Lies of the heart Monday 6 July 2020 update


Lies of the heart 6th July 2020: On Lies of the heart Monday 6 July 2020 update, At Jhansi Court,  Urmi starts telling about the orthodox notions of the society, that give the onus of carrying a relation only on the woman,

Lies of the heart 6th July 2020: On Lies of the heart Monday 6 July 2020 update, while the men roam scot free, such that even they cant breathe without suffocating. she asks why cant women start a new life, if they are unhappy in their marital relation. She asks that a woman becomes complete, when she becomes a mother, but noone realises that she bears everything, helplessly, everytime she looks at the child. The child grows up complex, and if the father isnt responsible, then he has no rights on the child. Urmi tells the judge that a mother is this capable, that she can take care of her son, and give what the child rightfully deserves. All the people get emotional and overwhelmed. She sys that she has come out of this marriage, but there are many who dont, due to their children, and the rigid mentality of the society, and that one descision in her favour, shall give a new ray of hope, to everyone out there, that they dont have to wait for the next birth to be happy, and that they can be happy and respectful in this life itself. She requests ths judge not to give a verdict for her, but for every woman, as what he does today, shall give a new direction and turning to the society, and a new chace for a woman to live a life. She gets overwhelmed with emotions, as she tearfully gives this statement. The whole court, family and others, appluads this statement of hers, while samrat and niranjan are tensed.

As all wait with bated breaths, the judge starts giving out his verdict, that after much evidences and testimonies, and having taken an observant look at all the proceedings, its been decided that the custody of the child, shaurya shall go to his mother, urmi. He also gives urmi a legal separation from samrat, claiming that they are divorced now, and strict proceedings on samrat now. urmi smiles in glee, while all celebrate their victory. the whole family walks out victorious. Urmi gets overwhelmed and thanks ishaan, tearfully.

Meanwhile, a furious samrat lashes at niranjan, asking what, how and why did this happen. Niranjan screams at him to behave, stunning him. He says that as far as the 50lakhs are concerned, the judge didnt even get it. samrat is shocked, and asks what does that mean, as he lost the case, and threatens that he would kill the family. niranjan says that he has the money. Samrat is stunned. niranjan says that lots of times, he was insulted due to samrat, and he had to compensate somehow, and thats how this happens. He asks how can he snatch the money. He gives him another shock, saying that he knew long back, that a lowlife like him, cant win even if god is by his side, and that he is the taint, on his clean career, and to wash it, he neded that money. He asks samrat not to even bother to think, and asks him to never forget Niranjan Khanna, who he insulted in his very office. Niranjan leaves in his car, while samrat stands stunned and frustrated. He starts lashing out his anger at niranjan, the judge and urmi too, as she tainted his respect and his moeny, and that he would take his revenge back, as noone can win over samrat.

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Screen 2:
Location: Gaurav’s bank
While gaurav tries to sympathise with shashi, for samrat having lost the case, while she says that she is indeed happy, as that made her own everything, as is least bothered that samrat lost. Gaurav thinks that both mother and son are alike. shashi tells him that she wants to deposit 79lakhs. He amusingly comments if she robbed someone. she asks him to mind his own business. he opens the bag, to find that only the top layer is of notes, while the ramining bag is stuffed with blank papers. Shashi is distraught. gaurav snidefully comments, while shashi has a fainting spell.

Scene 3:
Location: Guesthouse
While shashi is tensed in the guesthouse, wondering what she shall do now, and what should she say to people. the police comes asking where is samrat. Shashi and others ask whats the matter and what did he do this time around. He says that there’s a warrant, for samrat, for the murder attempt at urmi and ishaan sinha. Shashi says that urmi is lying, as samrat wasnt here. The police says that its been confirmed that samrat and his mother lied. He starts hollering again for samrat. All stand tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Urmi and shaurya are playing in the garden, carefree, without any troubles. He says that he shall forever be here. urmi promises that now samrat or noone else shall be able to take him away from her, and he shall forever be with her. they both smile happily, and play.

By the night, the whole family settles down, and everyone comments as to how everyone is happy after such a long time. sushma wishes urmi all the happiness in the worls, from now on, in this new year. Samrat finds urmi happily living with her family, laughing and bantering, through the window. He says that he wont let them live happily, after he himself, his reputation is ruined. he says that he had told them that he would either lose the case or her life. He takes the can of petrol, and sprinkles it around the house. He then burns the house afire, and watches in rage, as the flames rise, and burn down the door. He then walks off. The screen freezes on his angry and evil face.

A gap of six years follow, and the scene begins on Rainbow International School’s Annual Function. After the announcement of the awards, the final award is Best Student of the Year, and its declared to be Shaurya Singh Rathore. The entire family cheers, along with Ishaan, as a grown up Shaurya receives his award humbly. He wants to say a few words, and then goes onto give the entire credit of his success to his mother. all get emotional, particularly, ishaan. he says that she isnt with them right now, but she is the world’s best mother, and dedicates this trophy to his mother, Urmi Singh, and expresses how much he loves her. Asha exclaims that urmi should have been here today.

Screen 2:
Location: Mumbai Chawl
Urmi is shown to be progressing with a crowd of ladies, towards a house, where domestic violence is being borne on a woman, by her husband, as she screams and yelps in pain. The husband, who’s a holligan, is shocked as he finds his rod, stopped by a determined urmi. He asks who is she, and another woman answers that they are from an NGO, which helps women suffering from domestic violence. She starts reprimanding him, saying that his wife isnt a servant, but his contemporary, and that from hereon, she wont survive with him, and his beatings. She also advises him, as to what a ggood husband is, and gives him a final warning. He says that he shall continue this, and asks what would she do. she says that she would put him in jail. The wife says that she doesnt need all this, as its her husband. Urmi is surprised, and then asks the lady how long would she bear like this, and not understand her rights, and if she doesnt change her thinking, her life would be over, bearing him, and that by bearing, she isnt respecting, but instigating him, and her children, where the girl would think its natural, and the son, would continue to beat his wife too. She asks the lady to be self reliant. Then she leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Shaurya is busy celebrating his win, with the servants, when he senses urmi coming in, and she does too. All are surprised at this telepathic connection. Urmi gives a tight hug to shaurya, and says that she is very proud of him, and congratulates him. He says that he has won the trophy for her only, and its his achievement. She takes it and gets emotional, and then apologises for not being able to come, as there was an urgent work. He says that its okay and she understands, and that they shouldnt belittle the happiness, by apologising. Asha as usual continues with her nonsensical banter. All are amused. urmi asks about the function from shaurya, and is happy that ishaan took pics and videos for shaurya. Urmi tries to take, but ishaan acts pricey, and doesnt let urmi see them, teasing her. He says that she shall have to pay a price, to see the videos, for sending and receiving shaurya from school, taking care of him, when she is busy, and shaurya says that its indeed ishaan. She tries to see, but ishaan doesnt let her, and urmi asks whats the price. They all decide on a party, and the servants are given a bonus of one day. Gaurav reminds them that its the anniversary tonight and they shouldnt be late. All smile.

Scene 4:
Location: Mansion
Its the venue for Mr. and Mrs. Sinha’s 50th anniversary party, wherein Damini Sinha, the host finally comes in, with a dramatic entry, dressed in labels from top to bottom, and gloating about it, as to how her husband and her son, shower it all on her. Her friends are jealous and envious of her stature. She starts talking about urmi’s efficiency and dexterity, and just then, she comes in too, with her family, and Ishaan. He says that they are very late. Urmi says that its his fault, and he should manage. urmi wishes her a Happy Anniversary. Just then, ishaan comes in wishing her too, and its revealed that its his mother. He apologises giving the excuse of traffic, when his father comes in saying that such excuses are not pardonable. Ishaan says that his excuse is genuine, and they can ask urmi, but he asks him to keep urmi out of it, as she is the one who organised the entire party. His father then asks about shaurya, and they get to searching for him. Someone tells shaurya that his father is searching for him. He gets tensed, and says that he doesnt have a father, as he is dead. He is super scared.

Scene 5:
Location: Central Jail
Samrat comes out of central jail, having served his sentence of six years, without an ounce of change, with the same equally evil, and hideous spirit, saying that again he has returned to take away their happiness. The screen freezes on his face.

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