Lord of the Skies Season 5 Teasers August 2019

Please note that: Season 4 ends on Friday, 2 August 2019 and Season 5 premieres on Monday, 5 August 2019.

Coming is up in is the  Lord of the Skies Season 5 August Teasers:

  • Monday 5 August 2019

Officially a dead man as far as the authorities are concerned, Aurelio re-emerges when he learns that Victor is planning an attack on the President.

  • Tuesday 6 August 2019 

Victor is enraged when Aurelio causes his plans to go awry. Emiliana confesses to her nanny that she loves Aurelio and intends to marry him.

  • Wednesday 7 August 2019 

Victor makes another attempt on the President’s life. Monica recovers from her cardiac arrest and begins to speak. Aurelio introduces Ismael to Alma.

  • Thursday 8 August 2019 

Sebastian is held by the DEA. Evelyn gets into a fight with Felina. Aurelio and Emiliana argue. Salazar intends to use Sebastian to find Aurelio.

  • Friday 9 August 2019 

Alma confronts Emiliana and asks her if she really understands what she is getting into with Aurelio. Felina makes her attempt to escape.


  • Monday 12 August 2019 

Emiliana finally admits to Aurelio that she helped Felina to escape. Salazar follows Sebastián to the airport, still determined to locate Aurelio.

  • Tuesday 13 August 2019 

Aurelio takes steps to deal with Victor and enlists the help of Dalvio. Esperanza ends up in bed with Salazar. Victor prepares for war.

  • Wednesday 14 August 2019 

In Mexico City, Monica schemes to stop Victor from finding her. The Russians begin taking their revenge. Aurelio makes a discovery at Emilia’s ranch.

  • Thursday 15 August 2019 

Emiliana meets with a lawyer to get Felina out of jail. Aurelio pursues Emiliana to Colombia. Victor learns that Monica has woken up from her coma.

  • Friday 16 August 2019 

Rutila and Alba meet with Victor. Ismael is worried about Tata’s use of social media. Aurelio learns that Emiliana has visited Felina.


  • Monday 19 August 2019 

Monica and Javier come to an agreement. Rivero comes up with a plan to get Evelyn out of jail. Meanwhile, Omar goes to Cancún.

  • Tuesday 20 August 2019 

Pina tries to find out where Esperanza is, and discovers that she was involved in drug trafficking. Meanwhile, Aurelio asks Javier not to help Monica.

  • Wednesday 21 August 2019 

Emiliana asks the lawyer to bribe someone to get Felina out of jail. Salazar calls Rivero and asks for his help in cornering Aurelio.

  • Thursday 22 August 2019 

Dalvio confronts Aurelio. Esperanza arrives at the safe house. Pina and Juan Carlos arrive in Mexico to investigate what happened with their daughter.

  • Friday 23 August 2019 

Omar flees after witnessing Polaca’s death. The police tell Jaime not to leave the country. Aurelio goes to Rutila’s house to ask for financial help.


  • Monday 26 August 2019 

Rodrigo questions Rutila on the shooting, while Paloma confronts Omar over what happened in Cancún. Emiliana learns of Felina’s escape.

  • Tuesday 27 August 2019 

After reaching an agreement with Arelis, Juan Carlos invites her for a drink. Victor moves to Mazatlan to recruit young people into his business.

  • Wednesday 28 August 2019 

Emiliana begs Aurelio for her life. Rutila assures Castillo that she has no involvement with drug trafficking. Esperanza invites Zoe to dinner.

  • Thursday 29 August 2019

Victor and Aurelio are unable to reach an agreement. Sebastian asks Rutila to marry him. Aurelio prepares his men for an attack on Victor.

  • Friday 30 August 2019 

A shootout takes place, and Aurelio mistakenly believes he has killed Victor. Meanwhile, Sebastian informs Salazar that Rutila spoke with Monica.


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