List Of Upcoming 2020 Zee world Story Series & Shows On Dstv, Gotv

The African/Indian’s popular entertainment channel, Zee World, has just announced their 2020/2021 new programme lineup on its channel, available on DStv channel 166 and GOtv channel 25. The revealed upcoming programs include the return of popular shows like Gangaa Season 2 and Married Again Season 2as well as the launch of new exciting series such as Lady Luck and Amma Starting up in November this year.

  1. Zee World exciting lineup for 2020 – Lady Luck 
    Zee World exciting lineup for 2020 - Lady Luck
    Zee World exciting lineup for 2020 – Lady Luck

    Lady Luck series tells the tale of a bright girl called Bhoomi, whom sees at the end of her school career, and looking forward to entering the workplace, And must contend with the age-old tradition of becoming a stay-at-home wife.


2. Zee World exciting lineup for 2020 – Married Again Season 2

Zee World exciting lineup for 2020 - Married Again Season 2
Zee World exciting lineup for 2020 – Married Again Season 2

Married Again Season 2 is about two old lovers Raj and Divya, who are separated by circumstances. After 10 years, Divya, a popular TV actress, returns to meet her love Raj. She learns that Raj is married to Sarita. Divya thinks that Raj has moved on in life and decides to marry Gaurav. She does not know that Raj and Sarita, even after ten years of marriage, do not have any real husband-wife relationship. Raj still loves Divya. Sarita challenges Divya: before getting married to Gaurav, Divya has to make Raj love Sarita. Divya accepts this and comes to Raj’s house to stay, trying her best to bring him close to Sarita. But the efforts fail and Divya goes away because she does not want to be responsible for breaking up Sarita’s marriage.

3. Zee World exciting lineup for 2020 – Amma

3. Zee World exciting lineup for 2020 - Amma
3. Zee World exciting lineup for 2020 – Amma

This captures the life and journey of Zeenat Sheik. She is a mother of two daughters  deserted by her husband and son during ‘The Partition‘ (One of the darkest phases of Indian history) They deserted her because of her strong will and patriotism towards freeing India from British domination. When Zeenat’s uncle and aunt took over her house, she had to take refuge in a temple and start afresh. Zeenat is able to stand up to the adversities thrown in her path and attain a voice of her own in a world dominated by intimidating men. She becomes the queen of her world (Female underworld kingpin) and very vocal in the lives of her daughters.

4. Zee World exciting lineup for 2020 – GAAGA Season 2



  1. Comment: Please bring some supernatural series for once. These soaps have different names but the story lines are completely the same😓

  2. OMG I CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE!!! This is Fate and Twist of Fate has got to come back these days i have to go to sleep at 8pm but when this is fate and twist of fate ended i had to go to sleep at 7pm please bring both of the series back please i’m begging you bring it back please please please

  3. We are tired of how the series are turning up. Bring family oriented series or series with happy endings. For instance how is Bhoomi in Lady Luck lucky at all

  4. We are tired of you guys shown all season one films.. This needs to stop because we are paying for zee world.. We can’t be watchn same seasons over nd over again.. It’s rediculous.. Bring twist of fate ND this is fate back but season 2

  5. Please reply dear admin. We pay to watch zee world. If you decide to play these boring series we are going to stop watching and not only me but lots of people are sad about Jodha Akbar going off air. Please tell those in the higher position of this channel to do something about this. This covid 19 lockdown, we are all home and we need interesting series. Please cancel this as soon as possible.


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