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Monday, August 15, 2022

Lies of the heart update Monday 24 February 2020

Lies of the heart 24 February 2020: This movie series started at Urmi’s location: Urmi’s family is shown to be excited preparing for her wedding, and all geared up and excited, from the gents to the ladies.

Lies of the heart 24 February 2020: all are having fun and engage in friendly banter, while the marriage related teasing go on. Granny too comes and gives the relatives some last minute advise, on getting the first ritual in the series of marriage. They are angry as one of the relative has forgotten the list at home only. a girl named trisha, is to come today, whose pciking up is being discussed. urmi’s brother is reprimanded for going to the office on the day, that his sister’s marriage rituals start. his wife comes in to give some cards to be distributed on the way, while bantering nonsensically. he hesitates, but his mother advises him to listen to his wife, as she is very mature, that she has selected Urmi’s husband, who happens to be her Buaji’s son. The wife again emphasises on how good a person Samrat is, a little sarcastically, that she got way beyong her reach, by landing such a good catch. all are irritataed but dont say anything. they begin searching around for urmi, and is told by granny that she must have gone to Shiv’s temple, that she goes every saturday.

Urmi is thankful to the lord for making all her dreams come true, and getting such a wonderful match. she says that she wants one more thing, that despite loving, she also gets respect from her husband, and together they create a new example of faith and trust. Her sister comes in and asks her to stop talking to the Lord now, as he too must be bored by now. She shows Urmi how the wishing tree is loaded with her wishes only. They also discuss Trisha’s arrival, and assume that her train must have come. she calls up Trisha, who says that she has entered Jhansi. She says that she has already taken an auto, and is reaching home, and asks urmi also to return home to dress up for the ritual. urmi complies and cancels the call.

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Meanwhile, trisha’s auto breaks down, and she has to hanker for another auto. While she is bargaining with the other auto, she is confronted by some goons, who evetease her, and finally she is unable to control herself, and goes on to call the police, while the crowd sees it and is amused. The traffic comes to a jam particularly irritating a person in the car, who comes out to find whats the commotion, after being told that a girl has held them all up. He gets down, and finding his way through the crowd asks whats the drama and commotion all about. Trisha tells her plight. He takes off his sunglasses and faces the goons with a stern look.
Then he gives a cursory glance at the girl and tels her not to be dressed like that so as to provocate the boys. she is stunned and tries to counter him, but in turn he tels her not to create a drama and move on. She reprimands him that he too is like others but with a different attire. He says that she and all females want to be equal and hence should try and face all of this alone. she is stunned into silenece, while he disperses the crowd and drives away with his car.

Location: Urmi’s Residence
Granny is reprimanding urmi for working when she should be resting, and her sister to work, who’s resting. They are all fussy over her to beautify her, as its her special day. urmi’s Bhabhi is unable to stand this, and starts taunting, but all laugh it away. Urmi is told to sleep, while she adamantly says that she wont and would do so only after trisha comes and she meest her. But granny doesnt let go of her, and is about to take her away, when trisha walks in through the door. urmi is excited and goes on to hug her and asks whats took her so long. Trisha congratulates her, while all ask if she had any problem in the way. Trisha takes everyone’s blessings. They find that she’s tensed and ask her what happened. Trisha goes onto relate what happened to her and her encounter with that obnoxious man, how he turned into something completely opposite from what she had expected him to be. urmi is tensed. She also tells urmi about his opinion on her dress sense, and wonders how his wife would be supporting him. Urmi too says that same thing, that the woman who marries such a man would be very unlucky.  Lies of the heart monday 24 February 2020

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