Lies of the heart 8 August 2020: On Lies of the heart Saturday 8th August 2020 update, Asha and urmi come to the bank, and find that its closed for public, but bank staff is working. they introduce themselves as gaurav’s family and are taken inside.

They find its empty, and then go to gaurav’s cabin and find him happily chatting with the secretary while having lunch. She starts getting ideas. Urmi asks whats wrong in sitting and talking. Gaurav spots them and gets them inside. He introduces them to the secretary. Asha asks what happened to the meeting, and insinuates what kind of meeting happens at 2, during lunchtime. just then, other employees come in too for the meet. asha is boggled. gaurav says that they have lots of work pending, being year end, and hence decided to work, during lunch. Asha too taunts him to get to work as its so imp. He asks them to sit, while urmi says that they have to go to shop. Outside, asha is still unconvinced, while urmi says that gaurav isnt like this. asha doesnt believe. urmi is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Fitness centre
While samrat is working out, he again finds the same girl, in tears but still working out. When she gets down the treadmill, and walks out, samrat tags along. He says that he doesnt like her in tears, and asks if everything is sorted out. she ignores him and walks off. He piles on and says that he can always be there for her. She asks who is he and whats he trying to do. He says that she is taking him otherwise, and just because she is in problem, hence he came in. He says that she was crying. she asks him to stick to his affairs and not meddle in others’. she walks off. He says that she insulted him, and went off. He is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence and restaurant
Anirudh praises urmi for a wonderful lassi. Then shashi too comes and sits. She says that they were neighbours back in Jhansi, and didnt know that they would be related like this. tani comes in saying that she was abroad then, and hence it didnt happen, and if she had met samrat, she would have married him sooner. Shashi says that she wishes that had happened too, as they wouldnt have had to go through all troubles. urmi is tensed but doesnt say anything. Shaurya comes excited at skating, and then falls down. Anirudh and urmi rush to him, while he gets up in notime. Shashi and tani are least affected. Anirudh doesnt like it. urmi is asked by damini to let shaurya become good on his own and not overpamper him. Anirudh sits sulkenly and then points out as to how unaffected she was that shaurya was hurt. she is speechless. Shashi says that she has maintained her distance due to urmi’s fear, as she snatched shaurya away. urmi is angry and says that she never tried to do so. Shashi fumbles, and says that she didnt want it though, and that she had warned. urmi asks her not to blindly lie. Shashi shuts her and asks her not to speak, as if she starts speaking, then there shall be old skeletons dug out of the closet. urmi asks her not to too, as she too remembers everything, and if she starts, then it would be difficult for her and her son to live. Shashi turns to tani, and she fires up against urmi, asking her to treat her mother in law with respect. Urmi points out that she is her mother in law, and hence she shouldnt try and become hers too. damini and sandhya are amused and enjoy. tani and shashi are tensed.

While he is working at the restaurant, ishaan gets tani’s call, complaining against urmi. He asks her to cool down. she keeps venting out her frustration as to how she mistreated shashi, quoting every stinging and barbed insults. He asks tani if he is sure, and she frustratedly asks if he doesnt believe her. he is very happy about it, and she is shocked. He says that there’s nothing wrong. she says that urmi is younger than shashi, and hence she should teart shashi with respect. he counterquestions and asks if she should talk to urmi with respect. tani is silenced. Ishaan says that urmi was right. She says that being blind in love, he always thinks that she is right. he says that he believes so since urmi is always right, and asks why is she complaining, as she too always feels samrat is right. she frustratedly cancels the call. He is super happy, that urmi is treating shashi with the due confidence.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
he says that now she shall get a return ticket. She asks him to cancel two tickets then. he doesnt want to listen, but she pesters and asks if he has any stamp papers signed by damini. he thinks that he never told shashi about the papers, then how she knows, and that mesn its completely true that damini wants him out. he then narrates everything. Shashi is shocked. Shashi tells samrat about how damini and sandhya were searching the papers, with the intention that once they find it, they would throw samrat the next minute. Samrat is furious that they are planning a controversy against him. She asks him to be over cautious. He smiels evilly, thinking that now he shall play too, and use her own pawn against her. He thinks that damini wont ever be able to find those papers for life, and he shall encash this weakness of hers whole life.

Urmi is working in kitchen and she notices their servant is sick. She gives her leave. Shashi asks Urmi why she gave leave.. who will do work now.. Servants act like this so they get leaves. Urmi tells her she doesn’t need her advice and she’s capable of working. She checked herself and she really had fever. She further says they treat servants like family member and reminds her she’s a guest and she should stay like that.

Samrat continues his nonsense to Kiran. Shashi sees him and Samrat gets shocked. Shashi almost takes his name, but stops seeing Samrat dropping spoon and going under the table. Tani looks around, but fails to see Samrat. Samrat gestures Shashi to leave from there. Shashi asks Tani to go from there. Tani asks her why as she just said she is liking that place. She says she wants to leave. Kiran asks Samrat to come out. Tani stops as she hears Samrat. Shashi says she didn’t hear anything and acts of being dizzy. Tani and Shashi leave. Samrat is relieved.

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Later, Samrat comes to Shashi and shouts at him. She asks him why he doesn’t leave his habit. If Tani finds out, then they will have to go back to Jhansi. He asks her to mind her own business and tells her that it will be her job to tell him everything that Tani is doing.

Damini calls Tani to her and tells her not to plan kids anytime soon. She asks why when Samrat loves the kids. Damini says after kids, wives get busy with them and husbands lose interest in them. Tani agrees.

Urmi and Ishaan are sleeping. Urmi gets call from Asha late night saying Gaurav is not at home. Urmi wonders where he would go this late. Her and Ishaan come to Gaurav’s house. Asha starts her nonsense about Gaurav doing wrong stuff behind her back. Just then Gaurav enters and he says he wasn’t feeling well, so he went to get medicine.

Samrat is getting ready to go to gym. He sends message to Kiran asking what time she’s coming. He then deletes the message from his phone and praises himself that his name should be Smart. He’s selecting his clothes. Tani comes and right then Kiran’s reply comes. Tani takes the phone. Samrat starts getting worried. He tries to stop her from checking his phone, but she gets serious and asks him to unlock the phone. Samrat got no choice. Tani gets mad after reading the message and questions Samrat who is Kiran. Samrat starts acting how she can doubt it and tells her it’s a guy. Tani says she’s not that big fool. Samrat says there are many names which both girls and guys have. In end, he manages to fool her.

Samrat gives sweets to Damini saying she’s going to become grandmother and he’s going to become a father. Damini gets shocked. Tani comes. Damini asks her why she didn’t tell her that she’s pregnant. Tani also gets shocked. She asks Samrat what is this. Samrat says he saw a dream in morning and those dreams come true. Samrat enjoys Damini’s tensed face.

Samrat is in gym. The new girl, Kiran, comes there. Samrat avoids her as she had insulted him. To his surprise, she apologises him. Samrat thinks to take advantage and says he will forgive only if she goes for coffee with him. She agrees.

Sandhya is tired of working. She complains to Damini why they had to give leave to servant. Shashi tells them it’s Urmi’s fault. Damini and Sandhya taunt Shashi for sticking there as a guest. Shashi wonders whether they are trying to get all work done by her. Tani comes and says she’s going out with Shashi. She then asks why she didn’t get her juice. Shashi tries to fill her ears against Urmi. Urmi is going outside. Tani stops her and asks who will cook in servant’s absence. Urmi says she has cooked everything and she’s going out for work. She looks at Shashi and says she knows her responsibilities well, no one needs to remind her. She tells Damini she will be back as soon as work is done. Damini lets her go.

Samrat and Kiran chitchat in cafe. Samrat starts impressing her and then he finds out she’s married. He gets disappointed, but then Kiran says her husband is very big businessman and he gives no time to her. Samrat also starts acting that his case is also same. His wife got handicapped after a month of their marriage and now she remains in the bed. There are many servants but when he’s at home, only he takes care of her. Kiran says that’s so good. Otherwise, Tani comes to the same place with Shashi. Samrat thinks he already trapped a rich daughter, now it’s turn of rich wife. He continues since doctor told him that his wife is going to die, he’s dying every day as well.

Location: Urmi’s restaurant
Asha keeps ranting of her grief about Gaurav’s betrayal and infidelity to urmi, while she desperately asks her to calm down and have some trust on gaurav, as that shall bind the relation together. Asha retorts that she too had trusted samrat, then what she got, and reminds her of his infidelity and places gaurav in the same shoes. She says that urmi had left but she doesnt even have that choice, since she is illiterate. urmi says that she is wrongly comparing. She says that she remembers samrat but not ishaan, and asks how can she compare gaurav to samrat, and points out all the atrocities that gaurav didnt put her through, and she keeps denying it all. urmi asks her not to compare samrat to gaurav. Asha then smiles finally. urmi is tensed still. They both walk on the road, where asha spots gaurav’s car and understands that he is around and gets excited. they notice him at the saree store. But then they find that he is seeing the secretary, choosing sarees. asha is apalled while urmi is boggled as to whats going on. urmi herself is shocked to see this. Asha confirms her worst fears, and asks urmi if she shall still defend her brother. Urmi stands speechless.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s restaurant
Seeing tani nin the room, damini and sandhya get on with their preplanned motive. They ask if she is busy. tani says that she is just reading a magazine. damini says that they are cleaning all wardrobes, and putting napthalene balls. tani says that it isnt needed but they insist. she complies and gets to reading the magazine, while opening her almirah. they then ask her to open samrat’s wardrobe too. tani says that he doesnt like it, if anyone touches his stuff. damini however insist on cleanliness, and tani opens his wardrobe too, taking the keys from undder his pillow. They put napthalene balls, and then find that his locker is locked. tani asks if this can be avoided, as he keeps his personal stuff there. tani again says samrat wont like it. they keep insisting, saying that its for cleanliness only. tani finally gives in. Sandhya asks her to divert tani, while she takes the imprint. damini then gives the balls to tani, asking her to put it hserself in samrat’ wardrobe. sandhya gets the work done, and then they both walk out feeling victorious that they shall now have accesss to samrat’s locker. They are overjoyed.

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Scene 3:
Location: On the road
samrat puts kiran at ease in his car, as he gives her a lift after the workout. He points out how their lives are incomplete, and how they have to find happiness in something or the other in life. She is tensed. He indirectly tries to point out, how being with her, makes him happy, but that doesnt mean he doesnt love his life, but just trying to pull himself out of the grief, through a reason. he asks her to keep searching for a reason to live on happily. Just then, he gets tani’s call, and gets tensed. she asks how can he take her car vwithout asking her first. He fumbles while she reprimands him. he fumbles again, while she asks him to come home straightaway. he asks if he can take sometime. He apologises. She says that its not a problem. He then helps her out, and gets her stuff too, and then again profusely apologises, while she keeps maintaining that its okay. he gets in and drives off. inside, he is frustrated and angry at tani’s dictatorship, as he drives back home.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Urmi is highly worried and tensed about gaurav’s behaviour, when ishaan walks in, and she says that she wanted to see him. he asks why isnt her phone going through, detailing that gaurav was trying her phone. she resigendly asks why was he calling her. He says that its gaurav and asha’s anniversary tomorrow, and he wanted to gift a saree, and hence wanted her opinion. She understands the huge misunderstanding. She clarifies it to ishaan, and explains the entire matter. Ishaan says that he doesnt believe this, and asks how could she mistrust gaurav. She says that she believed what she saw, aftewr being fed with asha’s insecurities. she apologises to herself, and then he asks her to call asha too and clarify. he says that asha must have been severely angry at gaurav by now. She thinks about doing it and then stops, saying that they have to get rid of this issue altogether. ishaan is boggled. She says that they shall have to find a solid way to remove these doubts and insecurities, and they shall have to strengthen their relationship, by only love, eliminating all misunderstandings. She looks at ishaan and smiels.

Location: Ishaan’s residence
Samrat is busy surfing through kiran’s online profile to be able to date her better, when he gets a distraught kiran’s call, asking him if he can come rightaway to meet her as she got into another fight with her husband and is feeling very lonely. he is tensed but complies neverthelss, feeling victorious that things are happening itself for him, saying that he shall meet and pick her up at Lokhandwala Circle. urmi hears this from a distance and is boggled. She doesnt pay attention and leaves for inside. Urmi is setting up the dinner table, when ishaan comes and caringly asks if he can help her, but she denies. samrat rushes down to ask tani for her car keys for an emergency. She asks whats the matter. He says that a friend from Jhansi, has met with an accident. Shashi curiously asks whats the name of the friend. samrat glares at her and she silences herself. Tani gives him the keys and then asks him which hospirtal. he gives a random name. urmi comes and points out that he was just talking to someone saying that he shall pick up at lokhandwala circle, and asks where exactly is he going. samrat is shocked and speechless. Then he turns it against her only, instigating tani, that she is trying to create doubt in their relationship. shashi understands that he is again going to meet kiran. She too support urmi. tani gets influenced and starts hollering at urmi. Ishaan asks tani to behave, while samrat stands for tani. After a bitter verbal fight, samrat leaves, when tani says that she trusts him.

Meanwhile, while sandhya stands guard for tani’s arrival, damini uses the duplicate keys that they got made, and then opens the locker to samrat’s wardrobe, but to her disappointment doesnt find the papers. She is frustrated that samrat is more cunning than they thought. she wonders where could he have hidden them.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Samrat meets kiran, who is visibly distraught. she bares out her heart about her abusive husband to him, and he pretends to be a patient listener. He holds her hand and asks her not to cry and compose herself, and not waste these tears, as herhusband doesnt realise her true worth, and he has started taking her for granted, and soon he shall regret. She starts comparing his caring nature for his wife as compared to her husband’s callous nature. samrat pretends to be affectionate and caring. He assures her that everything would be alright, while she says that if he leaves her, she would die. He finally pulls the car to a halt, and pretends to be angry, saying that she cant die, or talk like that. He asks her to take a lesson from his life, as he too bears through it, with s s mile on his face. She breaks down in his arms, and samrat lustily thinks that the ball has itself landed in his court and now he can take full advantage of it, tonight itself, as tomorrow might not present the wonderful oppurtunity again. Hee leeringly eyes her arm, as he caresses hr arm.

Location: Ishaan’s residence
Urmi is still tensed about samrat’s lying to tani, when ishaan comes in and asks her to forget and get over it, since she did whatever she could. she is however unconvinced and still badgers him to do this. He asks her what does she want. she says that she wants him to check on samrat’s friend, in the hospital he said he was going. He says that he doesnt know the name. she asks him to check on all accident cases today. he complies.

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Shashi meanwhile is listening to tani rant about the special dishes that she shall prepare, even though urmi has refused to cook for her. She wonders that samrat hasnt come back still, as its getting very late. she asks tani to go and sleep. tani says that she wont be able to, till samrat comes back. tani calls him up, and gets irritated when he doesnt pick up. Shashi tries to say that he might be busy. Tani thinks that he can inform atleast. ishaan and urmi come down. He says that samrat shall not pick her call, as he befooled her and went out, as he didnt go to the hospital. Shashi reprimands him for instigating tani against samrat. urmi says that this is the truth. urmi tells tani that ishaan called up the hospital, and there’s no such accident case, and neither has any such person been registered, and that samrat wasnt there, citing that her doubt was right. Tani is enraged and shocked. ishaan confirms this, adding that samrat is lying. tani is shocked.

Later, as the entire family gathers, anirudh asks if ishaan is sure that samrat isnt at the hospital. Tani irritably says that she checked herself. They tell her why is she so angry now, as they were trying to tell her all along, but she never paid heed to their advices. shashi tries to say that there may be a hueg misunderstanding, as samrat never lies. tani shuts her up, angry at everyone, while shashi is surprised. tani tells anirudh and ishaan, that when samrat enters the house the next house, his arms and legs should be broken. Shashi is tensed, and asks her to reconsider and not do this. tani however reprimands shashi too, for not knowing her son, when urmi says that she knows her son too well, and knew that he had lied to his wife. Sandhya watches amusedly. tani asks shashi is she kenw, while she vehemently fumbles and protests. tani asks them all to listen up. She tells that this marriager is over. Damini and sandhya are amused. She says that now she doesnt have any relation anymore with samrat. Shashi is super worried for her comfort. She says that she wont be able to rest in peace till she doesnt teach samrat a lesson. urmi calms her down saying that samrat shall get punishment for his deeds. She says that god would definitely teach him a lesson.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
samrat and kiran continue driving, while he asks if she is okay now. she smiels at him, and he pretends to be happy for her. she thanks him profusely, as if he hadnt been here, she wouldnt have been alive. he says that he is always there for her. he eyes a hotel, and thinks that this is the right place, to create a nuisance, and that he should take advantage of this, before it bounces back. samrat intentionally brings the car to a halt, and then says that the car has broken down. he pretends to be frustrated, that they wont find a mechanic in this isolated place. She is tensed, as he goes to pretend to check the car. when he goes, he intentionally messes with the mechanism. Samrat coems back, and is frustrated when the car doesnt start yet again.
She gets frazzled, and says that she cant be here as she has to go home. he asks her to relax, and assures that the car shall start, and till then, they shall have to spend sometime somewhere. She says that they shall wait in the car. he says that it isnt safe for her to be in the highway, at this time in the night. he says that he is doing all this for her safety. She is visibly at discomfort. he then suggests that they can spend the night in the nearby hotel. she is ouraged. She asks how can she stay with him at the hotel, as that would tar her image, being Vikram Singhania, the leading businessman’s wife. samrat gets to know that she is Vikram Singhania’s wife, and says that he shall take his name for the room. He says that he is doing it for her safety only, as if anything happens to her, he wont be able to forgive her. She plays along. he eyes the hotel lustily.

Scene 3:
Location: Paradise Presidency hotel
Samrat and kiran check in the hotel. The recptionist eyes them leeringly knowing whats going on. Kiran stands embarassed. The receptiomnist gives them a room, and then asks for the id, and details. Samrat gives him one. he says that these are hotel rules. She is tensed, while he assures that everything is alright. he thinks that this is one more level crossed, and once in the room, he shall play her like a guitar, as her sob story would force her to come like that. They then enter the hotel, where she is again tensed. he asks her to relax as they are absolutely safe here. She asks what if her husband gets to know, then he will kill her, and leave her today. he says that he shall not know till she doesnt, and the person who doesnt care for her, why should she care for him. he asks her to live for herself just for once, forgetting everything, and to live in the moment. She drinks the water, while he thinks that he shall use and discard her once and for all. She says that her marital life is disturbed, and she doesnt want to aggravate it. he asks her not to worry as everything would be okay, saying that he is here. he says that its just a matter of time, till the mechanic gets their car running and till then she should just relax. she places her head on his shoulders, while he feels that things are working the way he wants them to. Just then, a person walks in with a pistol aimed at them, asking them to put their hands up. they are scared and comply, visibly shocked.



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