Lost In Love Starlife Full Story, And Casts

Lost In Love Starlife
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Lost In Love Starlife Full Story: is a story about Sai Joshi, a fearless girl who hopes to become doctor. She is married to the son of an IPS official, Virat Chavan, pretending to be in the middle of a deal. Virat must make a difficult choice between duty and love and is forced to be married to Sayi under certain conditions. The show depicts the love triangle of Virat, Pakhi, and Sayi.

Lost In Love Starlife Full Story

Lost In Love Starlife Full Story

Lost In Love Starlife Full Story/Plot Summary:

Sai Joshi, a young and open-minded girl from Gadchiroli hopes to become a doctor . She hopes to pursue MBBS in Nagpur Medical College. Nagpur Medical College. At Nagpur, Virat Chavan becomes an IPS officer, and is assigned to Gadchiroli.

Sai lives with the father of her child Inspector Kamal Joshi in Gadchiroli and her life revolves around Kamal Joshi. The son of a local politician along with his goon Jagtap is in an unidirectional love affair with Sai and threatens her. Jagtap will attempt to murder Kamal in order to get married to Sai. After passing the 12th examination at Maharashtra State, Sai asks her dad to retire and move to Nagpur.

Virat has joined his position in Gadchiroli. Virat’s car sprays mud on Sai which causes Sai dislike his. Additionally, Virat asks Kamal to delay the date of his VRS at the venue. Kamal agrees to his superior officer Virat orders, which make Sai furious. Virat and Pakhi become obsessed with one another, but Chavan family chooses Pakhi as the bride of Samrat. Pakhi will remain with Virat is engaged with Samrat and Virat vows to Pakhi to not offer her place to another girl. Pakhi declares her love to Virat and Samrat hears and then leaves to work, hurt.

Lost In Love Starlife

Lost In Love Starlife

Kamal Joshi shoots the bullet to help save Virat From Jagtap shoot, and Sai notices the bullet. As he passes away, Kamal asks Virat to take care of Sai. Sai is devastated by her father’s death and tries to commit suicide when she is in a state of emotional turmoil. After the funeral of Kamal’s father, the people in the village press Virat to wed the widowed Sai. Sai requests Virat to turn down the offer and to remind him of Pakhi. Virat proposes a marriage deal and, without hesitation, Sai gets agree for the proposal. After the wedding, Virat keeps reminding Sai to not be expecting any husband to show love or support since he has already promised to Pakhi. Sai is also clear that She is leaving the marriage after she is done with MBBS. Pakhi is devastated upon seeing the Virat-Sai’s marriage, but Virat ensures her by divulging details about the wedding. Chavan family is not willing to allow the marriage of Virat and Sai as Sai is not of the upper class, and is not from Shahannau Kule Maratha and Pakhi. Chavan family insults Sai by naming Junglee and slams Kamal the death of Kamal and denigrating his family however Sai offers a pious response to the family.

Virat is accused of being a liar by Vithal Mane, and is removed from his work. Virat is blamed by Sai for this. In addition, Virat blames Sai to steal Sai’s love Pakhi and claims that he has destroyed his life. Sai goes to the police department to save Virat job.

Sai discovers that Devyani and Pulkit have a prior relationship, and decides to investigate the matter. Sai is able to do so to find out the truth when Pulkit invites her to lunch. Virat is able to stop Sai physically and demands that she shut the main door of the house and then not let it open until he locks Sai inside the room. However, Sai refuses to surrender and heads in search of Pulkit. In addition, Virat stops Sai to get food and promises to take advantage of his cash when Sai comes home. Sai was able to leave however Ashwini helps Virat realize his mistake, and Virat apologizes to Sai and is able to stop her.

Sai exposes the actions of the Chavans of making Devyani mentally sick Separation of Devyani and Pulkit, as well as putting the newly born Harinee in an orphanage. Sai is planning to reunite Devyani as well as Pulkit by having them married. Pakhi creates a fake letter in order to end Sai and Virat accepts Pakhi. Pulkit is kidnapped from the hands of Chavan the family’s goon. Then, Pulkit and Devyani were getting married , but were blocked from getting married by Bhavani, Ninad, Omkar and Virat. Sai and Pulkit provide proof of Pulkit’s innocence, but Virat isn’t convinced and disappears. Sai receives Puklit along with Devyani . Virat takes Sai out of the house at midnight. He also stop Ashwini from feeding Sai. Pakhi as well Virat call Sai as a gold-digger and mentally challenged. Sai organizes for evidence and brings the evidence in front of Virat. After that, Sai goes back to Gadchiroli. Virat is unable to do anything to rectify his family’s treason and is willing to forgive the family. Virat apologizes to Sai and demands Sai to come back, but she says no. Virat embarks on a mission and is wounded. A distraught Sai is rushed to the hospital, and takes great treatment of Virat. They reconcile and Sai returns to her home.



On the day of Harinee’s birthday Sai reconciles Devyani and Harinee’s love story and sends Chavan family members to embrace Harinee. While they are at it, Pakhi confess her feelings once more, and Sai observes. Sai is able to ask them both to be clear before their family. However, Virat claims Sai’s questions aren’t expensive and need an answer. Pakhi calls Sai Nurse and asks her to collect money and leave the home. Chavan family supports Virat as well as Pakhi and ridicule Sai further. However, Sai gives befitting reply to the two.

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Sai gives sarees to Pakhi’s mother for her anniversary following Virat consent. Pakhi along with Chavan family members humiliate Sai and demand Sai for an apology to Pakhi. Sai is suffering from an emotional breakdown because of constant harassment and bullying. She is in agreement with them being a difficult and incompetent to be a part of the Chavan family.

The childhood dream of Ninad is fulfilled when Sai surprised him with Harmonium the item Sai purchased with her scholarship funds. Ninaad was speechless and gave the blessing to Sai. Pakhi is able to lure Ajinkya to visit sick Sai in her bedroom. Chavan family is aware of Pakhi’s actions but keeps quiet. Virat becomes angry and hurts Ajinkya physically and then questions Sai’s motives. Sai gets hurt and runs out , but is struck by a car. Virat apologized to Sai by crying in front of Kamal photo, and she sincerely forgives him.

Virat has plans to go to Mahabaleshwar to commemorate his marriage anniversary. But he lied in front of Sai as well as the Chavan family members that this trip is a formal one. Pakhi feels sad for Virat and rubs his stuff to touch him in his bedroom. Pakhi fakely cries about Samrat and blames Sai to be able to relax with Virat for her poor moment. Chavan family is supportive of Pakhi. Virat tells a fake romance story for Sai however, a Yoga instructor interrupts them and talks about the love story of Virat and Pakhi. Sai is agitated because she believes Virat had been telling Pakhi as well as his story of love may not be complete because of her. There is a dispute over the anniversary celebrations, and Sai goes away. Virat is annoyed by Sai’s behavior and decides to take revenge.

Sai encounters Samrat at the hospital and helps an injured child. They belongs to the NGO of Samrat. Sai is able to convince Samrat to come home and Samrat is able to agree. Samrat confesses that Pakhi has never been interested in marrying her and request an annulment from Pakhi. Sai takes treatment of unwell Virat but he continues insult Sai. The next day Pakhi assists Virat put on his shirt in his bedroom and request him to meet at a cafe on his own. Pakhi confesses his love to Virat again and request for his divorce Sai. Sai goes to a cafe with her group of friends, and is shocked when she sees Virat and Pakhi in a relationship and having a good time. Virat commands Sai not to discuss the cafe at home . However, Shivani listens to Sai’s conversation in her bedroom, and the cafe’s truth emerges. Virat says that he with Samrat to Lord Ram as well as Lakshman and says Pakhi as a very innocent and apathetic person who was with him at a cafe to discuss Samrat however the reality was quite the opposite. Samrat believes in Virat claims and has dropped divorce process.

Pakhi has plans to perform an Puja at home in order to create Virat jealous. Sai refuses to be part of the drama and wishes to go to college, however Virat insists on locking Sai inside the room. Sai decides to leave the house because of the overpowering and rude behavior of Virat toward her. Devyani observes Sai packing her things and then informs Virat. Pakhi advises Devyani to stay away from the room, but Devyani demands her to stay out. Virat is angry with Devyani and requests her to be nice to Pakhi in a manner that is appropriate. Sai departs the house, and gets involved in an accident while rescuing the child from falling into a pits on the road. Sai’s friend transports her to hospital. Devyani reveals her belief about Virat-Sai security and Ashwini requests Sai to go home to ensure Virat security. A tearful Sai accepts Ashwini’s request to return to her home.

Ashwini divides Sai and Virat’s rooms to allow them space. Sai and Virat are able to give their relationship a new beginning with this time as friends.Sai gets caught up in Virat’s love and is tempted to confess. While, Pakhi enjoy being in Virat’s arms and wants to stay with him for the night in his bedroom. Sai will try to reveal her feelings about diwali, but Virat goes off to work.

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Virat as well as Naxalite Shruti fled from the into the jungle after they fired a bullet at his best friends Naxalite Sada(Sadanand). Virat introduced Shruti in the role of his wife at the hotel in order to shield his wife from the police. Mohit was able to catch the two . The police notify Virat that Sada’s body is missing, but Virat refuses to acknowledge it and continues to work in a state of oblivion to cover up his treasonous act to protect Naxalite Shruti. Mohit discloses to his family members that Virat was in a room with Shruti in the hotel room with Ms and Mr Chavan. Sai is shocked to learn the news and demands to clarify the situation. Virat does not listen to Sai and firmly warns his family members not to say any word about his Shruti. Sai insists on Virat to disclose the truth, but Virat is happy to be Shruti’s husband , and spend his entire time with Shruti exclusively. Sai takes part in Pulkit to assist at the hospital. Sai is shocked to discover Virat along with Shruti as husband and wife. In addition, Virat signs Sahas birth certificate as a father before Sai and Sai feels devastated. Chavan family witnesses Virat loving Shruti and also see Sahas as the son of Virat on the birth certificate. They refuse to accept him. Virat and Shruti start living together as spouses in a separate home.

Police departments are suspended Virat to have two wives. Sai to protect Virat reputation and job, request divorce and file backdated divorce papers to police departments. Police give a clean chit Virat because of Sai’s documents and requests him to join back-duty. Shruti confesses her love to Virat and embrace him, however both were snatched by Sada who fled by claiming to be dead. Shruti feels agitated seeing Sada alive and fights him to defend Virat. Sada becomes angry. Sada kidnaps Sai and demands Shruti to be returned. Virat is injured by a landmine explosion while saving Sai and the police arrest Naxalite Shruti along with Sada for their criminal acts.

Sai feels guilt for having Virat in her deathbed because of her kidnapping by Sada. Chavan family blames Sai for their shady behavior with Virat and tying Shruti with Virat wife. Sai is open to any false accusation in her guilt. Sai is a devotee of Lord Shiva in a temple for Virat’s health. Doctor advises getting an injection in order to revive Virat. Sai organizes the injection following numerous hurdles, and is able to save Virat life. Virat escapes danger because of Sai effort and eventually regains consciousness. Virat blames Sai for his situation and requests Sai to leave the hospital. A tearful Sai continues to apologize to Virat.

Virat has requested the police departments release Naxalite Shruti free of all charges. Chavan family apologizes in front of Shruti but remain in the blame game of Sai for Virat’s treasonous action. Virat shows his displeasure towards Shruti for putting her in jail , and is blaming Sai for their predicament. Shruti kisses Virat and confesses her love to him again. Virat promises Shruti to do her duties as a father. An angry Sai is trying apology to Virat in a variety of ways, but Virat continues to be rude.

Virat comes back in Chavan Niwas as Chavan family is happy to be rid of Sai. Sai apologizes to Virat returning to Chavan Niwas in Holi. Chavan family members support Pakhi as she suggests to put Sai to the Holi fire to rid of her. Bhawani when she refuses Sai the right to enter her home and also refuses the food supply to Sai. Sai takes on all the insults to heal their relationship Virat. However, Virat continues to be rude with Sai. When it comes to Holi, Sai manages to bring Virat to the Holi event.

On the next morning, Sai reads a letter from Rajeev who was Shivani’s ex-fiancee. Sai decides to visit him with Shivani’s consent. Rajeev speaks to Sai about how he feels guilty for leaving Shivani and informs Sai that he loves only Shivani however Virat notices him and places him in jail and accuses of mental abuse against Shivani. Virat cautions Sai not to go to Rajeev once more after the couple parted ways with Shivani on the day of her wedding after which Shivani broke her hand. Shivani finds out that Sai was with Rajeev and she confronted him. Sai says that Rajeev felt guilty for having left you and wanted to make amends. They both visited Rajeev’s prison. Shivani apologizes to Rajeev and begins fresh. Sai is able to convince Virat to have Rajeev and Shivani wed, but she refuses to marry them.

The day of Ram Navami, Virat organizes an event near the temple and invites everyone in the family to attend. The entire family witnesses Rajeev and Shivani and then takes Shivani away, but the entire temple was caught on the flames and Rajeev is able to save Shivani by taking a risk and becoming unconscious. After witnessing Rajeev’s affection for Shivani the whole family organizes Rajeev as well as Shivani’s wedding. Sai completes her final exam and Virat cuts off all ties to her. In Rajeev the night of Shivani’s sangeet Rajeev has a heart attack, but Sai helps him and then takes his to the medical facility. Sai advises Virat to apologize to his family. She puts the blame on herself for doubting her and claims that the family’s not to blame. She is crying over her mistake and asks him not to leave his family. In the following evening, Virat apologizes to his parents.

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On the next morning, Sai goes missing and Virat is determined to find her in every place, but without success. Virat regrets not having revealed his feelings to Sai. Then, Sai and Virat confess their love for each other before the whole family and guests. Everyone is thrilled with the couple, except for Pakhi, Bhavani, Sonali and Omkar. Then they announce that both Rajeev-Shivani and Virat Sai will get married on the same day and the same time. Bhavani interrupts Sai and Virat during the pheras ceremony and gives two choices to Sai. Or, go to a different house and become doctor, or give up the desire to become a physician and be the daughter-in-law of the house. Virat picked the second choice for Sai and the two got married.


Brief Information and Details on Lost in Love Starlife.

  • Genre: Drama
  • First Episode: 16th April 2022
  • Total number of episodes:474
  • Total numbers of the season: One
  •  Channel: StarLife Africa
  • Network: Star Plus Tv
  • Original nameGhum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin
  • Tele Country: Indian
  • Last Episode: Nil
  • Time Slot: Monday -Sunday 7 pm (CAT)

Lost In Love Starlife Cast, Real names and pictures


  • Ayesha Singh ===>> Sai Joshi Chavan: An MBBS student; Alka and Kamal’s daughter; Virat’s wife
    Ayesha Singh as Sai Joshi

    Ayesha Singh as Sai Joshi

  • Neil Bhatt as ACP Virat “Shiva/Veeru” Sai Chavan: Ashwini and Ninad’s son; Sai’s husband
    Neil Bhatt as ACP Virat

    Neil Bhatt as ACP Virat

  • Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt ===>> Patralekha “Pakhi” Mohitepatil Salunkhe: Vaishali and Shailesh’s daughter; Samrat’s wife


  • Yogendra Vikram Singh ===>> Samrat “Jeeva” Salunkhe: Mansi and Ashok’s son; Patralekha’s husband
  • Kishori Shahane  ===>> Bhavani Chavan: Matriarch of the Chavan family; Nagesh’s widow; Devyani’s mother; Harinee’s grandmother
  • Shailesh Datar  ===>> Ret. Col. Ninad Chavan: Mansi, Nagesh, Omkaar and Shivani’s brother; Ashwini’s husband; Virat’s father
  • Bharti Patil ===>> Ashwini Chavan: Ninad’s wife; Virat’s mother
  • Mridul Kumar ===>> Omkar “Omi” Chavan: Mansi, Nagesh, Ninad and Shivani’s brother; Sonali’s husband; Mohit’s father
  • Sheetal Maulik  ===>> Sonali Chavan: Omkaar’s wife; Mohit’s mother
  • Mitali Nag  ===>> Devyani “Devi” Chavan Deshpande: Bhavani and Nagesh’s daughter; Samrat, Virat and Mohit’s cousin; Pulkit’s wife; Harinee’s mother
  • Yash Pandit  ===>> Dr. Pulkit Deshpande: Devyani’s husband; Harinee’s father; Sai’s professor
  • Yamini Malhotra / Tanvi Thakkar  ===>> Shivani Chavan: Mansi, Nagesh, Ninad and Omkaar’s sister; Amey’s former girlfriend; Rajiv’s wife (2020–2021) /
  • Sachin Shroff  ===>> Rajeev: Shivani’s husband (2022 – present)
  • Sonia Singh  ===>> Anuradha, Rajiv’s younger sister
  • Adish Vaidya / Vihan Verma ===>> Mohit Chavan: Sonali and Omkaar’s son; Devyani, Samrat and Virat’s cousin; Karishma’s husband (2020–2021) /
  • Sneha Bhawsar ===>> Karishma Chavan: Mohit’s wife
  • Dimple Shaw Chauhan / Roopa Divetia ===>> Mansi Chavan Salunkhe: Nagesh, Ninad, Omkaar and Shivani’s sister; Ashok’s widow; Samrat’s mother
  • Hirva Trivedi ===>> Harinee Deshpande: Devyani and Pulkit’s daughter; Madhuri’s foster daughter
  • Sanjay Narvekar as Inspector Kamal Joshi: Alka’s widower; Sai’s father; Usha’s foster brother
  • Vishavpreet Kaur ===>> Vaishali Mohitepatil: Shailesh’s wife; Patralekha’s mother
  • Atul Mahajan ===>> Shailesh Mohitepatil: Vaishali’s husband; Patralekha’s father
  • Jitendra Bohara ===>> Sunny: Virat and Samrat’s best friend
  • Suraj Sonik ===>> Aniket More: Sai’s best friend
  • Tejasvi Khatal ===>> Madhuri Patil: Pulkit’s foster sister; Harinee’s foster mother
  • Anjana Nathan ===>> Usha: Sai’s caretaker; Kamal’s foster sister
  • Nivaan Sen / Vineet Kumar Chaudhary ===>> Sadanand Pawle: A Naxalite; Virat’s best friend; Shruti’s husband; Saahas’ father /
  • Shafaq Naaz  ===>> Shruti Pawle: A Naxalite; Sada’s wife; Saahas’ mother
  • Siddharth Bodke ===>> Jagtap Mane: A local goon obsessed with Sai; Kamal’s murderer
  • Ganesh Yadav ===>> Vitthal Damodar Mane: Jagtap’s father, a local politician and goon at Gadchiroli
  • Jitendra Trehan as DIG Sanjeev K. Salaskar of Nagpur: Virat’s senior officer
  • Jia Sheth ===>> Pari: Sai’s best friend (2020-2021)
  • Bhagya Bhanushali ===>> Balakram: Sai’s best friend
  • Somesh Sharma ===>> Ajinkya Mhatre: Sai’s college friend
  • Riddhi Gupta ===>> Sandhya: Sai’s college friend
  • Shalini Singh ===>> Neha: Patralekha’s best friend
  • Deepali Pansare  ===>> Barkha Rani Wagh: A celebrity Lavani dancer from Sai’s village Gadchiroli
  • Kushagre Dua ===>> Amey Gupte: Sarita’s husband; Shivani’s former boyfriend
  • Minoli Nandwana ===>> Sarita Gupte: Amey’s wife
  • Pankaj Vishnu ===>> Inspector Pawar
  • Rakesh Rajwant ===>> Officer Gopal Shinde
  • Aditya Bansal ===>> Milind: Sai’s college friend
  • Ami Joshi ===>> Aishwarya: Sai’s college friend
  • Keshav Ashwani ===>> Sai’s college friend
  • Yash Abbad ===>> Sai’s college friend
  • Gajendra Chauhan  ===>> Dean of Nagpur City Medical College
  • Dolly Minhas  ===>> Dr. Anjali: Sai’s psychiatrist
  • Sunila Karambelkar ===>> Swapna: Ashwini’s elder sister
  • Abhineet Kaushik ===>> Bhau: a goon
  • Deepak Soni ===>> Inspector Sachin Kadam

Guest appearance

  • Vaishnavi Prajapati ===>> Payal “Chikoo” Joshi

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