Lies of the heart Thursday 2nd July 2020 update


Lies of the heart 2 July 2020: On Lies of the heart Thursday 2 July 2020 update, Ishaan meets Radha as Samrat’s lawyer to talk about the case.

Lies of the heart 2 July 2020: On Lies of the heart Thursday 2 July 2020 update, Meanwhile, Anu is angry and upset as Ishaan is not giving any time to her. She calls him to talk about shopping for their marriage, but he says he’s busy and they can plan about all this after case is over. Ishaan then clears his doubt about Samrat marrying Radha from Radha and then starts convincing her to come to court and give her testimony which will only help Samrat and Radha herself. Samrat is very self respected person and he will never drag his wife in all court matters, but being a wife, it’s Radha’s duty to help her husband in his bad time. And by supporting Samrat, she will have more respect in front of Samrat, all will come to know about their marriage and she won’t have to hide like now. Radha is somewhat convinced, but says she will first talk to Samrat before making any decision. Ishaan tries to convince her for not telling anything to Samrat, but she says she can’t come to court without his permission and leaves.

Urmi makes Shaurya sleep. Ishaan comes with a sad face. Urmi understands that Radha didn’t agree and is afraid of losing Shaurya’s custody. Shaurya hears it and hugs her tightly. Both Ishaan and Urmi assure him they will win the case.

Radha waits for Samrat. He finally comes and gets irritated seeing her waiting. He says Urmi left him and now Radha came. Radha turns and sees him. Samrat tells her that he had dinner already. Radha says she wants to talk about something important. Samrat asks what important talk she can have? then tells her to go ahead. Before Radha says anything, Shashi comes screaming and tells Samrat to call doctor as her husband fainted, BP went high. Samrat tells her to relax, it’s just BP went high, roof didn’t fall on him. Shashi tells Radha to bring water.

In morning, Radha comes to a temple to pray for Samrat and his dad. When she’s leaving, Ishaan comes in. Ishaan is relived when he finds out that Radha was unable to talk to Samrat. He once again starts convincing her to come to court and help Samrat, their relationship, etc etc and not tell anyone anything. Radha is well convinced this time.

Later, Ishaan calls Samrat and says he has found out what he’s done and it’s illegal. He will go in jail big time. Samrat gets scared and says he must be just joking. Ishaan says he filed a police complaint and being a friend, he warned him. Tomorrow after losing the case, who knows he might have an heart attack so he’s warning him today. Samrat says what nonsense. After call, Samrat wonders how he found out about bribery to the judge. He calls his lawyer who tells him to just relax. They are purposely doing this because they know Samrat is going to win the case. Samrat is still upset. Radha sees it and decides to go to court for sure.

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