Lies of the heart 11 August 2020: On Lies of the heart Tuesday 11th August 2020 zee world, James threatens Samrat to be in his limit and not to be oversmart.

He leaves. Samrat takes the driver’s body and takes it to hide. Other hand Urmi is getting restless thinking where Samrat would be this late. She thinks of calling him, but then decides against it and keeps waiting. Samrat digs a hole and hides driver’s body there and comes home. Urmi stops him and he gets all worried. She questions him why dust on his shirt, from where he’s coming this late. He murmurs and then says who she is to question him, she is no longer his wife. She says but he’s answering like she’s one. He stays quiet and goes to his room.

In morning, Samrat gets a nightmare of police arresting him. He wakes up saying not to arrest him, he didn’t do anything. Tani asks him if he’s alright. He tells her to tell police to go. She says there is no one and why police? He says he got dream about his past and takes promise from her that she will never let him get arrested.

Everyone is in hall. Anirudh jokes with Sandhya if she wants to try a new fair cream. She says she may be dark, but she got intelligence. Samrat and Tani join. Ishaan reads about driver’s death in newspaper. He finds face familiar and shows it to Urmi. Urmi can’t believe it. Samrat snatches the paper away and reads it himself. He starts getting tensed.

James reads the news and says Samrat tried well to hide the body, but he failed. He laughs saying poor Samrat has to pay for his sins.

Samrat is sitting holding his head thinking how he will get money to give to James. One side is James and now police will also be behind him. Tani gives him coffee. He says he’s having headache. She says she will give massage. He says nothing will happen by that. Tani asks Damini for pain killer. Damini tells Urmi. Urmi brings pain killer to him. He takes it from her and then stops remembering it’s same strong pain killer which he brought for Shaurya which doctor said is not good for health.

Samrat throws away the medicine and tells Urmi is she crazy or what? Urmi says it’s just pain killer. What’s wrong in it? Ishaan also joins in the fun and says adults can take. Samrat says he is fine. He doesn’t need any medicine. Tani says if he’s having that much headache, then he needs to take medicine. Damini says if not that strong pain killer, then he can take some other. Urmi quietly laughs and says she will get less strong pain killer for him.

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In room, Sandhya praises Urmi for helping her. Damini says since when she started liking Urmi. Urmi has done magic on her. Sandhya says whatever it is Urmi is not bad. They need to get rid off Samrat and Shashi from that house. Damini says don’t know when Samrat will leave them.

In Samrat’s room, Shashi asks him how he killed the driver. Samrat says he didn’t kill anyone. He’s trapped. Shashi asks him why he doesn’t change. He already went to jail once. Now police will catch him again. Samrat tells her to shut and say something good. Shashi decides to leave Mumbai and go back to Jhansi. Samrat asks how she can ditch him. She ditched him in his bad time before and now again. Shashi doesn’t listen and starts packing. Tani comes and thinks Samrat must have said something to her. She tells Samrat to say sorry. Samrat does. Shashi still wants to leave, but Tani says she can’t go.

Urmi and Ishaan come home with sweets. Ishaan calls out everyone. Anirudh asks him what happened. He tells Anirudh and Damini they are going to become grandparents. Anirudh can’t believe it. Damini blesses Urmi. Anirudh thanks Urmi for bringing happiness in their family. Samrat, Tani, Shashi make faces. Shashi tells Anirudh that he’s lucky. He found out this news from her. When she became pregnant before, she found it out from her family and she had to request her to return home. Anirudh says maybe it’s her destiny..everyone gets what they deserve. Tani leaves in anger. Samrat starts following her, but just then James comes in. Samrat rushes to him. James greets everyone and tells everyone Samrat owes him 1 crore rupees. Samrat doesn’t know how to react. Anirudh asks how come that big amount. Samrat mummers. James says they are business partners and they are starting restaurant and Samrat still has to give his part and that too by tomorrow. Before it was 40 lakh but they are short of amount, so now it’s 1 crore. Anirudh asks Samrat how he will arrange that much money. Ishaan says Samrat will arrange. He always keeps his commitments. Samrat agrees and says he will arrange. Before James say anything else, Samrat forcefully takes him outside.

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He asks James what was the need to come when he said he will give him money and asks for some time as 1 crore is big amount. James says he gave him time last time and saw what happened. He tried to kill him. Samrat says that was a big mistake and says sorry to him. He tries to convince him for more time, but James doesn’t listen and says if he doesn’t get his money by tomorrow then he will expose Samrat to everyone.

Location: Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan helps urmi sit down, and is jubiliant, while she is tensed for james arrival in the house. he asks her to focus in herself, rather than rogues like him, as he doesnt want his son to even have a mention of such names. He says that he wants a child just like her. She smiles. They romance and then thank each other, for this wonderful addition to their lives.

Samrat enters the room, highly upset, thinking about ways to get 1 crore for james. Tani reprimands him for not even bothering to mention or find out why her mood is upset. He is frustrated but puts a smiling face and asks whats the matter. she cribs that he didnt notice that she was upset, as urmi is going to be a mother. He asks whats the problem. before she can elaborate, rani comes and says that anirudh has called for all of them downstairs immediately. They resignedly rush down.

Downstairs, anirudh has lots of toys, for the baby, and ishaan and urmi lovingly adore them. He jubiliantly exclaims that he is so happy, that he plans to have a special room for the child, that he shall design. all comply. burt damini surprises them sayiung that she has an issue. all are amused, that she being a grandmother should have a say in the decor of the room too. all smile, while tani and shashi, along with samrat fume. tani finally yanks damini and asks how can she be so double faced, and partial. They ask her to watch her tongue, but she slams them shut, saying that damini has been persistently asking and making her adopt contraceptive methods, while she is so happy that urmi is becoming a mother. Damini tries to say that its because she is too small, but tani says that its all a lie. they try to reprimand and make tani understand but she is beyond reprieve, as she continues to holler accusations against urmi and damini. She stands shocked. Shashi and samrat too take their turns in instigating tani all the more. With a huff, all three leave from there, while all others are tensed, about tani’s overreaction.

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Later, in the night, ishaan comes out of the bathroom, and finds urmi tensed, and when he asks he finds that she is again tensed for james. she is sure that samrat wont be able to arrange the money, and that james would come aned expose him in front of tani, and finish his game once and for all. He asks her to take care of hsrelf, and not think about james. she says that nothing shall happen to her, when he is here. She says that as it is, soon everything shall be alright, when samrat is out of the house and tani’s life too.

Meanwhile, Samrat comes to tani, and faces her curtly, with paper in his hands. She asks whats the matterr, and what are these papers. She gets to know that its divorce papers and is shocked. He says that now their relation is over. She asks if he has gone mad, and asks how could he sign it. he says that he has now lost all hope, as she doesnt have faith in him now. she asks what has she done. he says that he is waiting for good news, and that she is taking pill, without his knowledge, and this indicates her distrust on him. he pretends to be super angry at her. he says that he is tensed, as he doesnt have anyone’s support, and feels that the cause of his life are lost now. Tani says that she cant give him a divorce. he asks why. she says that she is shocked that her mother could do this, and knows that noone loves her except him. samrat thinks that his acting is working, and that this is the right time to strike the iron. The screen freezes on his tensed face.


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