Lady Luck update Sunday 17 November 2019 Zee World

Lady Luck update Sunday 17 November 2019 Zee World

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Lady Luck update Sunday 17th November 2019 Zee World

Vasundhara reaches Mishra house. Shanti greets her in. Vasundhara asks her to call her whole family. When everyone comes, she tells Varun did a big mistake with her neice Surbhi and says she would have stopped Avni’s marriage, but she did not.

Mishraji says he did not know about his grandson’s mistake. She says he selects astrology stones for everyone, but did not identify coal in his own family. She says to correct the mistake, she wants Varun and Subrhi’s marraige to happen soon.

Shanti says Rajender is not at home and once he comes back, she will decide. Vasundhara asks if she is denying her. Shanti says she is just requesting her to give them some time.

Vasundhara says okay and leaves. Varun and Bhoomi hear everything standing near stairs. Joginder gets irked and calls Varun. Mishraji asks him to calm down. Rajender goes to Bhoomi’s office with principal. He asks principal if this company has branches. Principal says they have branches in whole world.

HR execute meets Rajender, tours whole office and let him meet girls working there from other states. Rajender gets convinced. Vasundhara comes back home and informs family that she has fixed Surbhi and Varun’s marriage as she saw Surbhi and Varun’s romance yesterday. Simran asks how can she fix alliance in Mishra family who are poorer than them. Vasundhara says Mishra family is well known in Ujjain and money is not everything. Surbhi says she will not marry Varun as he is just her friend and if she just chats and befriends him, that does not mean she loves him.

Vasundhara gets angry and raises hand to slap her. Simran starts her drama and says she will strangulate Surbhi for misbehaving with bhabhi.  When no one has gut to oppose bhabhi, how can she. she drags Surbhi to room and says if she had not yelled at her, they would be kicked out of Vasundhara’s house.

She locks door and says she wanted her to marry someone like Salman and SRK, but she chose someone like Rajpal Yadav. Surbhi says Varun is just her friend and she will not marry him. Simran says if she doe s not agree Vasundhara’s decision, they all will be kicked out. She yells why did she got friendly with Varun and ruined her life. Surbhi asks her to do something as she does not to be in Ujjain after marrying Varun. She asks her to wait for sometime until Vasundhara’s anger dissipates.

HR execute reassures Rajender that Bhoomi will be safe in their company and will provided free food and accomodation also. She shows Bhoom’s desk. Rajender gets happy seeing the desk. Principal tells his children are vdery talented. He says she is right, Varun is doctor now and Bhoomi got job in such a big company.

She goes to speak to HR. Vasundhara calls Vikram’s parents and tells she has arranged pooja and wants Avnni and Vikram to perform it. Mom says it is Avni’s pagh phere today and her parents will come home.

Vasundhara asks her to tell Avni’s parents to come tomorrow and asks them attend pooja tonight. They agree and leave. Vasundhara then calls Latha and Suman and asks them to arrange pooja. She then leaves towards Mishra house with family in jeep. Shanti asks her bahus to prepare food fast as they have to attend Avni’s pagh phere. She gets call from Vikram’s mom who says Pagh pheras will be tomorrow as per bhabhi’s orders. She gets tensed. Avni’s mother-in-law calls Mishra family’s landline and informs Shanti that Avni’s pagh pheras cannot happen today as Vasundhara has arranged pooja at home.

Shanti and bahus are shocked to hear that. Janaki takes phone and says she wants to speak to Avni. MIL says Avni is not here and will inform her once she comes. Janaki gets tensed and tells Vasundhara controls whole family.

Rajender is on the way home after inspecting Bhoomi’s office and getting convinced. He thinks he will not let family members ruin Bhoomi’s happiness and will fight for Bhoomi.

Janaki calls him and informs about Avni’s paghperas being cancelled and Vasundhara fixing Varun and Surbi’s marriage. He says he will reach home soon. Surbhi calls Varun, but he does not pick call. Bhoomi asks him to pick call as she must also be tensed. Surbhi SMSes Varun to call him back soon. Rajender angrily reaches home and calls Varun. Varun gets tensed. Bhoomi takes him down.

Rajender asks what her mother told is true. He says yes. He slaps him and says he trusts his children so much, but he broke his trust. He asks why did not he think of Avni’s happiness. Bijender starts slapping Varun and asks since when he is having his affair. He even beats him with slipper.

Varun says he and Surbhi love each other and Bhoomi knows about it. Rajender asks why did she hide Varun’s mistake. Varun says she came to know only yesterday night and he asked her to keep quiet. Shanti says her grandson did not do any sin and loves a girl, what is his mistake if girl also loves him.

Rajender says they should correct this mistake and should reach Avni’s home right now. Mishra family reaches Vasundhara’s house and informs servant she came to meet Avni and Vasundhara. Vasundhara who is busy in pooja gets up and greets them in. Her devar’s discuss that bhabhi’s decisions are always right, she called Mishra family to fix Varun and Surbhi’s marriage and say they have to accept Bhabhi’s decisions.

Vasundhara tells mishra family that she has arranged pooja for Avni’s prosperity and asks them to join. Rajender says they came to meet and not to join in pooja. Vasundhara takes them to hall. Rajender apologizes her for not meeting her on time as he had gone to Indore and tells he accepts Surbhi and Avni’s alliance.

Vasundhara says she knew their decision as they are from well cultured family. She says her panit has given dates of 1 and 2 months. Shanti says Varun’s marriage cannot happen in 1-2 months as Bhoomi has to marry first. She says society will badmouth about them that they got their son married before son and asks her to tell if she has any boy in her mind.

Vasundhara says she has a boy for Bhoomi and he is very nice. Shanti asks who is he. Vasundhara says she was watching Bhoomi in whole marriage and liked her, so she wanted to her nephew Maan to marry Bhoomi.

She says Maan is studying in Delhi and is like her son. Vasundhara says she accepts this alliance and is very happy.

Bhoomi on the other side asks Varun to relax and marry and says now she can concentrate on her job for 1 year at least. Rajender asks Vasundhara to speak to Maan once. She says her family children don’t deny her decisions and asksShanti to speak to Bhoomi instead.

Shanti says even her children don’t deny her decisions and is very happy to have alliance with her family. Vasundhara says she has bought up Maan like her own son. Shanti gives her shagun.

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