Lady luck 7 February 2020: Divya pleads Ansh to save Muskan. Badi maa asks who is Muskan. Divya says Ansh and Bhoomi’s daughter.

Lady luck Friday 7 February 2020: Badi asks who is she then. She says she is Divya. Badi maa slaps her and asks how can she betray her. Divya says she did not betray them. Each family member starts yelling at her.

Badi maa gets heart attack and falls down. Ansh stops Divya and asks why did she lie him even after him warning not to hide anything. Badi maa shakes her and she realizes that it was her imagination. Badi maa asks her to get turmeric milk for Varun. Divya goes to kitchen. Yuvraj sends her video with him and crying Muskan. She calls Yuvraj who says if she does not marry him, he will kill Muskan and tells her not to inform anyone, else she will repent. Badi maa comes and knocks door. Yuvraj says her old man came and laughs. Divya disconnects call and walks out.


Whole family discusses that everything is sorted ot now, so they will get Ansh and Bhoomi’s marriage tomorrow itself. Pavitra says she has to say something and after a bit of drama says she wants Varun and Surbhi’s marriage also tomorrow. Badi maa says she is proud of her. Divya gets emotional and cries. Inder says he will arrange everything.

Divya thinks of informing everything to Ansh, but Ansh is busy and does not listen to her. She thinks she has to inform him anyhow and save Muskan.

Divya tries to tell Ansh about Muskan when Latha with Suman comes says Bhoomi cannot stay with Ansh today and can meet him only after marriage. Pavitra also comes and says Bhoomi will sleep in her room and takes Divya from there.

Pavitra takes Divya to her room and says she knows Bhoomi wanted her to take her place and take care of her family, now she is with her and will pray Bhoomi to forgive her. Divya thinks she should inform her about Muskan. Just then, Servant comes and tells Pavitra that Badi maa is calling her. She leaves.

In the morning, family gets ready with mantap in hall and Agram asks Latha to call bride and groom. Suman says she forgot to remove Surbhi’s mehandi. Inder jokes she is old now and forgets. Suman says she is young and he is old instead and applies hair dye. Inder asks not to expose his secret. Everyone laugh.

Divya gets ready in bridal attire. Latha comes there and says her daughter is looking very beautiful. She asks her to come down for marriage and goes to call Ansh. Yuvraj calls her and asks if she is ready for marriage. She asks how does he know. He laughs and says he knows everything and says once she marries Ansh, he will bring Muskan there and she will be kicked out of Prajapati house. Divya starts crying vigorously.

Varun sees Divya crying and asks her what happened. She stands silently. He says he considers her as sister and though she is not Bhoomi, she can trust him and tell what happened. She tells her about Muskan, Yuvraj kidnapping her and rest of the incident. Varun says Bhoomi’s last wish would have been to get this child to Prajapati family and he will fulfill his sister’s wish. He knows Divya with good intentions kept quiet till today. He will bring bring Muskan back. He asks Divya to go and marry Ansh. Pavitra also comes and says Varun is right, nothing will happen to Muskan, they are with her. She asks Varun if she can come with him. He asks her to be with Divya.

Divya is taken down for marriage. She goes and sits next to Ansh in mantap.

Varun reaches Yuraj’s place and beats him for trying to harm his neice. He snatches Muskan and continues beating Yuvraj. Yuvraj calls his goons and they surround Varun.

Pandit asks Ansh and Divya to perform pheras and then exchange garland. They do same. Pandit says their marriage is complete now.

Divya and Ansh’s marriage starts with Panditji reciting mantras and guiding them. Varun continues beating Yuvraj and his men. They finally catch him and Yuvraj starts his dialogues that he interfered twice and escaped but not today. Varun kicks him and then beats his goons. Yuvraj hides. Varun shouts. Yuvraj shoots him from behind. Varun turns. Yuvraj shoots him repeatedly. He falls down, says Surbhi I love you, and dies. Yuvraj starts laughing his usual schizophrenic self and looks at baby Muskan.

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