Lies of the heart 17 August 2020: On Lies of the heart Monday 17 August 2020 update, Damini tells Sashi to stop with her foolish acts. Ishaan and Urmi choose names for a baby girl.

Samrat goes to Gaurav’s house to kidnap Shaurya but finds no one there.

Urmi talks on the phone with her mother. Afterwards, she tells everyone that Shaurya has gone on vacation with Gaurav and Asha for 12 13 days.

Samrat overhears and decides he cannot wait that long. He plans to kill Urmi.

Samrat goes to Damini amd accuses her of not supporting him. He reminds her that she was with him in his plans to separate Ishaan and Urmi. He says that if he goes down he will bring her down with him. Samrat’s father in law overhears and confronts Damini after he leaves.

Ishaan and Urmi plan a party for Damini’s anniversary.

Samrat cuts out a wire of Urmi’s car’s brakes.

Location: Ishaan’s residence
Anirudh reprimands her for doing something sop evil, and that too by conspiring with samrat, and is unable to believe how his win wife, could stopp this low. he asks her to think what ishaan shall feel when he gets to know this. damini apologises proufsely, vehemently saying that she wanted this earlier, but not anymore at all. She asks him not to tell this to anyone, and begs to be forgiven. he apologises saying that he cant forgive her at any cost. she is apalled.

Later, while all are sitting, damini asks rani to everyday prepare panjiri for urmi, and give it to her for dinner. sandhya comments how much damini wants and cares for her grandchild. Samrat thinks that its been evening, and urmi hasnt gone out, unlike other days. sandhya asks whats she doing. urmi says that she is planning for her parents’ anniversary, the day after tomorrow. Urmi gets a call, wherein she tells the person that she shall just leave. she tells damini and sandhya that there’s a food inspection in the hotel, and ishaan isnt picking up the phone, hence she has to go. samrat is very happy. Sandhya says that she is tensed for her, that she shall leave this late. She asks if samrat can go for her. he says thats not possible. he asks how can he go, as its urmi’s restaurant. Shashi too insists that samrat should go. Samrat asks if they have gone nuts. damini asks why is she behaving so weird. Urmi is busy in the work. Samrat says that he wishes to stay away from urmi and her work. urmi tells him that its okay, as he wont have to go. she assures damini and sandhya that she shall easily manage, and shall drive safe too. samrat is happy. urmi asks rani to get the car keys. He thinks that finally, urmi’s life is over, as they might be thinking about saving the child, whereas he is concerned for her death. she finally leaves. But before that, she gets ishaan’s call, and tells as to how she had to go out. She then turns around again, and samrat urgently gets up and asks what happened. they are boggled. urmi informs them that ishaan has already reached and she wont have to go. sandhya and damini are relieved, while samrat is disappointed.

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The next morning, while samrat reads the paper in the balcony, he overviews urmi, all dressed, ready to go out, and thanks the lrod, for this golden oppurtunity, but just then ishaan calls her from inside, and then asks that he forgot something. he presents her the good luck charm, that this shall keep her safe frm all evil spirits and wrong doings. he himself dons it to her. then he pesters her to stay back, but she says that its important. He allows her to go on one condition, thats to give him a good luck kiss. samrat thinks that this just might be their last kiss. he kisses urmi on the forehead, then get into a fight as to who shall go first. finally, urmi leaves waiving ishaan goodbye. ishaan eyes her and then goes inside. samrat, in the balcony, is amused, that urmi took her car and left. he thinks that the countdown begins, for her last breath.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
urmi is in a wonderful mood, while driving the car, when suddenyl a truck comes in front, and she tries to control her speed, by pulling the brakes, and is highly tensed when the brakes dont work. she is extremely worried and scared. finally, she sees an inevitable collision, with the bus.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
While all go about their daily routine, samrat anxiously hopes that any minute now, the news of urmi’s dfeath shall come. the phone finally rings, and samrat is alarmed. but it turns out to be anirudh’s bnusiness call. he is disappointed. Ishaan asks if he is planning to leave, and if he is, he cant go this week, as this friday, they ahave planned for his anniversary. samrat is shcoekd, while tani reprimands him for not remmebering. they both too tell that he cant leave. Anirudh says that they have grown beyond all this, and that there’s no excitement too like before. damini is hurt. ishaan asks her to convince anirudh not to go, as they are all very excited. she tries to badger him, but he lashes at her, saying that work is work, and he cant ignore his professional business. ishaan asks how can he talk like this, since he has always placed family over business. saamrat is frustrated, thinking that soon there shall be grief in the house, with the news of urmi’s death. damini asks him not to go. he angrily says that he doesnt wish to celebrate. all are shocked at his behaviour. Anirudh gets up and says that he shall never ever celebrate and she shouldnt tell him what to do or not to do. he also comments that he has to focus on whats going on in the house, instead of celebrations, and eyes samrat suspiciously. he leaves in a huff. tani comments as to what happened. damini cites that this must be work stress, and excuses herself too. All are boggled, especially ishaan.

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In his room, Anirudh is in a fit of anger, when damini comes in asking whats he doing, as by behaving like this, those who dont know shall know too. but he is very angry. she again tries to vehemently deny that she doesnt mean harm now. ishaan, overhearing all this from outside, wonders why she has to apologise. anirudh keeps reprimanding and finally spills out,t aht he cant believe that she had the diea of separating urmi from ishaan, and how she was planning to spoil their marriage, and for that she conspired with the lowlife, samrat. ishaan is shocked to hear this. she asks him to be quiet, and says that she accepts that she made a mistake, and that she apologised, but there’s nothing more she can do for now. ishaan is in a daze. just then, his phone rings and he leaves to receive it. he gets a call from the hotel, asking for the elctricity bill. ishaan asks the receptionist to have urmi speak with him. but he is informed that she hasnt reached there yet. he is boggled as she had left an hour back. he begins to get worried for her, but says that she must be trapped in traffic jam. the screen freezes on his tensed face.


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