Lady luck Tuesday update 3 December 2019 Zee World

Lady luck Tuesday update 3 December 2019 Zee World

Bijender keeps his pagdi on Vasundhara’s legs and pleads to accept his daughter Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja). Vasundhara steps on it and leaves with inebriated (bewda) Ansh. Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) starts crying vigorously.

Lady luck Tuesday update 3rd December 2019 Zee World

Shanti brings family back home and asks Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) to step in. Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) asks to get Varun and Surbhi in first. Janaki performs their aarti.

Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) reminisces Ansh shouting repeatedly that he does not know Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja). Surbhi thinks she thought her graha pravesh would be in filmy style, but it all ruined because of Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja).

Vasundhara brings family back home and tells she did not think Maan (Varun Sharma) would show her this day. Maan (Varun Sharma) is still inebriated. She asks Agram to take Maan (Varun Sharma) to his room and asks another devar to call lawyer in the morning as she wants to talk about divorce. Latha tries to speak, but stops seeing angry Vasundhara.

Suman thinks these people are only worried about Maan (Varun Sharma) and not Surbhi who must be feeling difficulty in a match box size home. Murli tells family that even Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja)’s graha pravesh should have happened now. Everyone feel sad. Surbhi asks Janaki if she will not take her foot prints. Janaki brings thali. Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) runs to her room. Varun tries to follow her, but Rajender asks him to be with Surbhi and goes to console Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja).

Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) in her room starts crying vigorously. Rajender knocks door and asks her to open door. She says she wants to be alone at this time. Rajender leaves. Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) thinks why Ansh kicked her out of his life.

Janaki and Dhara bring Surbhi to Varun’s room and Janaki says she is very happy bring her home, but due to situation at home, she could not greet her well. Surbhi says it is okay. Surbhi thinks mom was right, room’s curtains are really bad, she has to change them now. Janaki leaves asking her to rest. Surbhi says Varun decoration is good and asks if he did it. He leaves saying he will be back soon. She thinks she will get ready till he is back.

Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) removes her bridal veil and looks at her mangalsutra, reminisces Ansh dorning it without even looking at her and applying sindoor on her forehead. She starts crying vigorously.

Ansh in his sleep reminisces Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) slapping him and murmurs why did she do this.

Rajender sits with family and tells Shanti Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) is not opening door. Dhara cries telling her daughter’s life is ruined. Shanti says it is because of her and starts crying. Dhara says it is not her mistake. Shanti says if she would have controlled her anger, Vasundhara would have agreed, but she could not control hearing Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja)’s insults. Her Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) has not done anything that they should bend their necks in shame.

Dhara says she values culture, but she took Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja)’s side in front of everyone. Janaki says Vasundhara was adamant and would not have listened to her. Rajender says it is her mistake that he forced Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) to work. Shanti it is everyone’s mistake. Rajender says there is no use of talking about it and they should think what to do next.

Vasundhara reminisces convincing Maan (Varun Sharma) for marriage and thinks if Maan (Varun Sharma) really loves Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja). She reminisces Maan (Varun Sharma) coming home inebriated and Saurabh telling Maan (Varun Sharma) will die without Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja).

Varun knocks Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja)’s door and asks to open it. She thinks him as Rajender and asks him to go back. Varun says he will not go until she opens door. She opens it and says she disappointed 2 important people of her life.

Surbhi opens her suitcase and wears a nightie thinking Varun will like it. She changes many nighties and waits for Varun happily.

Varun makes Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) lean on bed and asks her to sleep without thinking much. Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) reminisces Ansh denying to accept her and wakes up. Varun makes her sleep again and leaves. He goes to his room and sees Surbhi already asleep waiting for him. He tries to wake her up, but stops and apologizes for dissappointing her.

In the morning, Shanti prays tulsi plant to set Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja)’s life.

Latha sprinkles water on Maan (Varun Sharma) and asks him to wake up. He says let him sleep. She says he did a big mistake by rejecting Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja). He asks if she took Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja)’s name. She says he married Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) Shukla and left her in mantap. He is shocked to hear that and shows Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja)’s pic. Latha says he married her and said he does not know her and denied to accept her. He asks her to tell what all happened. She tells him the whole story till Vasundhara took him from mantap. He says Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) is a good girl and does not have any affair. She asks why did he reject her yesterday. He says he was drunk yesterday and did not know what was he doing. She says because of his mistake, Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) is suffering. He says he will right now go and speak to Badi maa/vasundhara.

Vasundhara’s devar tells her that lawyer told divorce can happen easily as girl did not come to their house at all. Maan (Varun Sharma) comes down and asks him to tell lawyer there is no need for divorce, he will go and bring Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja). Vasundhara says she will never accept that girl. He says Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) is his wife. She says he himself told he does not know the girl, then why did he change his decision. He says he was inebriated yesterday and says Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) is a good girl and he was speaking to her in Ria’s marriage.

She says her doubt was right, he wanted to leave this house for Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) and Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) was loving him, so she is also responsible for this mishap. He says it is not Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja)’s mistake. Shee says she is a working girl and her family lied to her. He asks why is she punishing Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja). She says she will never accept a working girl as bahu. Agram asks her to forgive children. She says she will never forgive Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) and it was her good luck that she married a boy whom she loves and what if she would have married a wrong girl. He says she always took right decision, but this time she is wrong. He married Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) and Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja)’s place is in her sasural and not in maika. He tries to walk out. She asks where is he going. He says to bring his wife. She says she cannot come here and she will never accept Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja). He says he always considered her more than his wife and will not disobey her. He will come back to his house with his wife but with her consent. He walks out, leaving Vasundhara irked. Suman tells Surbhi is Shukla family bahu and may face problems. Vasundhara says she did not do any mistake and when Surbhi made mistake, she herself fixed her married with Varun.

Murli and Bijender get repeated calls from relatives and get irked. Shanti asks Dhara if Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) had breakfast. She says no. Shanti asks where is surbhi. Dhara says she is still asleep as she must be tired. Varun hears that and goes to wake Surbhi.

Varun goes to his room, sees Surbhi feeling discomfort with sunlight, closes curtains and asks her to wake up. She says she wants to sleep. He opens ring box and asks her to look at it. She gets happy seeing it and he dorns in her finger. He asks her to get ready soon and come down for breakfast. Suman calls Surbhi and asks if she forgot mom just in 1 day. Surbhi says she is still asleep. Suman informs that Maan (Varun Sharma) left house to bring Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) home and did not even listen to Vasundhara.

Surbhi is shocked to hear that and asks if he is really coming there. Suman says yes and asks her to come and meet her soon. Surbhi says she will with Varun and cuts call.

Door bell rings. Murli asks Dhara to open door. Dhara opens door and is shocked to see Maan (Varun Sharma).

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