Lies of the heart 26 February 2020: Urmi remembers Trisha’s words, while all others are sleep, and is unable to sleep. she decides to talk to Samrat,

Lies of the heart 26 February 2020: but then refrains wondering what impression would that give at this point of time in the night. she goes back to her bed and sits. She calls up trisha, but she is fast asleep. She tries to call anu, who wakes up droozy and tells her to talk in the morning. urmi asks her how does she like samrat. She says that she liks him alright. and again dozes off to sleep. urmi is satisfied, that he is good, and all like him, as he is everyone’s right choice, and maybe trisha had some misunderstanding about him, and wonders why doesz she think that he isnt right for urmi. She dozes off finally.

The next morning, Urmi is tensed, while she is given the rose milk bath, again remembering trisha’s words. She asks her granny if her grandpa loved her very much. She complies. Urmi then asks if he respected her too. Granny says that respect and fame is for the men, who earn for the family, and for woman, only taking care of the family and getting some love from the husband is the ultimate respect. urmi is tensed at such a discrimination, while garnny presents old style ideas. trisha comes in teasing her, but granny gets her involved too, much to her discomfort. Trisha asks urmi that she didnt sleep last night. urmi lies. trisha says that her eyes tell the turth. she tels urmi that she told what she felt and she saw, as its her life ahead, and she didnt want her to be hassled in the future, as the family would only regret then, but she would have to bear through it, and hence asks her to tread cautiously.

As urmi’s brother is getting ready for office, urmi’s bhabhi asks him when would he reach back home from the office, as she has to buy a sari. Urmi’s brother reminds that she just bought a sari last month. she says that it was for the first custom. He gives her 5000 but she isnt satisfied. He then gives her the entire money, saying that she would buy a new saree, and he would wear old clothes only.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s and urmi’s residence
The next morning, Samrat and his family are chatting at the breakfast table, while his mother cribs about his father’s bad eating habits. Ishaan decides to take him to the doctor. Ishaan asks samrat to relax from his work as he’s getting married. Samrat defies saying that responsibility is on him, and hence all are happy and prosperous, due to this hectic lifestyle only. All are tensed. Ishaan teases him to be happy instead of this angry tone. He asks samrat to enjoy his one and only marriage, while they help him in his work at this time. But samrat starts laughing sarcastically, and says that the day when his brother realises him responsibility, he would be relieved. Samrat intentionally insults his brother, for not being in their work yesterday. His wife makes up for it by saying that she had sent him to get meds. Samrat sees through it, but doesnt say anything. Samrat says that the fod inspector came yesterday to their hotel, and noone, neither the manager nor his brother were there, and they suffered a loss. He says that he was cancelling their license, but was bribed off. samrat says that it affects their clientele, and joins hands to tell his brother to take it seriously, and asks him to pay attention to work, and not contribute to loss. ishaan asks him to chill. samrat asks him to be responsible, as he has toiled hard and wont let it go to ruins, and his brother shouldnt just eat and be luxurious without doing any work. he reprimands his father too to go and get the checkup done himself, and not involve unnecessary people from the family. Samrat’s mother also agrees, and that his brother should concentrate on work. ishaan is tensed and asks him not to be tensed, as he would take him. samrat asks why does he need someone, when he has a car and a driver. He begins to reprimand the entire family, to understand all responsibilities, as he has given all comforts to them. He leaves the dining table. Ishaan lightens the mood, but his father doesnt really cheer up, saying that samrat was right, and that he can take care of himself. He is visibly hurt.

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While the ladies are checking out sarees, samrat’s father and ishaan discuss as to how samrat has changed and how different he is from Ishaan. Samrat’s father discusses what if he behaves like this with urmi, how would she bear it, as she would leave her entire family behind. ishaan assures himt hat nothing like that would happen, as she would give him so much care and love to samrat, he would definitely change. He gets a call. Urmi calls up, and says that she tried samrat’s number but couldnt reach through. Ishaan tells her that he must be busy in the meeting, and asks whats the matter. She hesitates but then tells ishaan that she wanted to meet samrat and talk to him about something.

Location: Samrat’s hotel and inside some fort.
ishaan comes to pick samrat, and finds him talking to a clientele on the phone. He insistently takes him out, while samrat says that he has a very improtant meeting. they drive off in the car. they reach a destination. Ishaan tels him that he has come here with him, to meet urmi, who wanted to talk to her. samrat begins to go for his meeting, but ishaan stops him and says that his client can wait for half an hour. He asks samrat to get a little romantic, and talk nice to her. samrat sees urmi, and finds her pacing nervously around. Ishaan teases samrat, to ask him to smile and tell the client that he would be a couple of hours late. He walks upto urmi. as she turns around, she comes face to face with him.

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Location: At the fort
urmi and samrat greet each other, and ask about each other. after exchanging niceties, samrat asks why was he called. Urmi says that she just wanted to, but he impatiently interrupts her citing wowk. urmi says that she has something to talk to her. But she is hesitant. samrat takes her to go somewhere private and alone, sop that she can talk at comfort. samrat asks urmi whats the matter, as he has to leave soon, for work. urmi first apologises, bit he asks her not to bother. urmi hesitatingly brings up the topic of trisha, and immediately Samrat’s eyebrows tighten and he gets tensed, scaring her. He understands where this is heading. urmi too is tensed. he asks if she has really called him to talk about trisha. urmi says that trisha told they met before. He agrees and says that he wants to clear one thing, first, he doesnt like intelligent girls like Trish, shrewd ones, and secondly he doesnt want to bother about her. Urmi again talks about her, but he says that he left his important meeting, but not for this. Urmi gets tensed. He asks if ther’s anything else. Urmi is silent. But ishaan breqaks the ice, by getting flowers, pretending that samrat got them, but forgot modway, in the excitement of meeting her. Samrat is frustrated at this. While urmi blushes away, ishaan desperately tries to get samrat top romance her and soften up a little. He somehow manages to give the flowers, but finding it an utter waste of time. Urmi says thank you, but ishaan asks samrat to atleast be courteous and say its his pleasure. Ishaan tells the two of them to get cosy, while he takes off. Urmi, oblivious of samrat’s true self, is in her own dream world, with her dream husband, samrat, where his whole world revolves around her and romancing her, while he is actually getting increasingly impatient. As they head back, urmi still isnt out of her dream sequence where she thinks everything would be picture perfect.

Location: Urmi’s residence
While urmi’s family are talking bout the use of costs and expenditure at the gifts, trisha’s marriage comes up, and trisha expresses her disinterest in marriage. Urmi’s mother says that woman need to be independant first. but bhabhi says that women, dont have such choices in their life. Before a dueal can ensue, urmi is being talked about. Granny tels that she said and has gone to meet her husband. while they are talking, urmi returns blushing, with a bouquet of roses. She smiles when asked about her meet, but gets tensed seeing trisha. They dont really mind it and get to teasing her, while she hides the roses. Trisha is tensed herself. Urmi’s father comes to her rescue, and asks her to go and meet whois in her room. urmi identifies the person as the lady who wets the cheeks with sloppy kisses. In comes Buaji, living up to her repo, while all are irritated. she gets excited talking about Samrat, while urmi blushes. Bhabhi again gets to gloating about her connection with samrat. She kisses her too. ll have a hearty laugh at this.

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On the roof, trisha asks urmi about samrat. urmi says that she had to meet, as she cant ignore what she said. trisha asked if she did talk. Urmi again emphasises that she had a misunderstanding about him, and he may be short tempered and not that much, that he becomes unlivable. She says that he may have been hassled from work that day. She emphasises that shew would def like him next time. Trisha sounds unconvinced. Urmi says to trisha that he is just the husband that every girl dreams of. Trisha is convinced and sys that they are happy if she is, and that she should remember that she should take this step only after, she knows that he would respect her despite loving her.

Location: Samrat’s residence
Ishaan asks samrat not to hurt his own people, and not be that dry from work. He asks ishaan to stop lecturing, as its his personality trait, and he cant help it. He says that he cant romanticise. ishaan asks him to be a little more cautious when dealing with one’s own people. He tries to make samrat see the importance of little things in life, that brings about big happiness. Ishaanm says that he would again reverse samrat to what he was, and make him realise that things are more important than business matters. But ssamrat says that he doesnt agree, as money’s most important, and talks materialistic. ishaan tries to get him to the right direction. samrat says that ishaan would always come to his rescue. samrat says that he put him in an embarassing situation, and made a big problem now, by raising her expectations. he teases samrat as to what did she talk about. samrat tells what he said, when she brought up trisha’s topic. Ishaan asks him not to to say things like that, as she’s his fiancee after all. Samrat says that marriage doesnt mean, that someone comes and starts interfering in every trivial matter of one’s life. Ishaan is shocked to see samrat so dry and crude. he asks samrat why is he marrying. Samrat says that he is marrying, as one day he has to, and the girl is okay and fir, and liked by the family. Samrat says that marriage is useless, yet compulsory, and hence wanted to get it done with. The screen freezes on urmi and samrat’s face, each oblivious of the other’s contrast thinking about marriage and spouse. Lies of the heart wednesday 26 February 2020


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