Lady luck Thursday update 26th December 2019

Lady luck Thursday update 26 December 2019, Surbhi brings Kaveri for breakfast. While walking, she winks at Pavitra and Surbhi notices it.

Lady luck update Thursday 26 December 2019: Kaveri sits on dining table and tells Vasundhara that everyone told she is her bhabhi and wanted to help her yesterday, but she still looks like a vamp to her. If she has to believe, she has to help her again. Agram and Inder join for breakfast and greet Kaveri. Kaveri tells pandit in temple says whoever serves food from their hands is a good person and trustable. She asks Vasundhara to serve her food and then starts acting as panicking that she is owner of this house and would scold her now. Agram (who used to be Vasundhara’s puppet) says bhabhi will serve food and orders Vasundhara to serve food. Vasundhara serves her food reminiscing her words that she will snatch all the rights from her. Kaveri orders her to bring butter from kitchen and she goes to bring it. Bhoomi watches Pavitra smiling looking at Kaveri and she also reciprocating.

Kaveri in her room tells Pavitra that she came here to punish Vasundhara and snatch everything from her. Pavitra says her sufferings are over now and she will snatch all wealth and lavishness from Vasundhara. Bhoomi hears that and says she gave them many chances to mend their ways, but they are same. She will now use their dirty tactics to teach them a lesson and until she is alive, they cannot harm badi maa or her family, and this is prajapati bahu’s promise.

Agram enters Vasundhara’s room with file and asks her to sign it. Vasundhara looks him angrily and he leaves keeping file on table.

Pavitra angrily yells that she teach bhoomi a lesson now. Kaveri asks her not to get distracted from disturbances and concentrate on her main aim of destroying Vasundhara. Pavitra says once she shatters her family, Vasundhara will herself shatter. Kaveri says bhoomi is not that innocent as she looks and is very intelligent and she should be careful. Pavitra says she knows how and where to target her enemies.

Ansh at night sees Bhoomi still awake and switches on bedlight. He asks Bhoomi why did not she sleep. She says the way buaji/Kaveri came in suddenly and the incidents thereafter, she feels something is wrong. He says buaji has stayed in a tough environment and soon everything will be fine, not to worry. he makes her sleep and wishes goodnight.

In the morning, vasundhara performs pooja withh her family ladies. She asks Latha to arrange pooja at temple and send all charity items there. Pavitra comes there talking about her film. Bhoomi asks her to join them for pooja. She says pooja is for sinners and she is not a sinner. Bhoomi says that blessings are needed for everyone and asks her to accept aarti. Pavitra asks her to shut her mouth until she knows truth and walks from there. Ugly suman thinks she has to find connection between them.

Kaveri gets call on landline and she asks who is it. Pavitra says it is her and she called her via intercom. She tells whole family is going to temple for pooja and she has planned something for their swagat now. Kaveri likes her idea.

Bhoomi gets tensed reminiscing Kaveri and Pavitra’s plan of destroying Vasundhara’s family and she challenging them she will not let them succeed in their plan. Ansh asks why is she looking tensed. She asks if he trusts her. He says more than himself. She asks him to do her work without questioning. He nods yes. Ugly Suman enters Surbhi room and wakes her up. She in sleep thinks of Varun and asks her to let her sleep. Suman says she is her mom and says she has a breaking news for her. Surbhi asks what is it. She tells about Bhoomi bringing Pavitra home and telling they both have to find out what is the connection between them. Surbhi says if she tells about Bhoomi’s misdeeds to Shanti, she will favor her more than bhoomi.

Bhoomi goes to vasundhara’s room and tells her about Kaveri and Pavitra’s plans of creating havoc today and says she will not let them succeed in their plan. Vasundhara says she does not have worry about her and family now as she herself will handle Kaveri and Pavitra now. Bhoomi thinks because of her, family is in trouble and even if Vasundhara denies her help, she will and keep family reunited.

Kaveri silently comes and sits on hall sofa. Latha who is busy guiding servant for pooja arrangements. she sees kaveri and serves her tea. Kaveri starts her usual acting. whole family gets ready for temple. Ansh says bua should also come as she is their family member. Kaveri says she is happy he is considering her as his family member, but she is old and will get tired in temple. Bhoomi also insists her that she will feel good. Agram and Inder also insist and take her with them.

Bhoomi tells Pavitra that she will not let her break her family. Pavitra asks her to stop her filmy dialogues. Bhoomi says she mean it and is not a cheapster like her, she will stand in between them and family. Pavitra yells at her and Bhoomi leaves challenging her. Pavitra then breaks Vasundhara’s room lock and steals file, thinking she has to change her plan to defeat bhoomi.

Vasundhara and family reaches temple. Kaveri thinks she should SMS Pavitra and inform of next plan, but Surbhi holds her and takes her inside temple. She then sits behind and tries to SMS. Bhoomi senses her hand movement and asks her to come and perform pooja. Agram also insists. She sits for pooja hesitantly. Pavitra calls her repeatedly, but she does not pick call. Bhoomi sees her phone vibrating again and smiles.


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