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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Lady luck update Saturday 25th January 2020

Lady luck 25 January 2020 Zee world: Divya emotionally prays god that he sent her between 2 loving couple Ansh and Bhoomi.

Lady luck update Saturday 25 January 2020: She hears lashes sounds and gets afraid. Yuvraj comes and frightens her that he will punish her at 9 p.m. for being with othe man. Divya reminisces past incidents where he lashes her and shivers in fear.

Varun’s friend calls him and informs about tomorrow’s city curfew. Latha and Surbhi passes by discussing that Surbhi’s friend will come tomorrow to pick her. Varun informs them that tomorrow is curfew in city. He then goes to room sadly. Pavitra asks him why was he looking at Surbhi. He says Surbhi is his first love and will be always his love. Pavitra bought his body with money, but not his feelings and soul. Pavitra thinks Varun is his and Surbhi is his past.

Badi maa gives family bangles to Ansh and says her saas gave it to her and she is giving it to Bhoomi. Ansh goes to room and sees Boomi/divya shivering (reminiscing Yuvraj’s lashes). He touches her forehead and makes her sleep properly. Divya murmurs she is Bhoomi not Bhoomi. He asks her to rest and calls family members. Latha and Badi maa get worried for Bhoomi. They call docs and nobody picks. Badi maa says due to curfew neither docs or medical shops are open. Ansh asks them not to worry, he will take care of Bhoomi tonight and sends them to sleep.

Pavitra does not get sleep at night reminiscing Varun’s words and yells that Varun is sound asleep after vanishing her sleep with his words. She walks in lawn murmuring that she is trying to expose Bhoomi, but is unable to after many tries and on the other side Varun is behind Surbhi again. Ansh passes by and she asks where is he going. He says kitchen. She taunts he must be tired of his wife’s tantrums, so he is going to kitchen to drink alcohol hiding. He asks to shut her mouth and says Bhoomi is having high fever and he is going to pick water to prep her forehead.

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Pavitra then goes to Yuvraj’s room and sees him dipping hunter into glass strands and asks if he is reason for Bhoomi/Divya’s fever and says he is busy here with hunter while Ansh is busy prepping forehead with water to lessen her fever. Yuvraj gets worried for Divya and runs towards her room.

Yuvraj enters Divya/Bhoomi’s room and sees her shivering in fever. He wakes her up, calls her begum and asks how can she get ill with his torture. Ansh enters with water and cloth to prep Divya’s forehead and asks Yuvraj what is he doing here. Yuvraj says Pavitra thold him that Bhoomi is ill, so he came to check him. Ansh says doc are not available due to curfew in city. Yuvraj says he has doc and calls his doc, but doc does not pick call. Doc finally picks call. Yuvraj yells that he called him 30 times and says his w…is, then says someone is ill and he should come right now. Doc sa she cannot come due to curfew. Yuvraj continues scolding him. Ansh tells he does not have do worry as he will take care of Bhoomi and sends him out. Ansh applies cold cloth on Bhoomi/Divya’s forehead, but her fever increases. He calls doc and says his wife is ill. Doc says he can come only in the morning due to curfew and suggests him to give his body heat to hsi wife to lower her fever. Ansh thinks he cannot do this and betray his bhoomi, but then agrees seeing her condition. He removes his clothes and then Divya’s and sleeps hugging her tightly.

In the morning, Yuvraj comes and knocks door. Ansh wakes up, dresses himself and gives Divya her clothes saying he will tell her what happened last night. She also gets dressed nervously. They both then get out of room. Badi maa passes by and asks Yuvraj what is he doing here. He says Bhoomi is ill, so he came to check her. Badi maa asks Bhoomi how is she now. Bhoomi says she is fine. Badi maa says it is good she got well soon. Bhoomi say she will get ready and meet her soon. Badi maa asks her to rest.

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Ansh goes back with Divya/Bhoomi and tries to lock door. Yuvraj forcefully enters and tells Bhoomi she was severely ill yesterday night. Ansh says Bhoomi is fine now and thanks for his concern. Badi maa comes in and asks Yuvraj if he did not go yet for breakfast. Yuvraj says leaves saying he will meet them down. Badi maa tells Ansh and Bhoomi that she came to inform them about diwali. Bhoomi says she will get ready for pooja. Badi maa says she should rest first.

Pavitra scolds manager for giving bonus to employees and asks who ordered him. Manager says Ansh. She yells that after property partition, Ansh is spending money a lot. She passes by Ansh and Bhoomi’s room and silently listens to their conversation. Ansh tells Bhoomi that yesterday night she was having high fever and was shivering and doc suggested to give body heat to lessen her fever, so he slept with her hugging, but did not do anything as he respects woman and would not do anyting without her permission. Pavitra smirks that it is a good news to provoke Yuvraj.

Pavitra goes to Yuvraj’s room and waits for him. Yuvraj comes out after bath and asks if she will go out or he should remove his bathrobe in front of her. She says she came to give him a news and says Ansh and Bhoomi got intimate yesterday night and slept together hugging. He fumes that his begum cannot sleep with another man.

Ansh and Bhoomi’s ankh micholi starts. They both get shy seeing each other. Ansh gifts he sari. Bhoomi thanks him. Varun passes angrily telling that he will not attend office tonight and all his meetings should be canceled. Ansh says he did not see Varun angry so much before. Bhoomi requests to help him unite Varun and Surbhi before their marriage. Ansh agrees.

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Bhoomi/Divya then gets a call from nurse and walks out of room. Nurse says real Bhoomi is not eating tablets and she should come there right now. Divya says she cannot come right now and asks to take care of Bhoomi. She then goes to store room and sees lights off. She gets in. Yuvraj enters and locks door from inside. He frightens her that she became dirty by sleeping with Ansh and he will clean her. She says she is not Divya. He says she is and continues frightening her.

Latha and Suman draw rangoli in front of door. Laxmi maata comes disguised as lady and tells them signifance of rangoli on diwali festival. Badi maa comes and asks who is she. She tells she is Laxmi from some peet/religous organization and came to give maata’s chunri to 5 families and she wants to give first chunri to their family and asks badi maa to call her bahu. Badi maa sends Ansh to bring Bhoomi.

Yuvraj continues frightening Bhoomi and is about to splash water on her when Ansh comes and knocks door. Yuvraj asks Bhoomi not to shout. Bhoomi kicks water bucket and shouts. Ansh knocks door again. Yuvraj hides behind door. Bhoomi opens door and hugs Ansh tightly. He asks what happened and what is she doing here. Yuvraj silently leaves. Bhoomi says she came to clean items for diwali. He asks why she wants to work when she is having fever and takes her downstairs.

Badi introduces maata laxmi as laxmi from peet and wants to dorn chunri to bhoomi. Laxmi maa dorns chunri on Bhoomi. Bhoomi says she came on right time, else. Laxmi maa says she knows everything and says she is bhagylalaxmi of this house and should be on path of truth always. She wishes family goodby and walks out of room and converts into her real maata avatar.

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