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Lady luck Wednesday 8 January 2020 Update: Surbhi ties rakhi to ansh and as a gift asks him to give his office to Varun.

Lady luck 8 January 2020 Update: Ansh agrees. Agram asks Ansh what is he doing. Bhoomi says Ansh is doing right, a brother can do anything for his sister’s happiness. Vasundhara asks Bhoomi to tie rakhi to Varun next. Bhoomi ties and asks her gift. Varun returns Ansh’s cabin as gift. Bhoomi asks what is he doing and Ansh says he will not accept it. Varun says as bhoomi told it is his right to see his sister happy and says Ansh he gave office to his sister and not him. Ansh agrees.  Surbhi angrily walks to her room and Varun follows her. She asks why did he return cabin when she got it with great difficulty.

He says he wants to earn by his effort and not by borrowing from people, he wants to keep her happy and don’t want to come home daily and fight with her and asks if she wants him to be under people’s burden. She nods no. He says he loves him a lot and thanks her for understanding him. Vasundhara asks Kaveri to tie rakhi to her brothers. She with her usual mad acting says she does not have brothers.

Agram and Inder stand up. She then says she forgot they consider her as their sister. She then ties rakhi and gift her jewelry.

She says she don’t need it. They insist and says she came back in their lives after years. She asks she needs more and asks if they will give anything. They say yes. She says she needs everything.

They get confused. She says she needs their happiness and wants them to protect her. They say they will. Suman asks Pavitra to tie rakhi to her brother Ansh. Pavitra asks which brother, where was he when she needed him most, she does not have any brother or mother.

Bhoomi says she cannot insult rakhi like this. Ansh says she has a soft heart inside her anger and should get it out today. Pavitra angrily ties him rakhi and walks towards her room. In room, Pavitra tells Kaveri that she is fed up of Bhoomi’s interference. Kaveri asks her to forget her and think about Vasundhara and don’t know whom she will transfer her property, she has sent her medicine mixed milk and sent Surbhi to guard her. Bhoomi sits with Vasundhara.

Vasundahra asks where is Surbhi. Bhoomi says she is in her room and will come soon. Vasundhara asks water and Bhoomi goes to kitchen. Vasundhara gets a call from a man and asks if she is not afraid hearing his voice and asks her to call him Chandrakanth from her sweet voice. she says he cannot be chandrakanth. He says it is up to her to believe and says he will come to her home tomorrow.

She panics and looks into mirror. Her inner voice tells that once Chandrakanth comes, her secret will be out and her palace will shatter. She shouts this cannot happen. Bhoomi comes back and calms her down and asks if she saw something again. She asks her to announce her decision about signing authority tomorrow.

Vasundhara says she will today itself. Inder sees Suman wandering tensely and asks her to calm down. She says how can when her innocent son-in-law varun gave such a big cabin back and she is also worried whom Vasundhara will make her signing authority, if she does not give it to Inder, she will not keep quiet. Vasundhara asks bhoomi to take her down to announce signing authority.

Bhoomi drops her down. Ansh stops her and she says she is tensed for badi maa and hopes her decision will maintain peace in this house. He says CCTV cameras will be installed in 2 days and then everything will be alright. Lawyer comes and gives papers to Vasundhara and asks to tell in whose name she wants to transfer her signing authority, so that he can get it signed.

Vasundhara checks papers and says she wants to transfer her signing authority/power of attorney to her bahu Bhoomi Prajapati. Everyone are shocked hearing this. Vasundhara calls her lawyer and says she wants to transfer her power of attorney (POA) to Bhoomi. Suman yells at Bhoomi that she was acting as serving bhabhi maa to get her POA, when Bhabhi maa wanted to throw her out, how can she change her decision.

Vasundhara says she knows who is fake and who is genuine in this house and her decision is final. Bhoomi says when there are elders why she. Inder says Bhoomi says she does not know anything about business.

Vasundhara says she will learn slowly. Bhoomi takes Ansh to their room and says she does not want to accept this responsibility as he and Agram are there to take care of business. He says Badi maa takes decisions very carefully and nobody can oppose it. Bhoomi gets down and says Vasundhara she will accept her decision.

Vasundhara says she wants to give house’s responsibility and gives keys to Latha. Suman and Inder gets jealous and frown. Kavitha thinks she did her work and now if males don’t fight, females will fight like cats. Bhoomi sits on dining table chair tensely. Varun asks why is she tensed and where is Ansh.

She says Ansh has gone out. He says he is proud of her and told Daadi how their Bhoomi became big with her loyalty. Bhoomi smiles. Pavitra tells Kavitha that hero and his sister are busy downstairs, nagin maami is crying on Surbhi’s shoulder, so she should go and bra tainwash laddoo maama.

Kavitha goes to Inder’s room and brainwashes him that Vasundhara did injustice to him and gave all her wealth to Agram’s family. Pavitra goes to Suman and Surbhi’s room and brainwashes them. Pavitra and Kavitha then meet and discuss that their plan is working and soon Vasundhara’s house will be broken.

Vasundhara hears their conversation and says her bahu will fail their plan and will teach them a lesson. Bhoomi calls Ansh and he says he will get late today, she can sleep. Pavitra hears her conversation and thinks Ansh must be planning Bhoomi’s birthday, but she will ruin it. Bhoomi sleeps and someone enters with knife at midnight and lights matches in front of her face.

Bhoomi wakes up worriedly and is surprised to see Ansh. Ansh says it is a surprise for her and gives his gift. At 12 midnight, Shukla family calls Bhoomi and wishes her happy birthday. she gets emotional. In the morning, Vasundhara wishes happy birthday to Bhoomi and says she is seeing her image in her and knows she will keep family united like her.

Vasundhara hands over her power of attorney to Bhoomi and house’s responsibility to Latha. After some time, Latha serves food for everyone.

Suman says everyone knows that she is owner of this house now, so she should stop flauting keys on her waist and tie it to her pallu. Latha asks why is she talking like this. Suman starts shouting. Kaveri to add oil on fire looks at Bhoomi’s golden bangles and asks if it is khandani/family treasure. Suman says she was being kicked out 4 days ago and now given khandani bangles. Ansh gets irked and asks her why is she misbehaving. Agram says they can sort out differences later. Inder says when everything is finished what is use now. Ansh angrily leaves and Bhoomi follows him. Bhoomi tries to console Ansh. Ansh says how can chachi/suman insult her. Bhoomi says it is okay. Ansh says he will throw her birthday party today for sure. She says he should not. Varun enters and asks what if they invite someone because of whom, Suman and family don’t create drama. Ansh asks who are they. Varun says his family, Suman and family will respect damad’s family and will keep quiet. Ansh says he is right and they will throw a lavish party tonight. Varun says it is a good idea.

Party starts and Latha/agram start greeting guests in. Suman gets jealous and says they are acting as if they are owners and ignoring them like guests. Bhoomi comes down wearing beautiful black sari. Ansh says she is looking very beautiful. Shukla family enters. Bhoomi hugs daadi happily. Daadi twists her ear and says she forgot her after getting her badi maa. Bhoomi says she will be always special to her. Vasundhara interfers and says Shukla family will always be special for Bhoomi and it is their good sanskars that Bhoomi is taking care of prajapati family so well. Varun also greets them. Daadi says she is proud of her grandchildren that they are handling problems so well and asks Varun to come home with Surbhi soon after sorting out issues. Vasundhara greets them in.

Pavitra starts dancing sensuously on aaj ki raat…song…and revolves around Vasundhara and Bhoomi. Vasundhara gets irked. After dance, Ansh asks guests to gather for cake cutting. Vasundhara hears blanket man telling her that cake has poison. Bhoomi cuts cake and Ansh is about to feed her cake when Vasundhara throws cake piece and says it has poison. Bhoomi and Ansh take her to a room and ask what happened. She says someone told cake has poison and says she will not attend party due to her bad mental condition. Bhoomi asks her to rest and leaves with Ansh to take care of guests.

Ansh asks waiter to remove cake and tells guests that this is not Bhoomi’s favorite cake, it will arrive in some time and till then they can enjoy party. Daadi asks Bhoomi what happened. Bhoomi says nothing important and asks her to enjoy party.

Kaveri sees a lot of guests and tells Pavitra that Vasundhara spoils their plan easily. Pavitra says Bhoomi is saving her, soon when they kill bhoomi, she will be useless. Bhoomi tells Ansh if badi maa is telling she saw someone, there must be telling truth as anyone can hide between guests. Pavitra’s waiter gives Vasundhara juice and says Ansh gave it to her. Vasundhara drinks juice and gets schizo attack again.

Bhoomi sees blanket man behind pillar and starts following him. Man enters store room and once bhoomi gets it, he pushes her and locks her inside store room. He then gives key to Pavitra and leaves. Pavitra smirks and thinks today is bhoomi’s last day.

Pavitra’s blanket man locks Bhoomi inside store room and starts toxic gas. Bhoomi starts feeling breathlessness smelling fumes and tries to call Ansh.

Vasundhara starts dancing in party on Dilbar dil ke pyaare…song. Whole family gets humiliated seeing her dance. Ansh tells Varun that only Bhoomi can control badi maa, but she is missing. Varun says even he is searching her since a long time. Bhoomi calls Ansh, but his phone is in room. She then calls Varun, but his phone is on blazer pocket, so he could not hear bell. Ansh says he will call Bhoomi and check, does not find mobile and says he left it in his room. Varun picks phone from his blazer pocket and sees Bhoomi’s misscall. They both start searching Bhoomi.

Ansh reaches store room and smells gas. He realizes Bhoomi must be in and also hears phone ringing. He says bhoomi that he knows she is in and will break door. Varun also reaches and they both break door open and are shocked to see Bhoomi unconscious on floor. They carry her to room. Shukla family gets worried and daadi asks what happened to her as Ansh is not telling anything. Bhoomi says she did not eat since morning, so got unconscious due to weakness.

Vasundhara asks Pavitra to get out of her house. Pavitra says she is not a doll that she throws sometimes and keeps in home sometimes. Vasundhara asks if she is not ashamed to do such a heinous act. Bhoomi says Pavitra is not involved in it. Vasundhara says she is already ashamed of insulting family, but cannot more. Pavitra asks who is she to scold her. Vasundhara says she is an elder of this house and cannot let anyone harm her feel, how dare she is to try to kill Bhoomi. Ansh looks at Bhoomi and Bhoomi nods yes. Pavitra starts insulting Vasundhara and says Vasundhara is her mother and not Kavita. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Agram asks Pavitra why is she lying. Kavita says she told she is her daughter. Pavitra says she is not. Agram asks Pavitra to prove that she is Vasundhara’s daughter. Pavitra says Vasundhara’s nervous and bent head proves it. Vasundhara says she is lying. Pavitra says she will call her uncle Chandrakanth who will prove it. Vasundhara says he cannot come as she killed him. Kavita starts acting as panicking hearing her husband’s death and falls unconscious.

Varun sprinkles water on Kavita and wakes her up. Kavita acts as gaining back her memory and identifies Agram and Inder. Bhoomi and Ansh ask Vasundhara to go and rest and she gets up. Kavita strangulates Vasundhara for killing her husband.

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