Lies of the heart 3 August 2020: Below comes the Lies of the heart Monday 3rd August 2020 update, At the Temple; Urmi comes to the temple stairs, and starts ringing the bells insistently, with a stoical face, as she faces the goddess, asking if she is feeling nice and happy to torture her devotee like this, and asks what kind of a mother is she, and how can she allow this to happen to her, and how can she punish her so gravely when she never thought or did ill to anyone. She feels betrayed even though she had utter belief in her. She asks why is she punishing ishaan too, for love, justice and dedication. she asks if she had to to do this, then why did she make her fall in love with him. She asks why did she betray them both so badly, but still her faith didnt shake. she says that she felt that atleast she would do justice to ishaan, but today its shattered. She says that it signifies that her own existence is threatened, and if she does, then she should miraculously get a way out. She storms out of the temple.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, gaurav tensedly drives as saroj and devi take shaurya in the lap, and his condition is getting worse. Gaurav calls ishaan while he doesnt pick up, oblivious of shauruya’s condition deteriorating. When he doesnt pick up, isdhaan is given a message that shaurya isnt well, and asks them to call urgently. He gets tensed reading it, and immediately calls him. Gaurav tells ishaan about Shaurya’s condition, while ishaan tells him the doctor and the hospital’s name, and asks gauravb to drive there. ishaan says that he would reach rightaway. they rush towards the hospital.

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Scene 3:
Location: Hotel suite
Samrat gets everything in a romantic and sensual mood, with incense sticks and candles, and rose petals, evilly smirking of the night that he shall spend with urmi. He impatiently waits for her, leering hinting at her sexuality. he gets tani’s call and is frustrated. he picks up and talks sweetly of the preparations going on for the puja. He asks if anything is urgent. She says that she was missing him, and he says that he shall come tomorrow. He asks her not to disturb, and she happily complies. He then cancels the call, and again vents out his frustration at her. He wonders where’s urmi.

Meanwhile, urmi finally arrives at the hotel, remembering samrat’s leering comments. She sits blankly and then pays off the cab fare, and gets out, in a daze. She remembers all the doscussions and arguement, that she along with her family ever had, regarding this decision. As she walks inside the hotel, she gets samrat’s message, telling about the room number. she is distraught. She collapses on the visiting sofa, as she remembers her romantic moments with ishaan. She is helpless and apalled. She presses the button for the lift, and then when it comes, she doesnt realise, and another person asks her to get it. She is awaken from her daze, and steps inside the lift.

Scene 4:
Location: Hospital
The receptionist says that the doctor isnt available in the country and would be back after tomorrow. They try to ask who is replacing him in cases of emergency. the nurse says no. They ask to do something, and the nurse refers to the physician. they think its extremely stupid. Gaurav wonders what shall they do now. then they take shaurya to another hospital, wherein another doctor inspects him. Saroj is worried if he shall do a good checkup. The doctor comes out and assures them that he is healthy and they panicked unnecessarily. Ishaan talks about the bad condition last time. the doctor says that they shall wait for the lab results to be more clear. They thank him. he leaves. Gaurav tries her number and urmi again doesnt pick up. They decide to try the home number, and ishaan asks to let be, tensedly. Gaurav asks whats the matter. ishaan says that she isnt at home, surprising them as they understand whats going on. Gaurav comforts ishaan, while saroj and devi are mortified, and ishaan is barely able to hide his pain.

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The doctor comes and tells ishaan and urmi’s family, as to who told him that shaurya has cancer as he doesnt, and is fully healthy. They are boggled and shocked. He tells and asks them not to worry for the son, as he is perfectly fine. ishaan is bewildered. He asks how is this possible, and what about the treatment. the doctor says that its wrong treatment, and that he has been subjected to wrong info. They are all shocked and boggled too. the screen freezes on ishaan’s face.


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