Lies of the heart 5 March 2020: Sanjana ask shrya to leave crutches, she snatches it from her and says i have recorded you running in market without it,

Lies of the heart 5 March 2020: you dont need it anymore, go back home, she leaves, Shrya is angry and says how dare she warned me? Shrya’s mother ask her to calm down and be silent, you dont have other way but to be silent, when we will get chance we will think about it.
Sanajana is setting her saree and says i dont know how married women keep wearing saree, she tries to pin her pallu but her hands get dirty, her saree’s plates open up too, Ajay comes there, she sit down, he says i wanna thank you, he ask why you are showing your back to me? Sanajana ask him to go, there is no need to say thanks, Ajay says dont show attitude, Sanjana says yes, ajay ask are you fine? she ask him to give tissues, he says i dont understand what you are saying? he comes and drags her, she gets up and her saree is about to fall, he holds it, Sanjana holds it, both get shy, she tries to tie her saree, he gives her pin, she ties her pallu and is about to leave but both strike, Ajay says i am going to shop, he offers her tissue and thinks what is happening? he leaves, Sanjana says exactly what is happening.
ajay is walking on street, he finds someone continuously giving horn so that bike is removed from way, Ajay ask can i help you? man says no, he throws away bike, Ajay ask what are you doing? man ask is it your bike? he says no, Man says then why you are worrying, sometime its necessary to teach people lesson, he leaves in car, Ajay puts bike in place.

in house, Shrya’s mother says to her that what will you say to your family that where are you bandages, Shrya says doctor told them that is was not severe fracture so they wont ask much about it. Ajay brings sweets, Sanjana ask why you got late? he says i met a weird man, the boys’s family come in, all greets them, Ajay is shocked to find same man who threw away bike on road as groom, Krilok says we are lucky that Rishab is getting married to Avni, Rishab’s mother says they will make good couple, we will call them NV together, all laughs, groom’s family come in and sit, Avni comes there dressed nicely, she sit beside Rishab, he praises her beauty, Krilok introduces his family to s*xana(Rishab’s father), Krilok introduces Ajay and his wife after giving a thought, Rishab looks at Ajay and says you.. Krilok ask you know him? Rishab says i met him in market, Ajay says i am Avni’s brother, Ilaichi gives ring to Avni for engagement, Rishab is angry, Avni notices it, he gets up, all get tensed, he looks at ring given to him to make Avni wear it, he then sit on his knees and ask Avni will you marry me? all smile,she nods, he ask for her hand, he makes her wear ring, all clap, she then make him wear ring, Ajay is not so happy, Krilok congratulate s*xana, Bhushan gives sweets to Rishab, Rishab makes Avni eat it, Vinti clicks selfie with family.
In night, all family members are sitting in lounge, Bhushan is about to go to call shrya, Shrya comes there walking fine, all look on, shrya gives a look to Sanjana, Bhushan ask where is your plaster? she says doctor took it off, he ask why you didnt call me? she says you were busy, Ilaichi says so soon? Vinti says it was only for support, Shrya sit, Avni is teased by Vinti that she must be dreaming about her groom, Shrya says this time is very important, we dream alot, she says the fun in meeting stealthily is something else, Vinti says every couple has enjoyed this phase, even Ilaichi and Krilok used to meet like this, Ajay ask Auyush can you come with me? they leave from there.
Ajay tells Auyush that i met guy in market, he maybe nice but not Avni, Avni an bear any pain but will not say a word, that guy doesnt suite her, Bhushan comes and says only one person is your side and you are filling his ear, Ajay says i.. Bhushan says what was the need to come in corner and talk like this? what is not right for Avni? if he is not right for Avni then you should tell infront of family, Auyush says i am talking to him, Bhushan says you take his side alot, he drags Ajay with him.
Dadi ask Avni what you are going to wear on date? Avni says i am not going anywhere with him. Bhushan brings Ajay there, he ask Ajay to speak up, Bhushan says you were speaking to Auyush in corner now why you are silent, our Ajay know good and bad very nicely,he thinks Rishab is not nice for Avni, Dadi says why? Auyush says Ajay saw Rishab putting bike in side, he saw him angry so he thinks he is not nice, Bhushan says anyone can get angry on that, that doesnt mean he is not nice, he says to Ajay that we have not forgiven you.


Bhushan says to ajay you are always wrong. Kirlok says he has accepted his mistake bhushan now stop it. Samar comes and says an uncle has come to meet us. Kirlok and family go to hall, they see its Agarwal. Sanjana is shocked to see him. Shreya says what new mess he wants to create today. Sanjana says papa why you came here? Agarwal says I needed too. I want to apologize you all. Agarwal says i know my mistake.
I want to apologize you all. I feel bad that i couldn’t send my daughter to your family with all the rituals. I want to get you married with all the rituals. sanjana says its not needed i have gotten married already. He says we live in a society. I have found the date as well. He said tomorrow will be a perfect day. His men bring in all the sweets.

Bhushan says great make fun of us then bring sweets and think everything will evaporate. Now they think that we will go to their house for wedding. Kirlok says stop it bhushan. These issues should stay in the house. We will listen to what he has said. Bhushan says have you forgotten how he behaved. Kirlok says its a great nature of human to accpet his mistake and apologize. He want to solve everything. Now you all have grown up, i don’t want to impose my decision on you. I will be in ajay’s baraat. Rest of you can decide yourself. Elaichi says i will join too, dadi says me too. Bhushan says i am sorry papa but shreya and i wont come.
sajana says to ajay how can we do this? i dont know what to do. Till when will we lie to our families? Ajay says i can’t do this, i can’t tell them truth. I can’t hurt them again. He sees sanjana is not there anymore.

Dadi says its our own son’s wedding we have to get prepared for everything. Sanjana comes in and says i don’t think we should get married again. I know that this family hurt you all. I don’t want to see you all in pain. Elaichi says its not only about you and ajay. Its about families of both of you. You took decision without involving us. We couldn’t accept it, but it had hurt your family equally. If they want this wedding to happen with rituals, they we should do that to heal them.

Sanjana wonders what changed his dad’s mind. she says what should i do, i have to tell aju. Ajay comes and says where were you? She says i went to talk to mami ji. He says you told her everything? she says no i cant. Mammi ji and dadi are busy preparing for the wedding. Bhushan doesn’t want to come this house has divided.

Shreya is calling her mom. sanjina says what are you planning now? Shreya says what will you take to keep your nose out? Sanjana says peace of my family. Stop building these walls. Sajana shows her the video and says i will expose this if you don’t stop doing this. Sanjana says how was the trailer? You cant do anymore harm to my family. i wont sit back now. SAnjana says i will assign you some work and you will have to do it, or i will broadcast this video. Lies of the heart thursday 5 March 2020


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