Law of the Heart Telemundo: Full story, Plot Summary And casts

Law of the Heart Telemundo:  is a Colombian telenovela to be aired on Telemundo africa, Law of the heart telemundo is created by Mónica Agudelo Tenorio and adapted for television by Felipe Agudelo. It is dedicated to the memory of Agudelo after her death in 2012. It will start airing on Telemundo Africa on Februay 15, 2021.

Law of the heart telemundo stars Luciano D’Alessandro as Pablo Domínguez and Laura Londoño as Julia Escallón, with Sebastián Martínez, Iván López, Mabel Moreno, Lina Tejeiro, Rodrigo Candamil, Manuel Sarmiento, Mario Ruíz, Yesenia Valencia, Carlos Benjumea, Judy Henríquez, and Juan Pablo Barragán in the main roles respectively.

This is the undercurrent in Telemundo’s new Colombian novela Law of the Heart (La ley del corazón), which premieres on Monday 15 February at 21h00, replacing the repeat of False Identity.

Law of the Heart Telemundo

Law of the Heart Telemundo

Legal eagles have been a long-time fascination factor for TV lovers with their feisty arguments, smarty-pants attitudes and sensual undertones.

Law offices always seem so suited to sexy subtext as the partners, associates and their busybody staff go about their business of fighting for their version of justice.

Law of the Heart Telemundo Full story/Plot Summary:

It is placed at the… *believe Spanish accent*: Cabal-Ortega-Domínguez and Associates Law Company, which specialises in family law.

The series’s litigations are based on real-life instances (e.g. a transgender individual fights for custody of a child in one of their initial instances ) and the attorneys’ private lives are wrapped-up at a lurve triangle.

The activity centers round Pablo Dominguez and Julia Escallón, played with Luciano D’Alessandro (Operation Pacific, Decisions) and Laura Londoño (Narcos).

Pablo, one of the spouses in the law firm, has divorced his wife Jemima and he is having a tough time at the wake since he can lose the right to watch his stepchildren, who he loves as his own.

Julia joins the law firm and flourish! His life is all about to change.

The good thing for him: Julia’s attentions are everywhere since she is engaged to wed Camilo (Sebastián Martínez) and thrilled about it.

The great news for Pablo: Julia’s life changes radically when she is in the altar and going to say”I do”.

Law of the Heart Telemundo

Law of the Heart Telemundo

The show takes place at a successful law firm specialized in family law, dedicated to instances of separation and in general to relationship and family conflicts. Pablo Domínguez (Luciano D’Alessandro), a partner in the firm Cabal-Ortega-Domínguez and partners, is going through a difficult situation in his life after separating from his wife Jimena (Carolina Acevedo). Unexpectedly, the lawyer meets his colleague Julia Escallón (Laura Londoño), who is going to wed Camilo Borrero (Sebastián Martínez), but a twist of destiny will change her life and bring her nearer to Pablo. The show features the love triangle between Julia, Pablo, and Camilo, and the twists and turns from the love lives of the other lawyers in the business, with their lives often reflected in the legal cases they are defending.

Law of the Heart Telemundo

Law of the Heart Telemundo

Law of the Heart Telemundo Casts/Real Name and pictures:

  • Luciano D’Alessandro as Pablo Domínguez
  • Laura Londoño as Julia Escallón
  • Sebastián Martínez as Camilo Borrero
  • Iván López as Nicolás Ortega
  • Mabel Moreno as María del Pilar Garcés
  • Lina Tejeiro as Catalina Mejía
  • Rodrigo Candamil as Alfredo Duperly
  • Manuel Sarmiento as Iván Estéfan
  • Mario Ruíz as Elías Rodríguez
  • Yesenia Valencia as Rosa Ferro
  • Carlos Benjumea as Hernando Cabal
  • Judy Henríquez as Carmen
  • Juan Pablo Barragán as Marcos Tibatá


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