Lies of the heart 27 February 2020: samrat and urmi discuss their contrasting views about their marriage, with the other, to their best friend’s trisha and ishaan.

Lies of the heart 27 February 2020: urmi is super excited that he is the perfect husband for her, while samrat trivialises the concept of marriage with ishaan. trish apologises for her misunderstanding saying that she can always fend out for her. they have a fun time together.

the next morning, its Urmi’s haldi ceremony, with fun and frolic in the house and festivities in full swing. urmi comes down as the marriage rituals of haldi begin one by one. same is the case with samrat’s house, just that samrat is visibly disinterested in such rituals. The haldi rituals begin, while her younger sister takes the chance to do it first. but bhabhi is given the first chance as custom demands. She complies and satrts the haldi ceremony. then her sister is called on to do the honours. Trisha comes in and the sisters have a playful haldi session. urmi’s father looks at her longingly, teary eyed, as she goes through the rituals. The haldi ceremony is going on in urmi’s house, while she shyly takes part, being teased by everyone. samrat’s relatives are getting impatient for the haldi ceremony. On the other hand, as samrat is dressed up for work, he gets irritated when his family stops him for haldi. samrat strictly and sternly says that he wont apply mehendi. Ishaan and others are tensed. he cites a meeting and says that he has to go. His mother insists, while he asks her to go ahead with the rituals but he doesnt have the time. All are shocked. his sister in law tells him that he would have to apply haldi, as its his marriage after all and the ritual would be incomplete without him. samrat reprimands her as she tries to come closer, and tells everyone that he has to go, and doesnt believe in all this. he says that he maybe getting married, but he cant compromise with his work. the relatives try to talk about old traditions and popular belief behind this, but he taunts them and says that he is a nonbeliever. His father tries to convince him of the the improtance of these traditions, but he scolds him too. ishaan comes to the rescue finally, saying that work can happen later, and marriage means lots of rituals. samrat says that he doesnt want to understand and asks him not to begin and again reinforces his descision. His mother asks ishaan to let go, singing to samrat’s tune, surprising others, while samrat approves of her. She says that she wont stop him, but for the sake of the ritual, he can just out a tilak, so that neither the rituals nor the work stops. he resitgnedly says yes. His sister in law does the tilaik, and he finishes it robotically and walks out of the house, while the entire house is enjoying.

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after the ceremony, all are having a fun session and go onto teasing urmi’s younger sister about finding a groom for her too. meanwhile, buaji tells them that they need urmi’s haldi for samrat. garnny explains the importance and need of this ritual, while the young people are concerned about the hygiene of this ritual. but granny says that it brings proximity and closeness between the couple. they start teasing urmi too. Meanwhile, samrat’s relatives are talking about how would samrat cope with the rest of the rituals. His motherb gives samrat’s father the meds, while he is concerned about samrat’s behaviour towards this marriage. she asks him not to worry, while he reprimands her for being so protective about her son and it leading to this extent. he asks what if urmi’s family comes to ask for samrat’s haldi. she asks him to relax and let samrat decide what he wants to do. Just then, urmi’s haldi comes to samrat’s house for him, and while her brother gives samrat’s family that, they ask for samrat’s haldi too. samrat’s family and ishaan are tensed. they start making excuses that they were waiting for them only. gaurav asks for samrat and his mother lies, that he’s tired and he is hence resting in his room. His mother starts organising for snacks and calls out ishaan to the side, while his father starts cahtting with them. In the kitchen, they wonder what to do now. Samrat’s mother says that they can send any haldi and pass it off as samrat’s. Ishaan doesnt like it. They wonder what to do now. meanwhile, the servant lady comes to them saying that gaurav wants to meet samrat. both are tensed, while samrat’s mother asks ishaan to handle the situation. Ishaan is angry at samrat but still says that he would help. ishaan comes out saying that he has an important
work at a place and asks gaurav if he would drop him there. Samrat’s mother gives gaurav the haldi, but is tensed when he expresses his desire to meet samrat, too now that he has come heer. samrat’s mother and ishaan are tensed as to what to answer. Ishaan tries to distract him, but gaurav insists.

Location: Samrat’s residence
Ishaan somehow manages to get past gaurav and takes him aside, while his mother is relieved.

Location: Urmi’s and samrat’s residence
urmi is teased about her first night gift to samrat. she is surprised and says that she hasnt thought of anything. They start discussing what could he possibly want. urmi also emphasises that emotions would ccount, and hence it would be something special, like a handknit sweater. Trisha is disappointed saying that there’s too less time for that. urmi says that she has the confidence that she would be able to finish. They start teasing her. trisha asks for samrat’s fav and she says that she doesnt know. they decide to ask urmi to call him up and find out. urmi is hesitant but trisha asks her to. while trisha asks her not to spoil the surprise. As it starts ringing, urmi asks them to be silenced. she asks samrat about him and he says that he’s fine. urmi calls up samrat, and says that he wants to talk to her about something. Samrat says that she may ask, but she should hurry up as he is driving. urmi is confused and asks whats he doing outside, as it was his haldi ceremony today, and he isnt supposed to go outside after that. Samrat tells her that he didnt apply any haldi, as he had work and hence doesnt have the time for all this. urmi is shocked and hurt and gets teary eyed and emotional, hearing this. just then, her masi comes to say that samrat’s haldi has come. she is upset as she knows the truth behind it. She tries to be merry for everyone present. She asks gaurav and he tells her what he was told. in a corner of the bathroom, urmi finally breaks down into tears, in muffled sounds. She then composes herself, and calls up ishaan. He picks up and asks why she caleld him. he senses something tensed and asks if all is right. She asks him how was the haldi. He lies to her too, and asks how was it there. she desperately tries to compose herself and says that it was okay. She asks samrat where’s he. He again makes up a lie, that he’s sleeping and resting. After much crying, she tells him that she didnt expect this from him, as he knows the truth. Ishaan is tensed, as she says that she is very hurt with this lie of theirs, and what would the family have felt, had they known this. He says that they lied and apologises, saying that she knows that samrat is super busy and couldnt do this ritual, and didnt want to hurt their feelings. He says that she shouldnt be angry at samrat, as he told her the truth. She says that she’s angry at him, as she is disappointed. While he apologises, samrat walks in. After cancelling the call, he asks him who was he saying sorry too. Ishaan tells everything. samrat takes it on his ego, as to why was he calling her to apologise, and how dare she get angry at him. ishaan tries to compose, but samrat ridicules urmi, that she’s nothing and shouldnt have done this. He gets angry and says that he wont marry this girl. ishaan is shocked. He tries to stop him, but samrat silences him saying that he wont marry that girl at any cost, and that this deal is cancelled. thursday update on Lies of the heart 27 February 2020

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Festivities and merriment begin at urmi’s house, while urmi sits tensed, thinking about the haldi ceremony. urmi’s father finds her tensed, and teary eyed, and motions her not to, and smile instead. She motions him to come to her. he complies and sits beside her. she hugs him tightly. he says that he understands what nervousness she is going through, as along with happiness, she must be sad and tensed too, about leaving this place and going to a new one. He assures her that they shall be here and in this city only, and they can meet her whenever she wants to. On one hand, where urmi is told by her father, that samrat would take care of her so much and his family would love her so much, that she would forget her family, and asks urmi to stop crying or else he wont be able to control himself too. they hug each other, while others get emotional too, seeing this. He says that when samrat would be with her, she would be smiling and not teary eyed. he teases her and gets her to smile finally. she hugs him delightfully.

On the other hand, samrat tells everyone in the family defiantly that he has taken a final descision that he’s not going to marry urmi. All are shocked.His mtoehr tries to make his realise the gravity of the situation. Samrat says that he isnt bothered about the girl and his family. samrat says that he wont change the descision for their family. ishaan says that he was at fault, as he lied. Samrat says that why did they lie, they should have told the truth, as he doesnt care for this. samrat’s father tries to make him see the importance of these rituals for them. As his brother tries to comply, he says that was marrying a low level girl, just so that she could be under him all the time, but urmi turned out to be different. Samrat’s mother goes on to comply with samrat as usual. His father asks him to think atleast of the family, who would have to face the questions of the society about their girl, and her reputation being ruined and their expenditure. samrat says that they would pay off for the image tarnish that he would inflict on their family. He says that he has made up his mind and wouldnt marry her. Ishaan is shocked to see such crude behaviour on samrat’s part. he asks him to stop this. samrat says that he too wants this maatter to be stopped right now. when he finally says that he wont marry, all are shocked. the screen freezes on Samrat’s face.

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