t ready to share. Mauli gets a call from hospital and has to rush. She hugs Kunal and cries requesting him to make her meet Nandini. Kunal was worried. He promises to bring Nandini back into her life soon. She was relieved and leaves for work.
Nandini came to the hospital to meet a gynec. Mauli came to the hospital from behind. The receptionist tells her to sit and fill the form, Dr. Malhotra is busy in delivery right now. Nandini looks towards the corridor where Mauli stood towards a family congratulating them on the birth of a son. The receptionist now sent Nandini to Mauli’s cabin. Nandini opens the office door.
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