Lady luck season finale (How Lady Luck Zee World Ended)

Lady luck season finale (How Lady Luck Zee World Ended):

Kavya tells Muskan if she really thinks Samarth is behind her kidnap. Muskan says Samarth is innocent and says she should go back home. Kavya asks how will she manage alone and she thought she needs her help. Muskan says things are normalizing now and if she interferes, things will complicate, so she is thinking of asking Samarth to divorce Kavya so that there won’t be any problems later. Kavya gets sad.

Samarth while driving his car reminisces Muskan and Kavya’s words and thinks what is happening with him, why is he thinking of Kavya more, he should not think about her. He drives car back home and walks in. Kavya while walking in corridor thinks why is Muskan hurrying to send her back home. Samarth comes and clashes with her and holds her. Their eyes lock. She says she needs to talk to him. He says sorry. Their heads collide and her hjair gets stuck in his button. She tries to remove it, he says he will remove it and removes. He says he is not well now and will speak to her later. He says she think about others a lot and less about her, she should think about herself also. Muskan watches them hiding and fumes in jealousy.

Bhavri wanders in room fuming how dare Muskan is to allege her. Mansa brings water. Bhairavi breaks water glass. Shrainik comes in and Mansa asks her to control herself. Bhairavi cries how can she when Muskan snatched her brother from her and made her criminal in her own house.

Muskan in her room reminisces Samarth telling Kavya to think about herself also. She goes to washroom and comes back and is shocked to see Sambhav sitting on sofa. She shouts what is he doing in her room. He asks what is she doing in his life. She asks to get out, else hewill be in trouble. He asks why did she allege him of kidnapping her. She asks again to get out, else he will be in trouble. He came out of jail because of her and should be thanful to her and if he tries to be oversmart, she will tell family that he tried to marry her by showing fake property papers. He asks how can she stoop so low. She says he is fit for nothing and should not interfere in her life, else he will repent. He shouts shut up. She asks what will he do then, if she shouts, he will be finished. He strangulates her neck and says he does not have anything to lose, but she has and he will take it from her. Shrainik comes and slaps Sambhav and asks how dare he is to stoop low. He tries to slap again. Sambhav holds his hand and asks what happened to him, Muskan is misleading them all. Shraink says he does not have any right to misbehave with maami saa and asks to get out. Sambhav warns Muskan that she will repay for her deeds and walks out. Shrainik asks Muskan if she is fine. She says yes. He says everyone are tensed with the things happening here and he hopes everything gets back to normal. He says mama saa needs a partner who loves and cares him and hope she is will love mama saa. Muskan thinks of course after all she is Samarth’s wife and is her duty to take care of him and let him take care of her.

Sambhav sees Kavya walking in corridor and stops her. She says whatever happened between us, it is better they don’t speak. He says he is also being trapped like her and she should stay away from her sister as she is lier and cunning and can do anything for her benefit.

Muskan calls someone and asks if they have reached, she will reach in 10 min and will make sure nobody sees her. She leaves home silently.

Kavya calls Daadi and asks if she and Kuhu reached home safely. Daadi says yes and asks her to take care of her. Kavya says in 2 days she will be with them. She hears someone playing mouth organ, walks into Samarth’s room and sees him playing it. She tries to return back when inebriated Samarth stops her and asks her not to go. He gets up with wobbly gait and falls. She holds him and makes him sit on bed. He says he really thinks she is a musician as she knows what he needs and understands him. He asks how she understands him so easily. She says she does not know and these words have no meaning. She wanted to talk, but he is not in a condition to listen her, so she will come later. He holds her hand again. She gets nervous and says Muskan will come. He holds her shoulder and says she speaks a lot and let him speak today. He holds her face then and says when he closes eyes, he sees only her. She closes eyes feeling his hands. He continues repeating how can she understand him so well and a background song Tu hi mera dariya, tu hi hai guzarish starts….He kisses her and she stands reciprocating…

Inebriated Samarth tells Kavya that he loves her and falls asleep murmuring Samarth and Kavya are made for each other. Kavya walks to her room emotionally. Shrainik while driving car asks Bharavi to think about Muskan once. She says if he did not hear astrologer telling that Muskan will bring bad luck for Samarth.

Kavya sobbing reminisces Samarth’s words and thinks if he really loves her. She falls asleep on sofa and dreams of Samarth wishing her good morning and pampering her. She wakes up hearing door knock and opens door. Muskan enters and says she does not know when she will start her and Samarth’s divorce proocedings, so she brought divorce papers and she should sign in. Kavya says she needsto find out some answers and will go only after that. Mujskan says if she stays here, she is a big threat for her and Samarth’s relationship, so she should go and asks her to return papers soon after signing them. Kavya thinks they way Samarth reacted yesterday night, she has to find the real reason behind it.

Kavya walks towards store room when Bhairavi stops her and shouts not to go there. Kavya says she will find out Muskan’s pic’s secret via Samarth itself. Bhairavi shouts to go from here and asks Mansa to keep an eye on Kavya as she tries to act oversmart.

Kavya goes to Samarth’s room and sees him praying Muskan’s pic with flowers. She asks what is all this, why is he praying Muskan. Samarth says she is his wife Priya and not Muskan and goes into flashback where he gets busy in his work and Bhairavi warns him to concentrate on Priya, else someone else will enter her life. He sees a man’s shadow near window and asks Priya who was it. She says no one, but he fights with her. She leaves in car and meets with an accident. He comes out of flashback and says he killed Priya and Muskan resembles her face but is completely different in character. He cries hugging her.

Mansa brings Bhairavi, Muskan, and Shrainik to Samarth’s room. They are all shocked to see them hugging. Muskan slaps Kavya and asks how dare she is to hug her husband, she wants to snatch her husband. Kavya says she is thinking wrong, Samarth is in pain remembering his past. Muskan says she knows Samarth’s past. Samarth asks how does she know about his past. She says she loves and cares for him and cannot see him in pain. He asks who told her. She says she investigated herself. Samarth asks everyone to go out except Bhairavi and asks her how can she do this to him being his sister. She says she could not see him going back in sorrows, so she told Muskan. He says he did not expect this from her.

Kavya in her room sadly looks at divorce papers. Muskan enters and insists her to sign divorce papers and shouts that she knows she is eyeing on Samarth. Kavya says she is here for her and will go back for her and signs divorce papers. Muskan goes to Samarth’s room and asks him to sign on his and Kavya’s divorce papers. He say says he will return papers in some time and asks her to go out. Muskan walks out and talks to someone over phone and says she will come right now. Kavya hears that and thinks what Muskan is up to. Muskan goes and tries to get in car. Mansa stops her and says it is her owner’s car and she cannot take it. Muskan yells that she is owner of this house and Mansa is a mere servant and she should be in her limits. She leaves in car leaving Mansa fuming in anger.

Samarth looks at divorce papers. Bhairavi knocks door. He thinks servant came and says he does not need anything. Bhairavi enters and he apologizes and says he wants to stay with Kavya as he feels she completes him and does not want to stay with Muskan. She says he wanted to stay with Muskan and now he is trying to force his decision on Kavya. He says Kavya fought for him. She says Kavya will feel guilty as she knows what he menas in Muskan’s life. He signs divorce papers and she pampers him.

Muskan drives car to Samarth’s farm house and and walks in. Kavya gets out of dickie and sees Samarth’s farm house. She gets in and in a room sees Muskan asking a man if he thinks he will do his job. A man turns and says he will do what he did 3 years ago. Kavya is shocked to see Shrainik. Shrainik says he is working hard since 3 years. Muskan reminisces how he kidnapped her and told that he wants to punish Samarth for taking away all their wealth. He strangulates her and she says not to kill as she also wants Samarth’s wealth and not him. She comes out of flashback and asks why did he let Kavya come closer to Samarth. He says he tried, but could not stop them coming closer. Kavya is shocked to hear their confessions.

Shrainik and Muskan discuss how they fooled everyone with kidnap drama. Muskan asks him how did he kill Samarth’s first wife. He says it was very easy. Maa saa/Bhairavi created rift between Samarth and Priya and he failed car brakes and she died. He and maa saa wants Samarth’s property and asks her to take care of Samarth’s drinks. Kavya thinks how can they stoop so low. She touches vase by mistake and it falls down. They come out hearing voice and she runs out of farm house and hides behind tree. They search her and go back to farm house. Kavya calls Samarth repeatedly to call him, but he does not pick call.

Muskan sees Kavya’s watch on floor and says Shrainik it is Kavya. Shrainik says Kavya will die now. Muskan says Kavya is her sister and she will control her. Shrainik strangulates her neck and says he does not want to go to jail and can kill even her. He calls Bhairavi and says Kavya heard their conversation and they should catch her before she meets Samarth.

Bhairavi goes to Samarth’s room and does not find him. She thinks he must have gone to meet Kavya and gets tensed. Samarth comes from washroom and asks what happened. She says he divorced Kavya and now should marry Muskan legally as per rituals. He says yes. She says let us go and says she gave his car for servicing and they will use her car. He agrees and leaves in car. Kavya reaches Samarth’s home via auto and sees his car going and runs behind it calling Samarth, but he does not listen to her. Bhairavi sees her and informs Shrainik via phone. Shrainik sends his goons and they capture Muskan and kidnap her.

Shrainik’s goons catch Kavya. Kavya in lieu of correcting her slippers picks soil and throws on goon’s eyes and runs from there. Goons call Shrainik and inform that Kavya escped. Shrainik tells Muskan that her sister is very intelligent and escaped, but he will find and kill her.

Samarth with Bhairavi reaches there. Shrainik asks Muskan to show her charm on Samarth. She says Samarth that she thought he would not come. He says he did what he felt right and tells Bhairavi that he is surprised that his sister was against Muskan and now sheis getting him married to Muskan. Bhairavi says she just needs her brother’s happiness. Pandit comes and she asks to start marriage.

Kavya reaches hiding from goons and shouts to stop marriage. Samarth asks why did she come. Kavya asks Muskan how can she stoop so low for money. Muskan shouts to stay away from her and Samarth. Kavya says Samarth that all these 3 are behind his money and planning to betray him. Shrainik asks how can she allege them baselessly. Bhairavi asks to her to go,else she will call police. Kavya asks to call police then. Samarth asks Muskan if she has proof. Kavya says how can she get proof, she herself heard Muskan and Shrainik discussing to mix poison in his drink and kill him for his property and Bhairavi is the mastermind. Bhairavi slaps Muskan and Samarth shouts how dare she is to allege his family member. Shrainik holds her hand and drags. Kavya frees her hand, runs and hugs Samarth and pleads to trust her and says she does not want to lose him. Muskan drags her next and asks her to go now and save Daadi and Kuhu. Kavya runs to save daadi and Kuhu, but Srainik’s goons catch her again.

Muskan apologizes Samarth on Kavya’s behalf and says she did not think Kavya would do this. Bhairavi says Samarth and Muskan they can go to farm house and enjoy. Samarth comes to farm house with Muskan and thinks if Kavya was right. Muskan plays a romantic song and starts luring him. She mixes sleeping pill in his drink and serves him. He acts as drinking when she turns and then acts as getting drowsy and then falling unconscious. She smirks.

Precap: Kavya asks Shrainik, Bhairavi and Muskan why did they betray Samarth. Bhariavi says it is enough and orders Shrainik to kill her. Shrainik is about to shoot her when Samarth shoots Shrainik’s hand and gun falls down.

Shrainik’s goons capture Kavya and walk with knife to kill her. She pleads to let her go. They walk towards her laughing. She says police and they turn. She runs from there. Sambhav comes in car and rescues her from there. She tells Samarth’s life in danger and asks if he is also with Bhairavi and Shrainik. He says no and says he heard her conversation long ago, so he followed her and came to rescue her and asks what to do next. She tells him her plan.

Shrainik asks his goons to bring out inebriated Samarth. They get him out of car. Shrainik confesses Samarth that he killed Priya and just needs his money and will kill him now. He says soon Kavya will also die and he can live in heaven with either Priya or Kavya and orders goons to get him into car and throw car down the cliff. They get him in car and leave.

Kavya reach via auto and asks where is Samarth. Shrainik says his men will kill Samarth soon. Goon calls and asks him if he should throw Samarth down the cliff. Shrainik says yes and Kavya pleads no. Bhairavi orders Shrainik to kill Kavya now. He is about to shoot Kavya when Samarth comes and shoots Shrainik’s hand and gun falls down. Bhairavi acts innocent. Samarth asks to stop her drama and asks how can she betray him being a sister. Bhairavi says he cannot prove anything and now she will allege that he and Kavya tried to kill Muskan. Samarth plays recording of Shrainik confessing that he killed Priya. Shrainik holds knife over Muskan’s neck and shouts to give recording, else he will slit her throat. Samarth says he cannot escape. Daadi and Kuhu bring police and gets Shrainik, Bhairavi, and Muskan arrested.

Kavya thanks Sambhav for saving her and Samarth on time and says he is good at heart. Sambhav says he did his duty. Samarth then proposes Kavya for marriage and she accepts it. Their marriage happens and romance starts. They live happily and after 9 months Kavya is seen pregnant. They all take a family portrait and end the show with a happy note.

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