Lies of the heart Monday 29th June 2020: Sanam finally concedes as he has no other option. He asks niranjan to get ahead with it, as he cant wait anymore. They both tensedly eye each other.

Lies of the heart update Sunday 28th June 2020 Zee world

Location: Sushma’s residence
Shaurya is very excited to meet santa clus for christmas tomorrow. ishaan excitedly tells shaurya about what happens in Christmas. urmi and tiwari ji smile, while shaurya gets to preparing the wish list. Ishaan says that they cant give time to shaurya in the custody case. Urmi gets emotional and says that she knows, but once this all is over, she would get to it, but right now, amidst all this, she doesnt feel like celebrating anything. Ishaan asks her to have hope as the lord is great. urmi smiles.

Annu is advised by urmi, to get ahead and move on with life, as what happened was a bad dream, and she wasnt at fault. She tells annu that all want her to get married, as all want her to be happy. She sounds surprised that all of them want this. Urmi says that they all are scared of her, and her reaction, and hence noone brings this up. urmi says thats why she decided to talk to her. Anu asks about ishaan, and what does he want. urmi says that he too wants her to marry, as this is the right time to get married, as once that happens, she would forget everything, as he too wants good for her. Anu is disbelieving thinking that ishaan said yes to marrying her. Urmi says that if she says yes, then all agree, and that first ishaan wants her to say yes, only then the marriage shall proceed. Anu gets shy and says that if they all want, and ishaan wants this too, then she agrees to marriage. urmi hugs annu in happiness. Ishaan stands on the door finding them like this, sounding surprised. urmi nods that she agreed, and ishaan is happy for anu. Anu shys having got the wrong idea.

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Scene 3:
Location: Guesthouse
radha takes a stroll outside in the guesthouse, waiting for samrat. she hurries to him, as he arrives in the car. she starts pointing out as to how late he was, and she got very tensed. Samrat starts lashing out at Radha for being so nosey. She asks whats he saying, as she is his wife, and hence is concerned for him, and is just asking where he was. He asks her to stop interfering in his life, and that he would get her down to size, in a minute, and asks her to stay in her limits. He leaves angrily. radha is shocked.

The next morning, radha is emotional, and asks kanchan if breakfast should be ready. kanchan points out how she has been very upset since last night. shashi frustratedly asks whats the matter, and asks her to get over it. radha doesnt reply and leaves. But kanchan stops her, and asks if anything said anything to her. Shashi gets concerned, and asks kanchan to stop asking questions like this, as she must have seen a bad dream. kanchan asks her not to bother herself. Shashi too says that she shouldnt upset kanchan and her family. Kanchan asks her to go to her room and rest. She silently complies. kanchan is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Niranjan’s office
Niranjan teases samrat, as he waits impatiently for niranjan to speak out, if the judge agrees. Niranjan says that he did talk, and gave a proposal, but shall wait for the judge’s reaction, as he was against it at first, but he finally was able to convince him. He says that there’s a small problem, and that he is asking for double, 50 lakhs. samrat gets berserk, and asks if he has gone mad. niranjan says that this is a big crime, and what if the judge is leaked, and if he favours him, then the judge shall be on streets. Samrat asks him to bargain, while getting frustrated at the situation he is in. Niranjan says that 50lakhs is nothing against urmi’s los, and shaurya’s custody, and most of all keeping samrat’s head high and his ego intact. Samrat is tensed, asking what he did, and again starts pointing out what all dialogues he gave which were completely false. Niranjan says that he has accepted that the biggest mistake of his life is meeting him. Samrat says that he too did the same, and that he wont be able to get away with this. niranjan says that the relation that doesnt have trust is worthless. niranjan says that they shall fight the case, and even if urmi wins, and shaurya loses, but his 50 lakhs should be intact. He starts dialling, and samrat asks him to put it down irritably. Niranjan smiles. samrat tells him that he is already sucked up, and niranjan is exploiting him all the more. Hge agrees to giving money, but starts lashing out at him, that he wont be able to bear all this.

Scene 5:
Location: Guesthouse
Radha is berserk and crying, remembering how samrat got angry at her last night. samrat comes in, asking why is she overreacting. radha says that she didnt like it, and that she never got this treatment from his earlier. he asks why does she do this then, and starts emotionally blackmailing him, that if this continues she wont be able to become his wife ever. Radha is emotionally blackmailed by samrat, saying that he is in such worse conditions, due to urmi, having driven him nuts, that he says anything to anyone, and vents out his frustration and lashes out at whoever’s before him, and asks being his wife, who shall understnd him, if not her. He says that now if she does this, then she would be just like urmi. she denies doing it. samrat continues to rant about urmi, and smiles as he sees radha falling in his trap. He successfully managers to get her sympathy, and then leave, in a haste, as he hears footsteps, once she admits that she wont say anything after this. radha says that she cant see samrat being in such a tormented state anymore, as he wont let him be like, when she is beside him. She says that she would have to meet urmi, and urmi wont be able to do anything wrong anymore. the screen freezes on her shocked face.


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