Lady luck Saturday update 30 November 2019 Zee World

Lady luck Saturday update 30 November 2019 Zee World

Vasundhara and her family reaches marriage hall. Rajender and family greet them in and Dhara asks where are Latha and damadji/Maan (Varun Sharma). Vadundahra says they are coming late with baarat and she came early as Surbhi has to get ready

Lady luck Friday update 30th November 2019 Zee World

Vasundhara introduces Dhara to Saurabh’s mom as her distant relative and asks mom where is her bahu. She says she is busy with her office work. Latha says office going bahus are very arrogant, so she preferred a simple bahu for Maan (Varun Sharma) and luckily found Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja). Mom asks her to show her bahu. She takes her to Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja)’s room and just she she can see Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) gets a call and walks back.

Surbhi scolds makeup artist to dorn her hair which suits her face. Suman taunts her that she is wearing cheap clothes for her marriage which they don’t even wear for simple functions. Surbhi does no get deterred. Suman thinks she cannot break this marriage easily, so she should inform Shukla family that their damad Maan (Varun Sharma) is unconscious inebriated. Maan (Varun Sharma) wakes up and sees Saurabh and Latha beside him. Vasundhara calls Latha and asks her to give phone to Maan (Varun Sharma). She asks Maan (Varun Sharma) what problem he has. He says nothing and says he was afraid thinking how will he carry on such a big responsibility of marriage and says he will get ready and reach marriage hall soon. Vasundhara thinks her choice cannot be wrong, Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) will take care of Maan (Varun Sharma) very well.

Suman starts searching Shukla family to inform that that their damad is a drunkard. Vasundhara sees her and asks whom she is searching. She says Shukla family as she did not meet them well. Vasundhara asks her not to tell them that Maan (Varun Sharma) came home drunk and ask even Surbhi not to tell Varun about it. Suman thinks she will definitely tell.

Maan (Varun Sharma) gets ready in sherwani. He says Latha she is looking beautiful and asks her not to cry as he wants her and whole family happy. He further says someone taught him not to care for people who don’t care him, he will never do anything wrong again which makes her family sad. Latha smiles.

Suman comes to Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja)’s room and says she is looking pretty. Dhara asks if Surbhi got ready. She says yes. Dhara asks what about Maan (Varun Sharma). She starts badmouthing that he is still missing and did not reach home as he is busy in his work. Dhara says it is a good sign and careers should be made at this age. She further continues, but Avni and Dhara counter her. She walks out yelling that they believe Maan (Varun Sharma) even before meeting her. Varun hears that and thinks what did she tell Dhara aunty. He gets in and gives envelopes to Avni to give it to Rajender. He then walks in corridor and thinks why Suman aunt told Maa always stays outside house and thinks of asking Surbhi. He knocks Surbhi’s door, but her friends send him off saying he cannot meet Surbhi before marriage. He calls over phone, but friends cut call. He sees Suman speaking over phone and asks what was she telling Dhara about Maan (Varun Sharma). She says nothing important and says just Maan (Varun Sharma) is a bit moody, so it is difficult for him to control when he gets anger. Varun gets confused. She says when he gets angry, he prefers staying alone. Vasundhara comes and asks who wants to stay alone.

Suman tries to badmouth about Maan (Varun Sharma) to Varun and says he does not come home often. Vasundhara comes and asks who does not come. Suman says Maan (Varun Sharma) has come. Rajender comes and asks him to go and get ready.

He says Maan (Varun Sharma) has come, so he will meet him and get ready. Rajender gets happy and informs Janaki that damadji came. Vasundhara thinks she should not let people know that Maan (Varun Sharma) is drunk, so she should meet him first. Dhara sees Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) sad and says something is missing and only she can find it. Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) asks what is it. Dhara says her smile and says she wants her daughter to smile. Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) says she is going away from family for the first time, so she is sad. Dhara says she is going just 3 hours away from Ujjain and Avni will be there with her, so she should not get sad.

Saurabh’s mom gets bore roaming alone in marriage hall and searches Vadundhara. She thinks her son is with Maan (Varun Sharma), husband with friends and bahu busy with office, she will stop bahu’s job for sure. Just then, Ria enters marriage hall searching Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) and relatives. She meets Rajender and asks where is Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja). He says she is upstairs in her room. She goes to meet her. Janaki informs Dhara that damadji Maan (Varun Sharma) has come. She gets happy and says they should go and perform tilak of him. Janaki says bhabhi maa does not want tilak, but they should perform it. Dhara says she is right and says they should let Avni with Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) as they can’t leave bride alone.

Ria comes and says she is there with Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja). Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) gets happy seeing her. Dhara asks how did she know about marriage. She says she called home and daadaji informed her, so she came right away here. Janaki shows Dhara Maan (Varun Sharma)’s room and she walks towards it.

Latha asks Maan (Varun Sharma) to wear turban soon and goes out. She sees bhabhi maa/vasundhara walking towards room and asks her to let Maan (Varun Sharma) stay alone for some time. Bhabhi maa says she does not want Maan (Varun Sharma) to ruin their family name.

Saurabh asks Maan (Varun Sharma) to wear turban as he has agreed to marry. Maan (Varun Sharma) says turban is worn for the ones whom they love, but he does not have love in his life. He asks him to go and stay with Ria. Surabh says he will go later. He says girls are idenitified in sasural because of their husbands, so he should take care of Ria and always be with her. Saurabh says he will after he leaves him with turban in mantap. Maan (Varun Sharma) says he will wash his face and then wear turban.

Suman goes to Surbhi’s room. Surbhi asks how is she looking. Suman says beautiful and hopes her life should also be beautiful. Surbhi asks what does she mean. She says she met Varun outside. Surbhi says he must be looking handsome and must be eager to see her. Suman says he is more worried about his sister and was asking about Maan (Varun Sharma) and if he will keep Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) happy.

Dhara was passing by to meet Maan (Varun Sharma), hears his conversation and gets impressed, enters in and asks Saurabh who was it. He says groom Anshuman Prajapati and it is his marriage today. She is shocked to hear that. Saurabh says his friend is a diamond and asks if she is searching someone. She says no and leaves. He thinks who was she who got shocked hearing Anshuman’s name. He knocks Ansh’s door and asks him to get out of room soon.

Janaki sees Dhara and asks if she does not want to perform tilak of damadji. Dhara says we will perform it later, but should know something first and takes her along.

Ria asks Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) if she is happy with this marriage. She says yes and asks where is Saurabh. She says he is attending Ansh marriage in another hall. Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) starts choking. Ria gets out to bring water and clashes with Saurabh, they both ask what are they doing here. Saurabh says it is Ansh’s marriage here. she says Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja)’s marriage is also here. He asks what is groom’s name. She says Anshuman Prajapati. He says Ansh’s full name is Anshuman Prajapati and says that means Ansh is marrying Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja).

Dhara rushes to Bijender and asks him to show Maan (Varun Sharma)’s pic. He shows it. She sees and says this is not Maan (Varun Sharma) and she saw real Maan (Varun Sharma) just now. He is shocked to hear that.

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